There May Be More Madworld In The Wii's Future

Platinum Games debut Wii game, the bloody beat 'em up Madworld, may not have been a blockbuster success, but that doesn't rule out the possibility of a sequel. It's actually sounding more like a distinct possibility.

Despite regularly being listed among the original M-rated games that just don't perform well on the Wii, for whatever reason, Platinum's Shigenori Nishikawa sounds positive on the possibility of more Madworld. He tells the Official Nintendo Magazine UK that the game was "very well received and was acknowledged for its innovative graphical style and gameplay".

"We would definitely be interested in making a sequel in the future," Nishikawa said.

Publisher Sega may have called the Wii game a "disappointment" - in terms of sales - but was clearly interested in making more Madworld at one point. I thought of Madworld as a fun, bloody fighter, but looked forward to Platinum Games moving onto the next thing, not more head-skewering black and white brawling.

Developer Platinum Games has something to announce relatively soon, it would appear. Could Madworld 2 be that something?

Madworld 2 coming to Wii? [ONM UK]


    I'd love another Madworld game, it was one of my favourite games of '09 and a second would make me more than happy.

    it was great fun too. i'd love a bit more depth and variety - maybe give it a bayonetta flavour?
    or they could outdo their former employer - i'd gladly see their take on viewtiful joe/okami/resi evil/lost planet style games

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