Two Xbox Wrongs Possibly Make A Right

Game companies hate when people trade in gaming goods at game shops. Gamers hate the propensity for Xboxes to break. But were it not for these two things, an alleged crime would not have been exposed.

From the files of news-from-December-about-something-that-happened-in-November comes the Daytona Beach, Florida News Journal's tale of a purloined Xbox.

On November 17, a person reports to the police that his Xbox 360 has been stolen from his home, allegedly by a man named Michael Dunbar. The police find their way to a video game trade-in store that has a photocopy of Dunbar's driver's licence, fingerprint and proof that - don't get too mad, Microsoft - the Xbox 360 was sold to the shop for $US32. Video game companies generally don't like the fact that retailers such as GameStop accept and encourage trade-ins, because the game companies make no money from the re-sales of those traded-in goods.

Our victim had a problem: No serial number for his Xbox 360, ergo no proof that the traded-in 360 was his. But that - don't get mad, gamers - is where the unreliability of Xbox 360 hardware comes in. Now maybe our victim had broken his Xbox 360 himself through his careless gaming. But maybe, just maybe, the machine had one of its issues, as Xboxes do. Usually that would be a bad thing, but in this story, a broken Xbox was just what was needed.

The News Journal reports:

At the time of the report, the victim was not able to provide the police with the serial number of the Xbox. Several days later, the victim's grandmother, who had originally purchased the Xbox contacted the police department and said she had contacted Microsoft Corporation in reference to the investigation. She informed the officer that she previously sent the unit to Microsoft for repairs and when she contacted them they were able to give her the serial number. The serial number provided by Microsoft was identical to the unit Dunbar sold to the video game trader.

As of December, Dunbar faced multiple charges including burglary and dealing in stolen property.

If your Xbox should ever break, send it in for repairs and think of it as protection against potential crooks. Officer Tracks Down Shoplifting Suspect [Daytona Beach News Journal (payment required to see full text)


    I'm pretty sure I can get my serial from

    Perhaps he should have written it down and stored it in a safe place like all other level headed people...?

      Who on earth records serial numbers of every device they own? I must be a lot less "level-headed" than I thought...


        Question: Can't companies like Sony, MS and Nintendo prevent companies such as Gamestop from profiting from their hardware through re-selling their stock?

        Kind of like a, "Not for re-sale" but owners are allowed to sell to someone else like on eBay etc...
        ebay don't profit as much as Gamestop or EB Games do through re-selling.

          Imagine the public backlash there would be if Ford wanted to stop second hand car dealerships from reselling their used cars because they want to sell new cars to these people.

          In the automotive industry, the resale value of a vehicle is an important consideration in the purchase of the vehicle originally.

          The console manufacturers need to wake up and realize that resale of their products is always going to be an industry in itself, and the best thing they can do is to take advantage of this. The can do this by providing spare parts, accessories and games to keep the pennies flowing in from them

          Not only are consumers in the market for a second hand console doing so because they are unable to afford a new unit, but if they buy a second hand unit, and have a good experience with it, they are going to spend money on games and accessories, and probably upgrade to a new console in the future.

    Perhaps if it had been registered online like every ExxyBoxxySreeSixty should be, there would be less bother.

    why would you sell your consoles to game store which give you 1/10 of what its worth? when on ebay not only are you handing it directly to someone who wants to use it and enjoy it, but you get around 7/10 in most cases, sometimes more sometimes less!

    What kind of respectable crackhead would steal and busted Xbox?

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