Tricell CEO Goes Mercenary In Resident Evil 5: Gold

Tricell CEO Excella Gionne is so elegant she doesn't bother changing out of her evening wear to battle Majini as a new playable character in Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition's Mercenaries Reunion.

Capcom revealed the beautiful but merciless Ms Gionne as a playable character in Mercenaries Reunion today, with a set of screens showing off her strong fighting instinct, martial arts prowess and impeccable taste in clothing.

The news of Ms Gionne's inclusion comes along with the announcement of new moves for Jill and Josh, who get to strut their stuff in the Desperate Escape DLC episode, included in the Gold Edition of the game. The burly Josh can tackle Majini to the ground and elbow drop the injured, while Jill can jump on their backs, snapping their necks. Sounds like a good time for everybody!


    Until I noticed the little spray of blood, that first screenshot looked like something else entirely...

      I guess nobody educated her about appropriate clothing for zombie (or... cultist?... whatever.) stomping.

      Yet another reason why l4d2 shouldn't have been banned... but compulsory!

        I agree, it just looks ridiculous when women in games are wearing clothing like that in that sort of situation. i also agree with dean, looked like something else lol.

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