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Halo and Sonic comics this week. And a question for you folks: Would you be interested in this weekly round-up covering more than just video game comics but other interesting, new comics too?

Sonic The Hedgehog Archives Vol. 12

Written by Angelo DeCesare, Ken Penders, and Kent Taylor. Drawn by Dave Manak, Art Mawhinney, Ken Penders, Nelson Ortega, and Manny Galan.

Summary Via Archie Comices:

The Sonic Archives series has emerged as one of Archie's best-selling trade paperbacks, as fans both new and old can relive the glory days of Sonic the Hedgehog in these high-quality, digitally-restored graphic novels, complete with all the classic Sonic stories from the 1990s! Now with Sonic Archives Volume 12, Sonic lovers can add issues 45-48 to their collections, stories which are almost impossible to come across now. And best of all, the colours are completely remastered to give the issues a brand new look!

Stories include: "Guerilla Thriller": Everyone's favourite cave-bear, Mobie, returns... but he's unsuspectingly making a home for himself in the middle of a Robotnik stronghold! Can the Freedom Fighters warn him before it's too late? "Countdown to Armageddon": a sabbatical in the woods to reflect on recent events goes from relaxing to taxing as friendships are strained and loyalties questioned, setting up the dramatic events yet to come in the "Endgame" storyline. Guest-starring Lupe and the Wolf Pack from the animated series! "Endgame: Taking the Fall": The most talked-about Sonic saga ever unfolds as King Acorn vows to finish the war with Robotnik and regain the kingdom... but could he have predicted the enormous cost? The "death of Princess Sally" sent shockwaves through Sonic fandom, and now you can relive the events leading up to this milestone event. "Sonic the Fugitive": Not only has Sonic suffered a great loss in the passing of Princess Sally, he's also been framed for her murder! Now he must battle friend and foe alike as he seeks the real killer to clear his name!

PLUS: The "Knuckles' Quest" saga continues, with the intrepid red echidna searching for answers to his origin and the mystery behind the Sword of Acorns.

Halo: Blood Line #2

Written by Francis Portela. Drawn by Fred Van Lente.

Summary Via Marvel Comics:

"Greetings! I am the monitor of Line Installation 1-4. I am 6-8-6 Ebullient Prism. My function is to collect and inspect any and all specimens captured within this sector for evidence of immunity to infestation by The Flood. I require your assistance. Please do not move while you are dissected and all your tissues are properly analyzed and catalogued."


    I'll put my vote in for additional comic coverage.

    I bought so many of those sonic comics growing up .. super sonic vs hyper knuckles ftw .. my favourite.

    Nay! Video game comics make sense but others.. Well, that is a very big door you are thinking of opening.

    Another new website/syndicate might be a better place for such news.

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