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Two very different games out this week: one where deep role-playing meets space opera, the other where Chun Li smacks down the cast of Battle of the Planets.

Two hardcore games, really, although they couldn't be further apart in terms of style and execution. Both are indeed well worth picking up, unless you have an aversion to fighting games or science fiction.

Or you only own a Sony console.

So who's not picking up Mass Effect 2 this week?

New releases for the w/c January 25:

Mass Effect 2 (360, PC) What Is It? Second in a planned trilogy of epic, spacebound action role-playing from Bioware. Should You Care? The only thing better than the best RPG of the last five years is a sequel to the best RPG of the last five years.

Tatsunoko Vs Capcom: Ultimate All Stars (Wii) What Is It? Bonkers mad 2D fighter featuring the cast of Battle of the Planets and friends versus many of Capcom's best known gaming heroes and heroines. Should You Care? It's the best fighting game on the Wii.


    Would love to be playing ME2... but i still haven't even picked up the first one yet!!!

    Just way too many games have stacked up that i haven't played yet that i already own thanks to bloody sales... i'll get to it though!

    I won't be picking up Mass Effect for the same reason I didn't pick up Dragon Age, I can't justify $100 for a game that I can't play Multiplayer

    but more so with Mass Effect, I found the story to be dull, and the characters even more so, when you had to pick between Ashley or the other guy in your squad it wasn't a moment where I felt that I was torn between two people, and I felt nothing for leaving 1 of them to die, it was merely another binary choice (i chose the dude mainly as Ashley was really annoying)

    I just don't feel this ME2 will have enough going for it (in my opinion i must stress this) to take me away from Dark Siders

      does darksiders have multiplayer?

      Why the heck would you pay $100 for it...?

      There are many sites out there that you can buy it for under $60...

      Digital Download:

      Physical Media:

        I actually was torn between the two, I couldn't figure out which one I hated more. I only wish there had been an option to let them both die.

    I'm not.
    This genre interests me but for some reason or another I have no interest in picking it up.
    May be because I'm already inundated with other games.
    I also feel like because I never played ME1 I'd be missing key things and not getting the full experience.
    So...yeah :)

    Personally I'm praying that ME2 breaks street date today. Anybody want to start a rumor? <_<

      i knwot her feeling im checking kotaku and my phone every 30 mins and hoping

    "So who’s not picking up Mass Effect 2 this week?"
    I won't be.

    I think at some point I'm going to have to give the original another shot to try and see wtf everyone else thought was so great about it.

    The combat system was a mediocre RPG strapped to a poor shooter combining to amount to the average and not the sum of its two parts.

    I liked the idea behind the dialogue system, showing a smaller amount of text so you could respond faster and keep the conversation flowing. However in practice I found it to be one long string of "Hey, that's not what I wanted to say" causing me to pause for even longer trying figure out what the hell I was *actually* going to end up saying.

    I found universe and it's back story to be quite interesting. But the story told within the game itself to be lacklustre.

    I also didn't give a damn about any of the NPC characters.

    I didn't hate the game, but I just don't see what everyone else though was so great about it. I probably will pick up ME2 at some point, but not at full price.

      Try the PC version. I'm very jealous of it because my PC sucks and I'm stuck with the Xbox version, but on PC you've got much better controls plus hotkeys, a usable inventory, individual squad control, much smoother framerate and access to the command console.

      Another thing with the PC version is that you can use the command console to make weapon & armour upgrades much more manageable. You can spawn multiple X-level weapons and upgrades, then combine the two to create "preset" weapons. Like a Spectre X Sniper Rifle with dual Rail Extension + High Explosive to use on Geth Colossus, plus a 2nd one with dual Frictionless + Proton to use on normal enemies. This way you can just switch between the two, rather than fiddling around swapping out upgrades and ammo all the time.

      Man, being able to instantly spawn Geth Armoury Krogan armour rather than having to reload the Normandy Req officer 50 times would be so good.

        Actually, I did play the PC version (don't have a 360). Which kinda increases my confusion as to why this game is so popular if it's meant to be worse on the 360 :-/ (And really, how could you make the inventory system any worse then it was on the PC, does the game call someone to come punch you in the face every time you open your inventory on the 360?)

        Never knew about the console though, that sounds pretty borderline on cheating though. Seeing as it's single player it doesn't matter that much if it makes it more fun I guess.

        That said I never really got far enough into the game to really care that much about my equipment.

        I think I really do need give the game another go 'cause I feel I never really *got* the game mechanics of Mass Effect. Which is strange as RPGs and shooters are my two most played genres, and I'm no stranger to hybrids of them.

        My normal mode of operation was "turn on rapid fire special ability" followed by "shoot enemy in face 'til they are dead". I also found my squad members were so brain dead and to much of a pain to manage that at best they were a useful distraction and at worst they were just in my way.

    I hate RPGs, but borrowed ME1 off a mate last year during the game drought and ooooooh boy did I get hooked.

    I hated it the first few hours, put it down and didn't play it again for 2 weeks. But when I picked it back up it gets hooks into ya.

    And if it's becoming even MORE of a shooter than RPG I'm totally there.


    Also Ben, Dragon Age will give you 100 hours game play, ME2 at least 50, why do you need to worry about value for money just because there's no MP?!

    I'm not! (Yet)

    I'd like to but I'm trying to finish my back log which includes Fable 2 - GOTY Edition (just proposed near the demon door) and Bioshock which I'm going to have to start from scratch.

    To make matters worse I bought a PS3 on ebay and it comes with five games, some of which I'll keep and others which I'll trade.

    Wow "So who’s not picking up Mass Effect 2 this week?" - the answer is a resounding YES! Will be letting my girlfriend know that i will be pretty much 'unavailable' for the next 2 weeks and hoping my xbox doesn't RROD!

    It's my birthday on the 3rd. If someone says its a really sweet game and says how awesome it is as a response I might get it because I have no idea what its like cos i never played the first one.

    I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for ME2 to be released.

    Pre-purchased the US Digital Deluxe version on Steam. Played through ME to get a level 60 character and also purchased ME Galaxy on the iPhone for the extra unlock from Jacob.

    I hope it doesn't disappoint.

    I am getting ME2 on the advice, or rather the constant barage of criticism from of a friend who thinks I just didn't invest enough time in the first one to judge it a boring game.

    The supposed better shooting mechanics is the main reason I am giving it a second chance and if it is anything like the broken shooting in the first game it will be a day one trade...

    I know its an RPG not a shooter, but if there are RPG elements in a shooter I expect them to work and vice versa with shooting mechanics in an RPG.

    Well I was going to buy it on day one, but now thanks to the lovely David Wildgoose, I have a free copy on the way! Woo!

    So now I'm wondering what to spend that now-freed up $100 on? I really should spend it on my debts, but my heart is screaming at me to pay it off my various debts. In the great battle between heart and mind, my mind usually wins. Preorder Bioshock 2 maybe? Or catch up on some of last-years gems I miseed out on like Uncharted 2 and Batman?

    I wont, I still need to play the First Mass Effect. Ill get around to it one day soon....

      Hehehehe. I've had ME1 sitting on my shelf for 2 years. Maybe it's high time I tried to finish it.

      As for ME2, I think I will wait for it to fall in the 1/2 price first.

      I'd import but I do not know if I can import my PAL save into an NTSC game.

    Thought TvC wasn't out until February 4th?

      It's out this Thursday at most retailers. Except EB, where it's out next week.

        I pre-ordered from EB and got an email from them saying they've shipped it. Also their website lists the release as January 28.

          my bad, should have read TvC.

    Isnt no more heroes 2 out? I thought that was coming 26th?

    I'm not NOT getting ME2, if that's what you mean.

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