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A typical January is devoid of new releases. But not this year. January '10 is brimming with games, many of them very promising ones indeed.

In fact, this is one of the best Week In Games posts yet, in terms of quality if not exactly quantity. Both new releases this week are definitely worth picking up. I hope you've saved onto some cash over the holidays.

New releases for the w/c January 4:

Bayonetta (360, PS3) What Is It? Ludicrous leggy and chest-heavingly hyperbolic third-person punch, kick and shoot 'em up from Devil May Cry creator Hideki Kamiya. Should You Care? Action games have rarely been more effortlessly stylish and breathlessly playable.

Darksiders (360, PS3) What Is It? Epic and sprawling action-adventure that transposes Link's arsenal and Hyrule's dungeons to a post-apocalyptic comic book world. Should You Care? If you've ever enjoyed a Zelda, Metroid or Legacy of Kain game, you'll find plenty to love here.


    Its a tough choice but I'll be picking up Darksiders this week, along with the War figure thanks to JB Hi-Fi.

    Played the demo of Bayonetta and enjoyed it, will likely pick it up later in the year.

    Its crazy! The first week of 2010 and already we've got two fantastic games. 2010 is shaping up to be one epic year of gaming.

    Can't wait for when the winner of the Pile Of Crap is announced.

      I’d like to win that signed Ricky Ponting hat, and the PS3 games obviously. Especially saints row 2, funny thing, I was at JB and i saw it for like $50 the same day the game was shown as a prize in this comp, so I decided I’ll just try to win it here.

    Oh awesome!
    I just finished the God of War Collection yesterday so this is a great timing :)

    Might get Darksiders first, then Bayonetta.

    Darksiders certainly looks more like my thing, I’m worried that Bayonetta’s style may be standing in the way of its gameplay, at least for me anyway, i have the first 3 devil may cry games. And DMC2 included all these movies that were designed to “look cool” but really had no place in the game because looking cool meant you could never really use them to your advantage, and the whole game i pretty much just used the single gun attack. With DMC3 I felt that the developers went way overboard with the trying to be cool aspect of the game, the reason this sucks is that a lot of stuff that I should have been playing was made into an in-game cut scene just to the game could show off Dante doing it in a cooler way than I ever can. Remember the opening cut scene with dance shooting pool balls out of the air while eating piazza, why was that 10 min cut scene there, it could just have easily been me killing those guys.

    Even though the reviews have been stellar so far, I think Bayonetta will suffer because the game will always try to show you just how good looking Bayonetta actually is.

      I think Bayonetta's more my kind of game. I loved DMC, and despite the killer difficulty, the various options and playstyle really appealed to me. I traded it in recently, so I might rent Bayonetta or try to win the limerick competition that was just posted. The cutscenes and battle scenes in DMC4 were awesome, especially the ones involving Nero vs Dante and the Saviour. I've played the demo and it seemed alright, so I might try it out.

    Hmm Darksiders sounds very interesting... can anyone recommend a good review of it, so should I just hit up the usual suspects?

        Hmm - thanks Andrew. Seems like this may not be my cup of tea - or perhaps a tea that I will invest in once it becomes a little cheaper

        Also, what is the big fucken deal about Bayonetta? Everyone seems to be going ape shit over a DMC-clone that doesnt even look that good, just because its got a chick with big tits. I mean, really - are we going back to the pre-2000 age when a buxom woman was used to sell a mediocre game? And then I read a review in Hyper that give it a 10/10 when Uncharted 2 only gets a 9 - you cant be serious, right?

          From what I’ve seen of Darksiders it looks like a God of war style Game with the whole apocalyptic theme to it. I’ll be getting it once I’m not broke enough, as for Bayonetta, it’s not really my thing either. The whole game just looks like it’s trying to hang with the cool kids a bit too much.

            My point exactly Andrew.

            I like GoW - but there are so many good games coming out soon (and I still have a little bit more to finish on Ratchet and Clank and Borderlands, and I am getting Modern Warfare 2 this week) that I think Darksiders will have to wait

        Bayonetta has a higher review score -

    Ahh, so many good games coming out soon - I am very excited.

    Of course, my 360 just red ringed. So I have to get that problem sorted first...

      Yeah my 360 RROD as well before Christmas but i stupidly forgot to check the power supply light and don't know if it was the power supply or the hardware. Have been playing it a bit since then and no dramas though, but still anxious that it might happen again.

        Unfortunately mine is 100% deaded. Havn't had the time to organise a repair, or the money to buy a new one yet - but It's definitely something I'm going to have to attend to post-haste!

    While i am interested in these games they simply don't interest me enough for a day 1 purchuse, espeically since i have got so many games off steam that i want to play through first and also a few games on the 360 i bought during the Boxing day sales but haven't had a chance to play yet.

    But all this will change when Mass Effect 2 comes out :P

    Awesome... I go back to work today and a whole bunch of awesome games come out!

    If I win that pile of awesomeness Ill be taking all of my annual leave to punish all of the games within it! :D

    Bayonetta looks awesome, as does Darksiders... looks like Fifa 10 will be going back on the shelf for a while!

    I downloaded the Bayonetta demo and semi-enjoyed it. I'm not a big fan of those sort of games and have never actually owned one, let alone give it any sort of rental attention.

    But Bayonetta did seem quite good - so i think i might check it out a little later to the release date of Conviction or another game i desperately want. That way, if i don't actually like it - i'll take advantage of EB Games 7 Day Return.

    Darksiders, i haven't heard or seen much. I might have to do some snooping around.

    And I thought my wallet would get a break until Mass Effect 2 came out....

    I'll probably pick up Darksiders - it looks pretty great, and I love Zelda.

    As for Bayonetta, I'm not totally sure. It does look awesome, but I'm into my games having some real substance, not just looking cool. I liked parts of DMC4 (sadly, I must say - the only DMC game I've played), but it was quite difficult, and was a bit too heavy in the style over substance area.

    Still, I know Bayonetta's been getting some pretty amazing reviews, so it might be worth checking out.

    There's got to be some serious overcompensation when they make swords so big in games. Wonder if I can get a government grant to study it

    It's gonna be a ridiculous several months of spending on games for me.

    Haha, at the start of this year i wrote a list from now until about March with all the big ticket titles, so happy these come out on Thursday in Australia.

    Only problem is making the toughest decision for 2010... which game do i play first?!?

    I can see myself constantly playing Bayonetta for months to come, so I'll probably get Darksiders first because I really only intend to play it through once.

    After that, though, I probably won't need to buy another game at all once I get Bayonetta. Well, until Mass Effect 2. In two weeks...DAMN IT

      You hit darksiders first and crash, burn and stomp through 20 hours of pretty apocalypse then fill in the gap between then till Mass Effect with Bayonetta.

      I found that i can take most Bioware games in chunks and after sitting and playing them for X ammount of hours i need a lighter game to relax from what is often a gripping and draining tale.

      For Dragon Age i would spend half a day smashing through a story arc and then i would relax later in the day by just mashing through a bit of Madden 10.

      Bayonetta looks like it has the potential for me to be a game i can pick up again and again to play for a bit of fun like a sports or racing title.

      The game you play to unwind from other games... that makes me sound kind of sad.

    Having never played a Zelda game, don't look at me like that, I'm hanging for Darksiders.

    I played the Bayonetta demo and found it a bit bland.

      *is looking at you like that*

      If you've got a Wii, download Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. MM is my favourite game of all time, and you won't be disappointed.

    Already ordered my Bayonetta Climax Edition on the PS3 :D

    ive played both and am about halfway through..
    bayonetta has a fantastic story quite funny, while darksiders is old school action gameplay at its best, be warned though the dragon bit on darksiders is slow and grindy...

    Bayonetta demo was great- I enjoyed the play, the style and the nuance much more than either Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 or God of War 3 demo. And the collectors ed gun is rather tidy too- smaller than I thought it would be, but heavy and nicely detailed- The weight is a sign of the quality ;) But I'm afraid if pressed it is Darksiders that will be coming home this week. I was actually thinking... when all the CE's are out, who else will be facing War figurine off with Kratos and Dante, complete with sound effects? Or is it just me?Thats an asskicking triumvirate if ever there was one... Any suggestions of the eventual victor? Let the debate-slash-shouting begin...

    Phew well that was fun... i work for Vidoe Ezy and ordered my Climax edition off of them. I get to work today to find they have removed my order and the edition from our warehouse completly without telling me.

    Luckily after having a quick word and beg with the local EB they managed to snag me a climax edition for Thursday. Im really impressed with Australia's edition what did we do to get what is possibly the best in the world? We are after all a dinky third rate country when it comes to the more lucarative markets of Asia, America and Europe... if anything we are only just above New Zealend.

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