These Armored Core 5 Screens Are So Not Blurry

Yesterday, mecha game Armored Core 5 was leaked by blurry Famitsu scans. Today, it gets its official reveal. Like clockwork!

As we previously posted, the game's concept is "mayhem" mechanical action. The game will feature new weapons, more robust and dramatic mission stories and stages that are more detailed and complex than the previous titles.

AC5 will feature smaller mecha as well - instead of being 10 meters, the AC mecha's scale is 5 meters in this upcoming installment.

The game is heading to the PS3 and the Xbox 360. Development of Armored Core 5 is 20 percent. Developer From Software plans to release the game sometime this year.

シリーズ最新作『アーマード・コア 5』起動! - ファミ通.com [Famitsu]


    I always found Armoured Core a little bland in gameplay but man I'm excited about this.

    nice CG, very SiFi and cool

    I might just have to add this to my exclusive must have game list.

    Those screenshots look absolutely awesome.

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