Video Game Statistics At A Glance

Print this off, stick it to the back of your bedroom/toilet door, and get to memorising. Occasional factual error aside, this will definitely help you win fights on the playground/at the pub.

Videogame statistics [Online Education]


    I find the 15% of games are mature an interesting statistic. Given that Australia is trying to get R18+ up and running, and that R18+ would have to be a certain percentage of that 15%.

    An interesting question would be what percentage of "Mature" games sold would be classified R18+ in Australia?

      Id say a lot more than you'd think because a LOT of games that slip into the MA15+ category at the moment would have been released on 18+ if we had one. Madworld, House of the dead overkill, bayonetta, darksiders, modernwarfare 2, left for dead 1+2, and many MANY more.
      I think once there is an 18+ category there will be heaps of games lumped into it from then on.

    maybe Michael Atkinson should have a look at the gamer age distribution percentage

      Can he even read?

    You CANNOT count Wii Sports as a "best selling video game"
    It comes with every flipping Wii! Unfair advantage, which no other game could possibly match!

      And because Wii Sports isn't sold separately to the Wii, the Wii Sports sales is really just a really accurate indication of Wii sales.

      Its on sale in Japan.

      So was all the rest at a time.

      SMB was a NES Pack-in (in the budget US package initialy); Duck hunt was a NES Pack-in (in the deluxe US package initialy) and both was in further packages as a multicart in the Action Set & the Power Set.

      Tetris to was a pack-in, with the original Game Boy (DMG) at first.

      and Pokemon, a pack-in most likely, but still a killer app for the Game Boy Pocket and the DMG, and as well a huge money making franchise (Anime, Manga, toys...)

      p.s. Wii Sports is not a pack-in in Japan.

      Unfair? It isn't a contest, it's the facts. If microsoft and sony want to start giving me free awesome games with consoles, i am not going to complain.

        Could you even buy an original xbox without halo?

          actually, nevermind, I think you could..

      I beleive in Japan it was sold seperately, hence why it is on this chart.

    Regards WiiSports- Im sure Japan never had it hard bundled. Thats a fair slice of the Wii console pie. But Super Mario Bros and Tetris were also bundled games, as was Duck Hunt at various times if I recall. Others claim that WiiPlay is topselling, even with its WiiMote bundling. GTAs 3 and San Andreas still sell thru with <$30 prices. But the interesting thing will be when we start considering Farmville and Mob Wars etc, all the Facebook and other social networking & Zynga games. Farmville as of this month has over 70 MILLION active users. Obviously these are not always purchased- but microtransactions and 3rd party subscriptions do account for revenue for Facebook etc. In the same way that iTunes and other music downloads now govern the singles AND album chart positions, maybe- God help us- this in the future for games too?

    Where's solitaire dagnabit?

    Interesting that every top selling game is Nintendo...

    omg this is such bogus, I'm not even going to read the rest. (the %10 of all ps3s have hardware failure within 2 years)
    I can go ask all my psn friends and i doubt any of them had problems [within 2 years.]

    ugh fking bs this is

    Sage, i've had friends return their ps3 for hardware faults, countless people get RRoD on their 360 but i have never heard of a wii fail. These stats seem pretty accurate.

    At Sage, My PS3 was in warranty when it died, My friends two PS3's have both just died (one again within 6 months of repair!!)Yes the 2 XBOX 360s I own have RROD'd and have been repared, and are used every day for hours with no problems since.

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