Transformers: War For Cybertron Gets Its Own Toy Line

Transformers: War For Cybertron is an upcoming video game based on a toy line. There's now going to be a toy line based on the game which is based on a toy line. Ah, cross-promotion.

First hinted at via leaked prototype shots a few weeks back, there's now been confirmation from Hasbro that a range of figures based on the game's characters will go on sale later this year.

While no further details were provided by Hasbro, there are two shots of the figures doing the rounds, one of Bumblebee right, and one below of Optimus Prime in his vehicle mode.

UPDATE: War For Cybertron Toys Confirmed For 2010 [Game Informer][images: Tformers]


    Bee doesnt look too bad, Prime looks shittacular.

    It's the closest thing we've gotten to a War Within toyline, so will be keen to see how they pan out.

    yeah not wrong, even when i saw him in the trailer, i was thinking he looked rather crappy.

    Hang about, there is a War Within toyline.

    Oh and here's Jetfire and Starscream.

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