What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Bioware has made a very clever decision to allow players to carry over their save game from Mass Effect to its sequel. They've got me going back to the original.

I still own that original disc, but I can imagine many others may well have sold it on or traded it in and are now repurchasing a two year old game in preparation for this month's sequel.

I still have two Shepards - one male, one female - through which I'd finished the original, but I want to play through again to reacquaint myself with the characters and politics of Mass Effect. Also, I want to make sure the Shepard and her actions I bring to Mass Effect 2 is the Shepard I want to play.

My Shepard is female - I can't go past Jen Hale's superb voice work; she's an Adept because it gives me more control over my squad's crucial Biotic powers; she's a Colonist, a Sole Survivor and will lean (most of the time, but not all) towards Renegade dialogue options because she's an outsider with trust issues; she'll fuck Kaiden and then kick him out of bed afterwards.

Anyone else replaying Mass Effect? If so, how are you planning to tackle it this time?

If not, what else are you playing this weekend?


    I'll be heading playing Darksiders. I just finished the third boss and now I'm onto the final Tower. :)

      I'll be playing Darksiders.**

        I just finished Darksiders and thoroughly enjoyed it. Its like Zelda with balls!! Im moving on to bayonetta now. Just started its hack and slash goodness. Can't make an opinion on it yet though still early days.

      lol nothing final about that tower :P

    I, too, have 2 characters in Mass Effect. I'm fighting really hard not to start up another character, because I know how long it's going to take me. I completed the vast majority of side missions with one of my characters, and I'm not sure if I could resist doing so again - who knows which parts of the first game are relevant to the second (especially those to do with Cerberus)?

      The obvious relevant parts are which squad members and important NPCs (including the Council and even the Rachni Queen) may have died in the first game and whom your love interest was, if any. The ME2 wiki states that "the player's treatment of Conrad Verner", "whether or not the player completed the UNC: Asari Diplomacy sidequest" and "whether the player chose to allow the Alliance to conduct experiments on Nirali Bhatia's body" are also tracked.

      It was checks on your character level and whether you were Paragon or Renegade. No doubt there are other actions that are tracked as well, but Bioware has kept quiet on precisely which.

    I've played it through once on male and once on female aswell, though it was a while back so i can't remember what that had, just that one was renegade and one paragon.

    Carrying over saved games isn't likley to be much use for me however as I played the original on xbox360 and will most probably use the PC version for the second one, unless it'll cross load through games for windows/xbox live.

    Final Fantasy X.
    I'm only 8 years late, it's not that long.
    I'm not feeling this game; I'm looking forward to the end of the game, not for the story resolution, but just for the fact that I'll be done with it. It's never a good sign when you think that.
    But I like the Sphere Grid, because it's different.
    Apart from that though, this game is pretty meh.

      I'm replaying it too, but I jus tstarted last night. Trust me, 8 years ago it was a lot more than meh, even if only for the graphics. I think it still holds up well today.

    Ill be playing Borderlands, FIFA 10, Halo 3. :)

    Been playing heaps of custom and matchmaking this week! living dead ftw! :)

    I've just played through with a biotic this week trying to do as much as possible, just to make sure I didn’t miss anything with this one (and to get a couple of achievements), it’s my 3rd play through and I still found assignments I missed the first two times, I tried to do a few things different this time, like the first two times I got with Ashley but decided to have a bit of blue tail in this one and also felt bad about ‘screwing over’ Kaidan the previous two times haha so I let Ashley take one for the team. I’m even considering a 4th quick play through with a sentinel or an engineer just to have a go with an another type.

    Finished Batman again so now have all the trophies except the gorram challenges. So it'll be Bayonetta this weekend.

    Two Bioware RPG's in two weekends, how did you go with Dragon Age last weekend Dave?

    As for myself I'll be playing Borderlands, Juiced 2 and maybe an XBLA game or two.

      I tried Dragon Age again and just couldn't get into it. It's strange because I have always been an RPG fan - I'd count Planescape: Torment and the original Fallout amongst my favourite games. Though, having said that, perhaps it's telling that I never liked Baldur's Gate...

        Uh oh - here comes the rants about you not giving 50 hours this time.

        Well i'll be going through quite a few different games. I want to finish a few games that just don't have longevity on my shelf. That way i can trade them in ready for Mass Effect 2 which I probably won't get til March (cause i'll be finishing Mass Effect 1) and also Conviction when they get round to releasing it.

          Nah, if he didn't like it, he didn't like it. Games are like that. That's OK. It just means I know not to rely on his opinion for whether I'll like RPGs :)

          I had a wedding this weekend, but I managed to find the time to finish Darksiders. Very fun game (aside from the interminable Black Throne beam puzzles). Liked the Zelda-style gameplay (I actually prefer the jumping/climbing/hookshotting etc here to Uncharted 2, where the jumping/climbing sections are fun but on rails), liked the brawler combat generally and the bosses are great, liked the visual style, liked the voice-acting and liked the story (including the way they gave closure to the story even while also setting up obvious sequel hooks).

          I have ME2 on pre-order, I think I can resist buying Bayonetta between now and then. Games which use "torture attacks" as a selling point aren't quite my thing.

    Will be playing some Zen Pinball on the PSN and then some Michael Myers mode of Modern Warfare 2 tonight for some laughs!

    I replayed it last weekend, then read the two books, and the comic.

    Moving on to God of War II now that I finished 1. This time I will try and remember to save the game following the final boss battle! Sheesh!

    I'm with you David - re-playing Mass Effect ahead of the sequel - but I differ in that I am loving Dragon Age too.... Mia

    I've started FFXII again in preparation of FFXIII. I'm forcing restrictions on my characters this time so that they act like they have traditional jobs, which should make my third playthrough more interesting. I'm also getting back into GT5:P and wishing I wasn't broke so I could buy a wheel...

    Im playing Mass Effct on PC atm. Got it for 5 bucks in a steam sale a few weeks ago. I'm finding it hard to get into, the combat seems clunky and doesnt have any meat, although I have only played about an hour so far. Story line seems to be ramping up, but it seems like a slog to keep going. Maybe its just me, but this particular RPG just isn't grabbing me, althogh it got some really good reviews, especially on PC. Ill keep going after work...

      I also found this to be the case - until i became a spectre and left the citadel and went out on my own i almost gave up on this game. The start is a slog through especially if you are trying to do all the assignments. Keep going though and you will reach the best bits.

    Finished it for the 11 time 2 days ago. Managed to finish it 100% (yes i did all those minerals and medallions collections - word is that they do offer a bonus in ME2 :P)

    I like how they have comfirmed that there is going to be a Wrex meet up in ME2 if was still alive after first game. Sad he is not a squaddie but still happy that there is an entire main mission surrounding him.

    I also completed Mass Effect: Galaxy for the Iphone a few days ago and i admit the gameply was horrid but i thought the story was really good - i am looking forward to seeing what the promised bonus is for completing the game is and how it effects ME2.

    Darksiders for me going to try and platinum it before my copy of GoW Collection arrives.

    Having recently bought a PS3, I'm playing through Valkyria Chronicles (and loving every minute of it).

    Wondering if our TV will ever see another game again now that the Boss has learnt to play MW2... And the thing is she's actually rather good! Two weeks in so far, she just had best kill/death ratio on Rust. And equal top kills.

    Having a BBQ tonight with some people over, so Singstar & Rock Band are high probabilities...

    Other than that, will continue to play Borderlands... and continue with the Freeplay Challenges of The Saboteur... (only about 900 left!) :P

    Grim Fandango. Blast from the past but still love it to this day!

    I must get back into Mass Effect 1 and finish my insane game, its the only achievement I've got left to get too

    I'm going on a caped crusade in Batman: Arkham Asylum. Bought it a couple of days ago, and its fast becoming an all-time classic.

    I'll be playing Finalise-Stuff-For-My-Wedding. I hit a checkpoint about a month from the final level, but the PotentialFamilyIssues boss reared it's head, I've gotta find a way to stock up on ammo.

    I'm planning on playing (and finishing) Zelda Spirit Tracks, A Boy and his Blob and Metroid Prime Trilogy. I don't plan on finishing the last one.

    I've been playing Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney (from the WiiWare store).

    And when I'm not playing it, I'm wandering around my house, randomly yelling 'objection' at my family.

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