Ultima Returns! Now For The Bad News...

Not content with kicking sand in the face of Wing Commander fans with the dreadful Wing Commander Arena, EA is now turning its attention towards bringing us a new game based on the Ultima franchise.

Look, EA, when I said I'd like a new Ultima game, I meant a new Ultima game. Not... this.

Meet Lords of Ultima, a "game where you build your own unique city and play with thousands of other players". It's been developed by Phenomic, the team behind Battleforge, and while I have no idea how it plays (the beta servers are currently full), I know one thing.

EA needs to stop this.

Ultima is not a house-hold name. It's well-known in PC circles, yes, but as a role-playing game. So why dig it up only to completely misuse it? It is, like Wing Commander, a nostalgic indulgence. People remember the series for what it was, and for what it did around the time of its release.

Lords of Ultima could be great, I don't know, I haven't played it. But I know that, as an Ultima fan - surely the type of person EA is trying to appeal to by using the brand name - I don't much care for the way a cherished brand is being plastered over something completely unrelated.

[Lords of Ultima]


    the Ultima games were overated

      I totally agree with the author on this one, such a waste. As a mad fan i will check it out anyway. The ultima universe or 'Brittania' is so well layed out you know theres a reason everygame came with a cloth map. Origin creates worlds.

      Ultima VII and its expansions are the greatest games i have ever played. Underworld I & II where also great deep games. Check out 'Exult' its kind of like scummvm for ultima VII you can play it in high-res with graphic enhancements providing you have your own legit copy of the original.

    Give us a new Ultima Underworld instead. Get your Crytek engine license cranked up and just do it.

    i was one of the heretics who started on ultima 8 and went backwards - and dare i say it, i still find ultima 8 the best ultima.

    although then again i am partially retardedly homosexual.

    There is a reason I have the Ultima 6 cloth map in a frame hanging above me right now. And it's not so people can try to shift some shitty web-based game.

    @Steve, what has sexuality got anything to do with it?

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