Trendy Mario Bros.

Half of this seems about as hamfistedly hip as a Mentos ad, but a team of design students at a Milan university identified five top global trends - guerrilla gardening, couch-surfing, carpooling - and used Mario to illustrate them.

I guess by planting trees on the sly you bring a Fiat dealership to town, turn a hotel into four-star acommodations, and gentrify the neighbourhood. So get out there and start gardening, dammit!

Super Mario Takes Up Global Trend Spotting [Core 77]


    OH MY GOD.... that was only 4:32... It felt like 15 mins!

    To what address can I send the bill? I'm charging you for 4 and a half mins of my life! :(

    theres alot of c*** kotaku posts this morning.

    haha this is great!

    What the fuck was that?

    Damn I-talians :/

      where's Ezio when you need him?

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