What Are You Playing This Weekend?

The release of the first Assassin's Creed II DLC is the perfect excuse for me to recline once again inside the Animus and don the dashing cape of Ezio de Auditore.

I'll be diving into the Battle of Forli, the 12th "sequence" of Ezio's story. I know there's been some consternation regarding this DLC, namely that it was deliberately held back from the original game to be released as paid DLC. The theory goes that Ubisoft are charging you extra for content that "should have been in the original release".

It's nonsense, of course. Ubisoft has been quite candid about the development process, admitting that the Battle of Forli and the Bonfire of the Vanities (to be released in February) were planned as sequences 12 and 13 in Ezio's story. When you complete sequence 11 in the original release, it skips ahead several years to sequence 14.

Content is cut from games all the time. There isn't a game released today that hasn't had entire levels and stages culled from its design. The reason? Money. Games have to be made within budgetary constraints. The games industry is a business, after all.

In this case, Ubisoft took the decision to cut two levels from the game so they could hit their intended release date without going over budget. Again, this happens all the time. Yet prior to the rise of DLC, we'd rarely get the chance to see such content. Unless the game saw an expansion pack it would likely remain on the cutting room floor forever.

Instead, Ubisoft were able to go back and finish these two levels in the knowledge that they would be able to justify the development costs by selling them as DLC episodes. I, for one, am glad they're able to do so.

It also gives me reason to return to Renaissance Italy and collect the rest of those damn feathers.

What are your reasons for playing your chosen game this weekend?


    TF2 for me as I was out of this game for a year without a PC and I can't get enough of it now. I love how much that game has evolved in that time.

    Add me on Steam if you like


    Play under the name "Dean you're a stupid head"

      Fantastic choice! I've been playing a lot since the demoman/soldier war, after not playing for a couple months. This game always manages to draw me back in with something new (and free!)

      Note, David, that TF2's 'DLC' is entirely free, and most certainly developed post-release, instead of just 'cutting room scraps.'

      If ubisoft really cared about it's customer'\s like Valve did, they'd release these unfinished missions as free patches. But I guess not all dev's are as big hearted as valve :(

        The Assassin's Creed II DLC aren't "unfinished missions". They're content they were forced to cut during development. Thanks to DLC, Ubisoft is able to say, "OK, let's spend some more money finishing these two sections, and we'll make that money back by selling them for a few bucks."

        Valve obviously operates under a different business model to much of the rest of the industry, in large part due to the imperative to maintain Steam as a community. Offering free updates to TF2 works for them and fosters that community. Interestingly, Ubisoft is trying a related approach through U-Play by enabling players to unlock extras - for free - simply by playing Ubisoft games. In both cases it's about encouraging a community that will, in turn, benefit the business in the longer term. Not sure there's much that's "big-hearted" about that.

    I'll be playing Final Fantasy Tactics (yeah, old school) and waiting for MAG to arrive in the mail on Monday.

    Easy - Mass Effect 2. I admit that for the first 10 hours or so i couldn't see where this was going and what it was building up to and admittedly i was disappointed a little. I still thought it was a good game but just not the 10/10 game everyone was raving about. Then came the Horizon mission and i am now so enthralled in the universe and just loving this game so much that i just went crazy and stayed up all night and still haven't finished it. So far - 30 hours in and it is definatly already my favourite game of all time. Period. Going to New Game + this immediatly but maybe this time around with a different class on insanity.

    I'll be rebuilding my XBOX hard drive. The other day I was playing GTA and Mass Effect and it started getting jerky, so I'm starting from scratch, with a new gamertag.

    No More Heroes 2!!!

    I'm playing 'Overtime'. A game where clients warn you that a job is coming so you sit and wait for it to come in during the week... you get a phone call on Friday afternoon saying that content is on the way and they need the job by Monday morning.

    It's a shit game. Wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

      LOL. I feel you, brutha

      i also played this game, was on call but decided to getr drunk on Friday night after no call ins after 10:30

    Blackjack at Crown; normally GT5P but my bucks party is tonight - so Casino with the boys.

    Taking PSP for the filght, GT & Lumines

      Congrats mate, enjoy the night! I hope your boys show you a good time!

    Golf. As in real life stuff, which means I can't try to put with a driver (well, I can but funnily enough real golf balls cost money!).

    Stupid bucks party kickstart event. Why couldn't my mate chosen something more fun like Skirmish or sitting on a boat with beer wenches?

      English fail. Putt with a driver, not put. :facepalm:

    I'll be trying to finish Assassin's Creed 1 and finishing off the career mode of Forza 3. I might get into some Little Big Planet as well and maybe some DJ Hero.

    Mass Effect 2 - first 5 minutes has already solved me and i didn't even need to move or press a button.

    Wouldn't mind checking out that DLC for AC2. Been waiting to spend my 400 and something MS Points. Now it seems worthy for only 320.

    Mass Effect 2.

    Let us know if it's worth grabbing. I'm curious as to the length of it.

    Mass Effect 2 for the win!!!! Had a taste last night, but as soon as I knock off at lunch today, I'm into it for at least 12 hours straight!!!

    Battle of Forli - once I get my chores done!

    BC2 beta

    Assassin's Creed II. Just finished up the main quest last night. Going through searching for the last few glyphs I'm missing.

    Probably some Borderlands Co-Op later in the afternoon.

    ME2 - A few long nights ahead I feel.

    DSiWare: Starship Patrol - This game kicks so much ass, so worth the $7.50, I'm currently attempting to pass stage 15 with a perfect result. There are 30 stages in total, and I'm pretty set on getting a perfect result for all of them.

    DS: Chinatown Wars - I've fell in and out of playing this, but I've slowly been working my way back into playing it some more.

    PC: Call of Duty 4 - I'm a few years late to the party but I'm slowly working my way through the single player campaign. I don't think I'm enjoying it as much as I did COD2 on the 360. That game I bothered to play through twice, once on Veteran difficulty, to get all the achievements.

    PC: Dragon Age: After this first came out I played it non-stop. Clocking close to 30 hours in the first two days. But I had exams looming and I had to force myself to stop. Since then I've not touched the game. Only recently did I play it for a few more hours and it feels like I've lost touch of what I was really enjoying from it during those first 30 hours. I need to keep plugging away at it anyway, I won't allow myself to buy Mass Effect 2 until Dragon Age is finished (so wont my wallet.)

    sadly AC2 will have to wait for when i can afford more MS points

    BC2 Beta and GTA4

    I might slip in some Mass Effect 2 before I flee the country. After that, PSP only for a while.

    Jumping between AC2 DLC, Mass Effect 2, finishing off Bayonetta, and if I get my work done fast enough, maybe a bit more time into Dragon Age Origins... I am playing too many games right now. I should sit down and finish one.

    Battle of Forli (Just Finished), GTA IV and Resistance 2

    Mass effect 2, and if I don't go over my limit, the Battlefield BC2 demo.

    Played the uncharted 2 demo, was really short... kinda sad! Assassins creed 2 DLC, gotta get that flying achievement!.... ahh Batman Arkham Asylum to get the riddler challenges... and possibly my Final Fantasy XIII demo, too bad its all in Japanese though. Phew - alot of gaming.

      The Uncharted 2 demo was a bit short? Bit like the real game then! Boom, tish!

      Anyway, after starting and trying and failing to get into ME2, I'll be playing Borderlands (again).

    I'm having a love affair with my PS3 at present (i'm usually a bit of a 360 fanboy). Playing some Motor Storm: Pacific Rift, inFamous, Pixeljunk Shooter and Flower.

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