Think Of It As James Cameron's Beyond Good & Evil

Who is that lady who appears in the new Avatar video game from Ubisoft? Why, it's Kendra Midori who just may have starred in another Ubisoft game under a different name.

If I drank while playing games, I would have done a spit take when I first laid eyes on Ms. Kendra Midori, nature-loving scientist lady who appears in the expanded-fiction Avatar video game that was released last year for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

You see, Kendra Midori looks an awful lot like a lady named Jade who starred in Ubisoft's 2003 cult favourite Beyond Good & Evil. The Jade of that game was a nature-loving photographer who surely would be at home on the Avatar planet of Pandora. You know, Avatar: The movie that's made about a billion dollars - The one that Ubisoft turned into a game that lets you decide to play as space marine or Na'vi resistance fighter and, either way, lets you do a little bit of flora and fauna safari investigation?

Here's Jade, who shares Kendra's taste in clothes and bags:


Midori means green in Japanese. And real Jade is green. That's another connection. Oh, and they couldn't have named her Kendra Jade because that would have been too obvious, and, well, Google tells me that "Kendra Jade" is a pornstar.

I haven't finished James Cameron's Avatar: The Game, so I can't say if Altair and Rayman are hiding in the game as well. But I can note that Jade keeps popping up in games she doesn't star in, like 2008's Prince of Persia.

Maybe Ubisoft, you'd like to make that new Beyond Good & Evil game?


    Dammit Ubisoft, just make it already! Enough of the teasing!

    They look -nothing- alike...

    If by "looks an awful lot like..." you mean barely looks like then I would agree.

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