We Could Have Had A 2D God Of War

We Could Have Had A 2D God Of War

While God of War on PSP was a good enough game, the real achievement was in how developers Ready At Dawn managed to translate the console experience onto a handheld. But did you know they almost didn’t bother?

In an interview at IndustryGamers, RaD’s Dana Jan said, “There were early discussions of making Chains of Olympus a side-scroller rather than 3D in case the experience couldn’t be fully realised on a handheld. This really fuelled (sic) us to prove that it could be done”.

Call me a party-pooper, but I’d have liked to see where a 2D God of War took us. A little Flashback, a little Prince of Persia, a little Streets of Rage, perhaps? Or just a shinier version of the awful mobile game, Betrayal (pictured)?

Nah, it was Ready at Dawn, they’d have gone for the former.

God of War Side-Scroller Was Briefly Considered [IndustryGamers]


  • Thank Goodness they went the way they did..

    We could have potentially missed out on what is arguably one of the best PSP games ever…

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