There Are Over 100 Million Miis In Japan And America

When the Nintendo Wii launched in 2006, it wasn't only the motion controller that was revolutionary. The ability to make your own cute avatar called a Mii shook up console gaming.

At a Nintendo seminar, company president Satoru Iwata revealed that between the United States and Japan, one hundred million players have their own Miis. In Japan, the number of Miis made exceeds 20 million. Nintendo has yet officially announced it, Iwata told the seminar, but the number for the United States is over 80 million strong.

Factoring in the consoles with multiple or quickly erased Miis as well as Miis from Europe and the rest of the globe and Miis that live on consoles not connected to the internet, and the number is probably higher. Maybe a gajillion Miis.

社長が訊く ゲームセミナー2009〜『トモダチコレクション』ができるまで〜 [Nintendo]


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