Three New Screens For EA Sports MMA... Plus A Broadcast?

Three new screens of EA Sports MMA show Bobby Lashley - fighting tonight at Strikeforce Miami - is another fighter signed to the title. In another development, EA Sports' web site will stream one of tonight's bouts live, for free.

The live stream starts at 9pm US Eastern time (1pm AEDT) and will feature Joe "Diesel" Riggs versus Jay "The Thoroughbred" Hieron in a welterweight tilt. You can see it on the EA Sports MMA web site. The stream will precede the live telecast of the event's main fight card on Showtime. That begins at 10pm Eastern (2pm AEDT), and will be delayed to 10pm for viewers in the Pacific time zone.

Strikeforce is an MMA circuit lesser known than the UFC, which appears in THQ's Undisputed line of games. But it will be a featured league in EA Sports MMA, whose release date has yet to be announced. Both EA Sports and Strikeforce are trying to establish a greater visibility for Strikeforce to boost both the game and the league.

EA Sports MMA [Official Web Site]


    too bad strikeforce is terrible

      too bad UFC 2010 will be better

        I don’t know, I saw the teaser for the game at last years VGA’s and it looks like nothing has changed, the graphics and animations look exactly the same. What I really don’t want is for this game to become the next Smackdown VS Raw. Back in the day I got every wrestling game usually within the first few days they were out. But then I realised they were just updating the roster and tweaking the features slightly and calling it a new game. What I really want to see is an actual career mode in UFC 2010. Take an up and comer through the ultimate fighter TV show and then into UFC. THQ have no excuse this time if they don’t include the ultimate fighter show.

          The Ultimate Fighter isn't the only way in to the UFC. With that said, it would be cool if they had an Ultimate Fighter mode with say Rampage and Rashad Evans as coaches or something like that.

            What I was referring to was the fact that THQ made a big song and dance in the pre release press about trying to bring “the most realistic” UFC experience into the game. Well to me TUF is part of that experience. I can understand why they didn’t include it in the first game because they had their hands too full with the game engine, but with part 2 they can focus on the extra things, I would love to see a fighter start on the show, win it and be catapulted into his UFC career.

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