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Total Fistbump Destruction is just three more days away, as the Army of Two sequel hits store shelves this Thursday.

I've also included the Might & Magic reboot for DS. It actually came out last week, but I forgot to include it in last week's post. So here it is!

New releases for the w/c January 11:

Army of Two: The 40th Day (360, PS3, PSP) What Is It? Third-person shooter built for two player co-operative play and designed to be "edgy". Should You Care? Just remember the fistbumping is ironic and you'll enjoy a stupid, but shallow shooter.

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes (DS) What Is It? Charming RPG where combat is resolved through a fresh take on the match-three puzzle. Should You Care? Beats Puzzle Quest at its own game.


    I didn't care much for the first Army of Two. The aim controls felt very loose and the co-op elements didn't really gel, for me at least.

    With such top quality games coming out this month (and a distinct lack of $$$) I'll quite happily give this a miss methinks. If I want an ironic, stupid and shallow shooter, I'll play 50Cent: Blood on the Sand!

    Loved the first Army of Two. Not the best game in the world, but a guilty pleasure for me. Hope this one is just as much fun co-op

      The first was just a fun game. Didnt take itself seriously and was outrageous.

      I just want Weapon Pimping back...that just summed up the entire feel of the game...

    I got the first Army of Two... I don't think I gave it the time of day though as I got bored of it relatively early so I don't think I will be checking this one out unless people start ranting on about how good it is.

    Back to work for me so no doubt early nights ahead which means not much gaming for me anyway.

    So Army of Two didn't turn out that much different from the original then?

    Isn't the winter olympics game out this week as well?

    I sincerely hope this game flops. The first was terrible, unfortunately a copy came with my PS3. No wonder they gave it away - it's the only way i can see this making sales as well.

    Either that or through American Fratboys. "Oh man i totally wailed on that guy!" *chest bump* - y'know, that sorta demographic.

    Quite naive to think Army of Two 2 hasn't improved on first game. Read IGNs review and you'll know that they've improved on every feature. Or if you don't believe it judge for yourself by playing the demo.

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