The Thousand Dollar Wooden Gundam Statue

Forget that enormous Gundam statue! How about enormously expensive hand carved red wood Zaku II?

This is hardly the first wooden Gundam, and a wooden statue was released back in 2007.

Priced at ¥99,750 (US$1069), the statue is over a foot tall and is being sold by legendary robot company Bullmark. The figure is designed by Plex, an arm of Bandai that designs robot toys.

If you think a thousand bucks is expensive for a Zaku II, check out the prices for a wooden Godzilla or King Giddra.

Thanks Matt Alt and his robot friend for the tip!

【楽天市場】シャア専用のザクが仏師によって見事に彫刻されました!一刀彫り、無塗装でザクが表現されています!【木彫りザク】木製ザク MS-06S ZAKU-II【送料無料】【エンタメ1228】:たまふり屋 楽天市場店 [Rakuten]


    I wish I was one of the 5 richest Kings of Europe so I could own it...Mw-hurgn-whey

    Seeing as it's Red, it must be 3 times the performance right :P

    Thats pretty nice.

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