Three Days To Armored Core 5’s Beginning

Three Days To Armored Core 5’s Beginning

Call it a hunch, but the giant orange 5 that’s popped up at might have something to do with From Software’s reveal of Armored Core 5.

Whatever the case may be, we’ll know in three days. January 14 is the date listed under the large, glowing 5, with the word “BEGINNING” suggesting that From plans on revealing the game in stages. Or perhaps the company just enjoys being mysterious. It isn’t doing a particularly good job of it, but we’ll give them points for trying.

I’d be extremely excited about the Armored Core 5, if it weren’t for Armored Core 4.

The armoured Core 5 Teaser [From Software – Thanks Zippi!]


  • “I’d be extremely excited about the Armored Core 5, if it weren’t for Armored Core 4”

    That sums it up for me; the series has just been on a downhill slope for a while now, can’t say I’ll even batter an eyelid over this one.

  • While AC 4 and 4A had terrible balance issues due to the ramped up speed and changes to blades, they still brought a lot of new things to the series.
    the Downhill slope Gobbo seems to mention is just the series general lack of large changes throughout its iterations, the actual quality of the AC series has nothing but improved although at a very slow pace. AC4 was a good experiment and hopefully we’ll see some of the good aspects of if in AC5 albeit at a speed similar to the older games.

    but regardless of what era of AC games this one will most resemble its a glorious day when a new AC announced and we can look forward to spending dozens upon dozens of hours blowing stuff up with giant robots.

  • I’ve only ever played Armored Core on the PS1 and Armored Core For Answer. Although both are great, I missed the close corridor action of the first in comparison to ACFA’s huge open environments.

    I hope they make this one a little more diverse in it’s gameplay and settings rather than just “zoom around as fast as possible to dodge attacks and hope you hit your ridiculously fast enemies”.

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