The Wii Gets Its First Black Box, Maybe Its Best Box Art

Nintendo is letting another game that isn't New Super Mario Bros. Wii break the tradition of white Wii case, giving Sandlot's Zangeki no REGINLEIV a chance to stand out from its peers with a sharp looking black box.

The gory, giant slaying action game Zangeki no REGINLEIV - formerly known as Dynamic Zan - is scheduled for a Japanese release in February on the Wii, with no word from Nintendo on a North American or European release. Should the game slash its way across the Pacific, we have little doubt that Western box art designers won't go for the best-looking box art the Wii may have ever seen.

[via Tiny Cartridge/NeoGAF]


    >>The gory, giant slaying action game
    >>gory action game

    >>...slash its way across the Pacific...

    Yeah, good luck. A silly little thing called Censorship might interfere with this, even if it IS on the Wii. Granted, at least this way that bloke can't keep saying that it's a "family-friendly" console.

    Just when I thought I loved NSMB case along comes this! I love it!

    If only we could get a black Wii to go with the damn thing in Aus! CMON NINTENDO!

    Black Wii should get released with the Black Classic Controller Pros, probably around April when Nintendo makes a big push for Monster Hunter tri.

    There have been black bundles with this already in Japan.

      I havent heard anything about the console though. Only the accessories:

        The whole Monster Hunter Tri bundle in Japan comes with black everything - black console, black wii-mote, black nun-chuck, black classic controller, no reason why black wii wouldn't come to Australia if the accessories are

    So now with all these different coloured boxes hopefully we will get a gold box for Zelda Wii.

    aww, i got excited cos it looked like zelda.

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