This Thing With Many Buttons... Explained

What is this? Where's the joystick? Why so many buttons? Give up? Website Game Set Watch explains:

Designed as a 16-button USB MIDI Board and controller, Dj TechTools's Midi-Fighter is a DIY arcade-style kit that will surely stand out from most DJing equipment

Still confused? Go read the full article and watch a video demonstration.

And/or you could stick around here and make up your own explanation of what this is and what kind of gaming applications it could serve.

Arcade-Grade DJ Equipment: Midi-Fighter [Game Set Watch]


    Working the solo from Daft Punk's Aerodynamic.

    Track & field, for octopi.

    One of these buttons represents the g-spot. And it changes each time you press a button.

    its a faceroll game pad.

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