The Winning Faction Of The Great MAG Beta War

Zipper Interactive compiled its final batch of statistics for the MAG beta, finding which among the three factions in the MMO shooter was the most popular among more than a million people downloading the beta.

The winner: Valor, which took 38.7 percent of the population. Raven was a close second at 37.2 percent, with SVER therefore a distant third at 24.1 percent.

Also: Of the more than 1 million downloads, more than 619,000 users gained at least one point of experience. Of those, 52,846 qualified as squad leaders; 10,249 qualified for Platoon Leader, 3,181 earned Officer-in-Charge, and finally, 143 made it to the level cap of 60.

More fun facts through the link. MAG releases Jan. 26.

MAG Beta 5.0 Statistics []


    I actually thought they were going to do it a little bit smarter than just a pick your own faction. So as not to have a faction with less people like the SVER. A short psych test would be cool to see if they can match you up with people like you, or people who would work well together.

    Either that or an old magical hat... "You will be in GRYFFINDOR!"

      I totally LOL'd hard at the last line. Classic

      The spread of gamers isn't that bad though, it could have been alot worse! It would have been nice to stop recruitment of one faction until they are abit more even. or allow invite only, if you were joining a friends clan.

      They also ruined the whole being loyal to a faction with the trophies for the game, as there is a Gold Trophy for reaching Level 60 with each faction, that is what is likely to keep the numbers more even though as people play with all 3...

        Oh no way, thats terrible. People should be locked in to their decision with no way to go back without making a new account.

        But I guess one of the reasons why they did it was to keep people playing longer perhaps? Once you reach the top level in your faction, then your not really playing to gain anything.

    MAG releases here on Feb 11 for some unknown reason.
    Can't wait to pick this one up, had a blast in the beta.

    SVER is still an awesome killing machine :P

    i dont think ive ever been as bored with a shooter as i was with MAG. just dont see the appeal.

      I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought it was rather boring to play.

      I played it for a bit back in the closed beta but i just couldn't get into it. It wasn't a case of being a noob at it, which I was, I just wasn't having fun with it.

      Maybe I'll give it another chance, but I doubt it with BF:BC2 coming out which I think I will enjoy much more.

    So when is a game classified as an MMO? Anything over 64??

      MMOFPS.....let's see Yahtzee make a word out of that!

    The idea sounds awsome right, a million people fighting each other? Kind alike bioshock SOUNDS awsome too.

    Too bad they both have craptastic shooting mechanics, the shooting doesnt FEEL good like in killzoen or cod or any other fps. To top it off on mag, you walk a few minutes to your destination, and get raped by a sniper, or some other crap you cant do anything about.

    Seriously, terribad game. At least it doesnt have cutscenes! i give it that. (cutscenes ruin games :P)

      Wow another comment in this article making me LOL.

      Oh Killzone and your "feeling good when shooting".

      This is where a problem lays with FPS. So many people are used to the simplicity of Halo and COD (which i really like anyway) and then play another game like Bad Company among others and can't get into it cause the controls feel different.

      This isn't a bad thing cause games like COD or Halo have had that development time and they've made it great and appealing to a lot of people. But then people compare other FPS in a negative way to COD or Halo. I mean - i've suffered from getting into another FPS cause i've compared the same thing.

      I just get sick of hearing it and the comparisons cause some gamers just suck and then use the comparison remark cause they can't play a proper FPS.

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