Tony Hawk: Play Ride And I'll Be Your Friend

Tony Hawk seemed to take matters into his own hands last night, hopping onto Twitter to get people to play his latest skateboarding game Tony Hawk's Ride.

The famed skateboarder Tweeted that he was on Xbox Live playing Ride, dropping his Gamertag ( tonyinegypt ) for those interesting in joining him. Later he said anyone who plays his game would be added to his friend's list.

I suppose you could argue that he's just enthusiastic about his peripheral-sporting game, but this is the first time I've seen Hawk take such a direct interest in the success (or failure) of one of his titles.



    I think it’s because Tony isn’t reeling in the money from video games like he used to back in the day. Just imagine the royalty check he would get back in the day with THPS 1,2,3. Seeing as he’s getting older and not doing much actual skating anymore, it’s safe to say that the skating endorsements aren’t what they used to be. Tony is just trying to expand his career beyond skating I think (Movies, Games, TV)

    Ride = fail

    1 of those is his mother.

    I'm tempted to write down the gamertag just so I can send him a message telling him the game sucks and he should give up endorsing it, he's just making himself look worse.

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