Venezuelan President Says Games Are "Poison"

As we've covered a few times before, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez is not only a nutty man, he's a nutty man that hates video games. Hates them so much be believes they're "poison".

"Those games they call 'PlayStation' are poison," Chavez (right, in his Brotherhood of NOD costume) said on his weekly show Alo Presidente. "Some games teach you to kill. They once put my face on a game, 'you've got to find Chavez to kill him."

Think he means Mercenaries 2. And he's not done, continuing that games "promote the need for cigarettes, drugs and alcohol so they can sell them". "They" being capitalist pigs like our good selves. "That's capitalism, the road to hell".

Tinpot dictators say the darnedest things!

Sony's PlayStation is 'poison' to children: Chavez [AP]


    sure the cake he had for breakfast wasn't the real poison ? .. bahahah lols

    how many retail games have actively promoted the use of drugs without any negative consequences at all?

    Not many, if any i think

    But of course, all those south american countries have no REAL problems to deal with or anything

    i reckon nothing will happen to their murder numbers, which was supposedly the catalyst for this.

    But then they'll blame people importing this "poison"

    Another wonderful insight into missing the point. Brought to you by M.Bison.

    If you looks past this guys quite obvious prejudices towards gaming/capitalism etc. The mans one of the world's greatest politicians, the media doesn't cover this but hes nearly doubled the national GDP of the nation without creating an construction and recource bubble, which China is increasingly going towards.

    Although he is a communist dictator his policies in massive increases in taxing off the rich and surging ahead of the construction of state hosptials and schools have really paid off. It will only get Venezuala so far but for now its rly good at lifting its population out of poverty.

    Skimming the barrel a bit here arn't we Kotaku ?...I realise the majority of the American public have a patriotic, brainwashed, battery hen type mentality but picking on some pleb just cause he dresses like a Fidel Castro Mario Brother and he won't play ball with the yanks on oil is kinda stooping a bit low don't ya think ?

    ....Fair enough he's a commie with an obvious boner for Fidels dress sense but the guy's done a hell of alot of good stuff for his country...Maybe the U.S. could learn a few things.

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