Vietnam Finally Gets The PlayStation 2 (And PS3, PSP)

Over the weekend, Sony Computer Entertainment began operations in Vietnam, marking the first time the PlayStation brand has been officially sold in the communist state.

Sony's first sanctioned (as in, not privately imported) PlayStation products in the country went on sale on Saturday morning, with the120GB PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable (the PSP-3000) and PlayStation 2 all hitting the market for the first time.

The PlayStation 3 is priced at VND9.99 million ($585), the PS2 at VND4.49 million ($292), while the PlayStation Portble will be retailing for VND5.99 million ($350).

The software available is a mixed bag, some of it only in English, others in English and Chinese. Some of the games available on Saturday included Uncharted 2, LittleBigPlanet and, for the PSP, Ridge Racer 2 and Tekken Dark Resurrection.


    yeah heaps of vietnamese can afford that, not!

    Ha, just got back from Vietnam about a month ago, they actually have some places that charge just to play the imported PS3's and lots of arcades have PS2's where you pay to use it for a few minutes. See the poverty level makes me wonder how many people could actually afford them though...

    now they have to wait as long as we did for the respective price drops XD

    I dont know the economical situtation in Vietnam, but near $300 for a 5-6year old machine seems way overpriced.

    msot people over there dont even make close to 100,000 dong a day (approx 5.8/6 aus dollars currently), what makes sony think that it would really sell over there?

    most psp and ps2 are hand me downs from family overseas.

    In addition to having no money, Vietnamese prefer to play online games like MMORPGs. There's internet cafe's everywhere these days and all they play is online games.

    LOL i went there like 6 years ago and they had the XBOX and PS2 on sale, however like for 10mil each. Yeah they have places which charge for how long you play a PS2/PC. It's the cheapest way anyone there is actually getting close to a console. That's good business,

    not only is it overpriced, some games come with chinese... yeah.

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