Unpaid Internet Bill Leads To Game-Blamed Stabbing

Game-blame news from Romania: a 15-year-old boy said to be "dependent" on video games stabbed to death his adoptive mother, after she refused to pay the internet bill in hopes the disconnection would put an end to his Counter-Strike addiction.

In the narrative of the attack the boy, Ionut Savin (pictured), stabbed his mother (on her 16th wedding anniversary, no less), then looted the home of its money and went to an internet cafe to get his Counter-Strike fix. The woman's lifeless body was found by her husband, and Savin turned himself in to authorities quickly thereafter. He's now under armed guard at a psychiatric hospital.

This naturally has mobilised the Romanian media, because there's nothing worse than a kid with 200 absences from school and no friends snapping in such an unpredictable way. It doesn't justify a murder, but by their own reporting, the warning signs were plenty.

Game Addict Stabs Mother Over Internet Bill


    He obviously has bigger problems than games.

      Yeah, like not having games!

      But seriously, the poor guy finding not only his wife brutally murdered, but that his adopted son killed her.

      Of course video games, the devil, etc. Someone get Hugo Chavez in here!

    A true CS addict woulda used a deagle...

      I disagree. He wanted to shame her so he got a knife kill.

      Everyone knows you run faster with a knife

    This is very sad to see. My heart goes out to the victims of this event.
    The other problem is that now media will have more to hold against video games, probably for good ratings.

      True that. It does not matter that this outcome is generic to any addiction (alcohol, drugs, etc.), its always the games that get the attention.

    I get the same feelings towards Telstra..AND I PAY MY BILLS!

    Why do complete lunatics insist on glomming onto wonderful forms of entertainment like video games and/or heavy metal music.

    Why, for once, can't some murderous psycho admit that they stabbed someone 138 times because they turned off his HANNAH MONTANA DVD.

      I know this wil sound pretty bad, but that's something I'd love to see in the news.

        Fucking hell!!

        I remember as a lad feeling intense rage at never being able to win the 'Log Rolling' game of WORLD GAMES.

        I never stabbed anyone over it.

      Ever hear of a thing called "religion"? Way more crazy people killing others over that than over videogames and heavy metal combined. But god help any media outlet that suggests kids not be allowed access to religion.

        True that. "War on Terror"? Nay. War on Islam.

    Should probably have a look at some kind of knife control laws too.

    Lucky he wasn't a WOW addict. They would have slaughtered an entire village and then made the mother sow them a new outfit!!

    Yeah kind of a sad story, normally i'd laugh, but on their anniversary, thats just harsh.

    Still people should realise that the best way to treat an addiction is NOT to force them to go cold turkey.

      so you're saying you would find this funny if it happened on any other day other than their anniversary...?


    LOL kyle ... umm LETS MAKE THIS ABOUT HOW MUCH Telstra SUCKS! ...




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