What Are You Playing This Weekend?

OK, alright, I'll give Dragon Age: Origins another chance. I'm taking heed from your comments on my Games of 2009 where I admitted I couldn't get into Bioware's RPG.

Apparently three hours isn't long enough for this particular Dragon to sink its teeth in. So, in between some bouts of Bayonetta, I'll travel to Ferelden to work out what the fuss is all about.

How about you, what are you playing this weekend?


    I still haven't got around to playing Dragon Age. I'll get around to it one day.

    This weekend I'm gonna try and finish some of the games I've started but never finished. So I'll be playing Banjo-Tooie, Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, Bioshock and maybe some Burnout: Paradise.

    I'm gonna try and go through all the games I haven't finished or played starting with XBox 360.

    Picked up Darksiders yesterday and played for about half an hour, so hopefully can get further into that.

    Also need to spend more time on Assassin's Creed 2, I've just arrived in Venice. Don't want to get caught up playing too many games at once.

    Will likely sink a few more hours into Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer too, got my best K/D score in a match last night 28-4 on Ground War in Estate.

    I'll be giving the MAG beta a bit more of a bash, cooperatively looting a few more skrag piles in Borderlands, and a little Quake Live to round things off

      is mag good? as in tf2 good ?

        Pretty hard to compare the two, but in a word ... no

    resiting the urge to spen my whole weekend playing dragon age, bought it in the steam sale and was skeptical, still skeptical 4 hours in, 60 hours later wondering where my week went. also finishing bioshock :)

    Darksiders, Mass Effect, The Saboteur, Dragon Age, Assassins Creed 2... if I have time.

    I'll be jumping my way through Super Mario Galaxy. Seems like a good game so far, not sure it's living up to the hype it received though.

    I've also managed to get my partner to play New Super Mario Bros Wii with me, which has been great. Very fun co op experience. Haven't had a single argument yet!

    Enjoy Dragon Age David, seems a bit TOO rpg for my tastes.

    I couldn't resist impulse-buying Darksiders yesterday, since it came with a War 13" figurine. Played it for six hours yesterday, should finish it this weekend.

    Also might go back to Assassin's Creed 2 to find more treasure and more feathers, and complete some more mini-games.

    I hope my XBox doesn't melt :S

      13"!!!! I must've been jipped!

      The figure is 13cm(4") tall. I had expected it to be bigger but I think we were all spoiled by the awesomeness that was the Ezio figure with the White/Black Editions of Assassin's Creed 2.

      Also, that paint job in mine is pretty sloppy. For a free pre-order bonus its pretty good though.

      It's better than the 2" figure that came with the Collectors Edition of Sacred 2, that's for sure!

        I can sympathize with the bad paint job thing.
        I got the special edition of Bayonetta, and the paint job on the gun was horrible.
        I know it has to go into mass production and all that, but if you are spending the extra money, it would be nice to have the items look as good as possible.
        I would even be happier if they gave you the paint to do it yourself, it would be kinda unique to paint your own gun.
        I'm going to re-paint my gun, my friend paints those war figurines so he can help. I want to drill holes down both gun barrels to make it look more gun like too.

        Since you have the Black/White edition of AC2. What are the extra missions etc... that differ from the standard edition?


          The extra 'Missions' that come with the White/Black editions of AC2 (I have the Black personally) are just Templar lairs of sorts, where you kill some Templars in a scripted sequence involving chasing a guard, with ~2000 florens at the end of it. Not really worth it in my opinion.

        Haha, sorry, I meant 13cm. The paint job on my War figurine was horrible as well. The Ezio figure is way better.

        As with the extra missions for AC2, I never got to play them, since I haven't connected to XBox Live. It kind of annoys me how everyone is expected to be online these days. PC games are the worst for it, since some require it for installation, even if it's not an online game.

    Hmm... Wanna finish GTA4 off finally, Finish my last play through of Mass Effect 1 (almost at 92%) and maybe something MP to play when my mates are on - not sure yet :P

    Doing the same thing as you David. Going to give DA:O another go. With the announcement of Awakening I have to finish the game with my Mage. GL David it's a great game.

    Too busy today to play anything, but rocked MW2 for a half hour.

    Might squeeze in some Borderlands later on this afternoon before heading out. I am horrible with open-ended games: it took me 18 months to finish Fallout 3 :P

    Darksiders, Dragon Age and perhaps some AC2.

    I’m going to buy a few PS1 classics and maybe some DLC from the PSN store, does anyone know if they still sell Medievil 1 or 2?. I’ll be getting the original Crash Bandicoot and FF7, and maybe I’ll finally give the Far Cry 2 fortunes pack a go

      Just checked the Playstation Store and yeah, Medievil 1 is still there. Its AUD $8.45.

      Great choice by the way. It's a great game. Still got the original PS1 disc.

    Started a Final Fantasy marathon until FF13 comes out, so trying to finish off FF2 this weekend. Got a lot of random battles to get through.

    Halo3 and MW2. :3

    Im playing Uncharted 2, finishing the campaign again and getting some more time in the multiplayer.

    Care to join me for some co-op David or dont you like it that much ;)

      I'll pass, thanks. Creating my Dragon Age character now...

    I've been playing Dragon Age during my holidays this festive season. I pre-ordered it and didn't really play it much because I couldn't quite get into it. I think the reason was that I just couldn't find enough consecutive hours to play and thus didn't get into the quite complex character interactions. I've put a considerable number of sequential hours into it and it's been way more enjoyable.

    Bayonetta will be taking up most of my play time whilst I eagerly await my copy of Demon's Souls.
    I too had trouble getting into Dragon Age, perhaps I should give it another chance?

    ok... i have, in no particular order;

    tekken 6, ofp2, mw2, fear2, darksiders, call of juarez bob, ac2, borderlands star trek legacy (random i know), batman aa, dragon age, killzone 2, uncharted 1, infamous, and various older titles that are in a state of play and woefully unfinished... which one should i finish?!?

    stupid 2009 and boxing day sales.

    Real cricket in 30+ degree heat today, then Far Cry 2 multiplayer, and maybe some Tropico.
    About Tropico, I downloaded the demo, thought it was good, and picked up the copy I saw at JB. Nowhere else has it, and my friend says it isn't even out yet. What happened there?

      Tropico 3, on the 360

      It not out in the US until feb. But came out in Europe in November.

    I bought Dragon Age a few weeks back, along with an uncensored copy of L4D2 and Bayonetta. Can't get into Bayonetta, and my brother-in-law has no time to play L4D2 with me... so it gladdens me that you're finally giving Dragon Age a go, David. It's definitely in MY top ten.

    Seriously, I'm 20 hours in and... well, I keep having flashbacks to Baldur's Gate :) Brilliant, brilliant game.

    What's your character? Female rogue? Or mage?

      I'm a huge BG2 fan, but to me Dragon Age doesnt really reach the same great heights. I think the story BG2 told was just better, not to mention the pre-rendered 2D backgrounds were just gorgeous.

    Batman, Red Alert 3 and some Red Faction: Guerrilla, I'd say.

    Downloading DA:O atm from steam

    Well, I did something today that would make a lot of gamers feel dirty. I.... bought.... a.... wii.

    It kind of hit me last night. I was sitting in my gaming bean bag and a beer next to me. My girl was sitting on the couch reading a book. Then out of nowhere she mentioned 'I wish I could play games with you'. I got her in to Little Big Planet a while ago but she has gone off it now after completing it and there aren't many other games out there like that on the PS3.

    So... I went down to the local shops and picked up a Wii in an effort to get some gaming time together. So after playing the death out of it this weekend, can anyone suggest some 'serious' games on the Wii that are worth shelling out for?

      I'm not so sure the Wii has many 'serious' games, but it does have several excellent games. Definately pick up Zelda: Twilight Princess. As far as shooters go, your best bet would probably be Metroid Prime. MadWorld was superbly gory, but I found it rather lacklustre. I've heard some good things about No More Heroes.

      The Wii has awesome games!?

      After the top 10 here i bought House of the Dead overkill - its really awesome, but beside that Mario Galaxy, Fire Emblem, New super mario bros wii

      Im playing my wii a lot right now lol.

      That and mass effect which i just picked up cheap.

      Thanks, might have to check some of those out.

      Just had a good afternoon with the mrs playing mario cart. She handed it to me as well.

    Bayonetta, couldn't be anything else. I already have about 30 hours of playtime on my save file, and I still have so much to do!

    Legend of Zelda OoT Master Quest and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2, and a Little Might and Magic

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