This Final Fantasy XIII Bug Jumps For Joy

Since first being shown at the 2006 E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles, gamers have been eagerly looking forward to Final Fantasy XIII. They have not been looking forward to the in-game bugs.

Add this interminable jumping bug to the list of bugs that, like the LSD bug, apparently slipped past Square Enix quality control.

In this newly found bug, characters can get stuck in what appears to be endlessly jumping flips. Boing boing forever! (Note: While this footage is shaky, it is certainly possible that it has been looped.)

Character Oerba Dia Vanille does not seem impressed!

However, do not view the discovery of any bugs in FFXIII as a bad thing! The game is out in Japan only the PS3, but won't get its multi-platform release in the West until this Spring. Meaning? Square Enix has extra time to iron out any such kinks hopefully.

Good things come to those who wait. Better things come to those who wait longer. For the rest of us, fingers crossed for downloadable patches.


    Judging by the girl's hair, doesn't look like it was looped. Can't believe how many bugs are popping up in FFXIII!

    I don’t think it has been looped, if you look at the left of the screen at the green vines and plants, you can see that the camera follows no particular pattern, it’s just random. It’s a shame that this game has these bugs, I can understand that this is the first FF game for the PS3, and working with her hardware is tough, but these shouldn’t slip through.

    In all fairness, after playing the game through already, mucking around on a lot on missions and experimenting to see if I *could* break the game at times - I haven't experienced even a single bug once! Impressive, especially considering how smoothly everything loads. There is probably such a remote chance for the linked examples to even occur, so it seems a bit premature to call it *buggy*!
    (The area/surrounding areas in the above video has a lot of jumping from object to object, and sometimes it’s easy to lose track of which direction you’re moving in with the camera, leaving you to go back ‘n forth a bit accidentally, so I can see how that would have been trigged.)

    ...that being said, Lightning in an acrobatic circus audition as demonstrated above is pretty blood funny. Vanille’s waiting animation is even funnier.

    It's nice that the PS3 version of a Japanese RPG is the 'beta test', for a change...

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