What Do You Want In Your Dead Space 2 Collector's Edition?

The Dead Space Facebook page wants to know what sort of swag you'd like to see in a theoretical collector's edition of Dead Space 2.

EA needs your help! Dead Space 2 is in the works, and they're trying to figure out what they could put in a special box that would make you pay more money for it. While the Facebook post makes it clear that a collector's edition of Dead Space 2 is still merely a possibility, they are still hungry for your suggestions.

Once again we need your help! IF we were to put out a Dead Space 2 Collector's Edition, what would you want to see in it? I will have our Executive Producer Steve Papoutsis comment on some of your suggestions next week...so make them good!

Reading through the comments on the Facebook entry, I see many art books and replica helmets. Come on people, you can do better than that. I'm going to suggest a tiny, reinforced box that contains the vacuum of space.

Go comment there, and then comment here as well!

Dead Space Needs Your Help [Facebook via Blue's News]


    Well a working plasma cutter WOULD get me to buy the special edition

    Hmm.. how about including a game that isnt crap? The original DS was awful

    I’m a sucker for action figures, so anyone from the game would be awesome, but I’d be happy if they went for the conventional stuff, perhaps some small DLC or a making of DVD and a fancy tin case.

    Does this seem a bit lazy to anybody else?

    It's like asking people what they want for their birthday. Yeah the person gets what they want, but there is no suprise or creativity involved.

      surprise not suprise

      Umm No?
      Its letting the consumers, us fans, get involved with the game a little.

      It's letting us give ideas towards something WE will buying and wanting.

      I wish more games did this.
      Has to be better than getting charged $20 more for some crappy art book.

      Good points.

    I'd like a collectable figure. Not like the Darksiders quality either, something that looks NICE (good paint job and so on). I would pay good money for a model with a working light system that runs on, say, a watch battery or something equally small.

    My office desk needs to be more cluttered!

      why wait, what you want can already be bought, http://www.necaonline.com/product/detail/44786
      Quite good quality and with watch batteries just like you asked for.

        Sweet. Now I just to find a good stockist in Melbourne, ideally that will let me order online and deliver to my workplace.


    How about a main character that actually talks, and real cutscenes. Do that and you can supplant Resident Evil as the king of survival horror, not that Resident Evil is really doing a good job with the horror part.

    A figure. There definitely has to be a figure.

    Edible undies.

    A decent game would be the first step I'd think.

    light up helmet!

    download codes for the DLC when it comes out.
    hows that for loyalty to the fans you greedy developers

    No artbook or metal tin or cloth map. Waste of money and space that you end up throwing out when you move.

    But an action figure... yeah!!! I'd have him wrestling with Dom and Marcus.

    how about a game that just costs less take the money that it would take to make a crappy tin and just make i less then 60

    full scale Necromorph with detachable limbs!

    I am not quite sure why a lot of people are suggesting a collectible figure. Collectible figures in collectors editions are always hideous quality and normally look deformed. This is due to the fact it costs money to make these figures, and for an extra $20 or so, it isn't worth making decent figures.

    I suggest that they include a high quality but low page art book.


    Name one figure from a collectors edition game (Australa only) that isn't retarded.

    STREET FIGHTE... oh wait it's are retarded.

    oh wait it's retarded*

    don't know how I got that last one mixed up...

    How about the game?

    Fucking collector's editions... they're so common, that calling them "limited" is a straight up lie xD The regular editions will be more rare...

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