Well, He Does Look Like He Could Work There

Once again, The Onion cuts to the chase: Lane Kiffin, the new football coach at Southern California is rumoured* to have been wooed away from the job by the chance of a lifetime: Working at a GameStop.

(* - By "rumoured" we mean "this is pure bullshit, but funny.")

Kiffin is 34 and looks about 22, so his face is less that of "steely-eyed college football general," and more like someone who wants to upsell you to an Edge card and Game Informer subscription.

The fake quote attributed to Kiffin: "I was approached by a cousin who works at the GameStop on Wilshire Boulevard, and when he said there was an open sales clerk position, I had to take it. I have been going to that GameStop for years. I know the people there. I know the customers. This is just an opportunity I couldn't pass up."

In such a role, I'd expect Kiffin to publicly accuse GameStop rival Game Crazy of tampering with his preorder customers and breaking street dates for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, followed by a reprimand from the regional manager.

Lane Kiffin Leaves USC for Dream Job at GameStop [The Onion]


    I can pretty much say most articles (emphasis on MOST, not all) by Owen Good have little to no relevance to us Australians.

      He's the 'Filler Guy'. Most of his articles are tripe.

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