What Is Xbox Japan's Big Capcom Announcement?

Later today, Xbox Japan is holding a special event in Tokyo with game developer Capcom. The event was teased last week with an image that simply read:

Capcom x Microsoft




But what is this new title? There is a scan floating around that purports to announce Monster Hunter Frontier for the Xbox 360 — the scan, however, is suspect. It does bring up an interesting concept: Online PC title Monster Hunter Frontier on the Xbox 360.

The port would seem logical; however, this is still entirely unconfirmed. (Wait until the official announcement later today!) But if it's not Monster Hunter Frontier, what could be?

Monster Hunter Tri

Originally announced for the PS3, the Wii game did not sell as well as hoped. Capcom has shown the ability to port games from the Xbox 360 to the Wii (Dead Rising, anyone?), so porting an HD version to the Wii could breath more life in the title.

Captain Commando HD

Going through all the titles that Capcom has remade of late, there is one gaping hole: Side-scrolling beat 'em up Captain Commando. The game has gotten re-releases in the last decade, indicating that there is still interest in the title.

Final Fight HD

Okay, I lied. There is another gaping hole: side-scrolling beat 'em up Final Fight. We've forgiven you for the travesty that was 2006's Final Fight: Streetwise!

DuckTales HD

Please? The game was originally released in 1989. It's fantastic.

Capcom vs. SOMEONE

Who can Capcom fight next?

Brand New Title

It will be something we've never heard of and released on the Xbox 360 — a timed exclusive. Then several months later, it will appear on the PS3 with extra content and characters.


    Microsoft vs Capcom anyone?

    in the asian websites it has already been announced that there is a monster hunter frontier coming out of the xbox 360 earlier today. I don't know whether this game is another game though.

    the new title for x360 is "monster hunter FRONTIER ONLINE"

    Wow, according to another article I read on this youll have to pay around $15 on top of your monthly live subscription to access this.

    Thats really no way to compete with WoW on its home turf.

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