What The Hell Is In The Water In Barrie, Ont.?

Remember Barrie, Ontario? It's the home of Brandon Crisp, who ran away after his console was confiscated, and was later found. It's also home to a teenager who ran away to meet his 42-year-old "soulmate" from World of Warcraft.

According to Toronto's Globe and Mail, Andrew Kane, 16, "nonchalantly" asked his mum and dad if they would drive him to a motel where he would meet up with a woman who'd flown up from Texas to meet him. They weren't too keen on that idea. So he went back upstairs to tell the woman - a mother of two - he couldn't make the date. Mum and dad went back to check on him - at 2 a.m. - and lo and behold he was gone.

Kane was missing for two days. The Globe and Mail, drolly identifiying Kane and Lauri Price, 42, as "the couple" were found Thursday in a store in a nearby town. Ms. Price said whoa-whoa-whoa he told me he was 20, but it doesn't matter, 16 is the age of consent up in Canada anyway, so she's not gonna face charges.

The Globe and Mail has all of the creepy-creepy, as can only be supplied by two delusional lovebirds, one of whom got her college degree before the other was born. Obligatory game addiction mention, too. Teen Found After Meeting his 42-year-old Online 'Soulmate' [The Globe and Mail, Toronto]

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    One of these days someone is going to retconn Osama bin Landen's background so he's portrayed as a tragic figure of space invaders addiction. Or maybe Tetris, after all the point of that game is to make structures vanish...

    The kid was 16 and by the sound of things someone was promising him sex. Thats the beginning and end of the story.

    What happened to Brandon Crisp was a tragedy make no mistake, but I think the real tragedy is what the media has spun Brandon into and that he has now become the posterboy for why video games are bad. It’s incredibly easy for some sites to just say “Video games KILLED this kid, and they will kill your kid too”. But the truth is no one really knows the whole story besides Brandon’s parents. Most media outlets are Anti-video games, so it’s safe to assume they are biased that way.

    I know this is a serious situation that could have turned out a lot worse and I’m not making light of it. But what people don’t understand is that video games are just as safe or unsafe as any other medium that allows for communication between people. Why people think letting your kids play games is like letting them play with poison is beyond me.

    Another funny angle to consider, is 16 or not, the womans still a pedophile morally. If it was a 42 year old man banging a 16 year old girl, society would be wanting his nuts cut off, but because its a woman, hey its all good, the kid MUST be a legend huh? Wrong. The womans a sick, sex offending pedophile. I hope she rots in hell. Find someone your own age you sick whore.

      Sorry mate, if it was a 42 year old man legally banging a hot as hell 16 year old girl in Canada and/or Australia, i wouldnt call that man a hero.

      Why is the age of consent 18 in so many american states? It is ridiculous if you ask me, to impose that burden on teenagers.

        edit- i WOULD call him a hero.

        is there no edit function D:?

          Just another example of why Australia's classifications rules make no sense as well.

          A consenting couple of 16 year olds can get it on and video tape it, but legally they can't watch the video tape until two years later when they're 18.

          I'm a pretty forgiving guy, and in moral arguments I usually side against the law and for more freedom. But a 42 year old guy and a 16 year old girl, that makes even me a little nauseous, and I guarantee 90% of the population would want him in jail at the least. I'm with Weresmurf, this woman is sick.

        you're right, i'd be calling him my role model

      Double standards are nothing new. In this case, the woman says she thought the kid was 20, which is most definitely believable. Doesn't change the fact that it's morally wrong, but I doubt she should be accused of paedophilia.
      As Andrew's noted - again, video games are made to be the bad guy. Again nothing new, but it is disappointing to see how quickly media outlets are prepared to take the beaten path rather than actually forming their own opinions on video games.

    I love to know why everyone has an opinion on this sort of thing, its just sex.

    In his state he's a consenting adult, maybe he liked older birds? maybe he doesn't? who the hell cares?

    @weresmurf I understand your argument but in this case I disagree, this is two adults having sex (under their laws) and honestly its nobody's f'n business.

      "I love to know why everyone has an opinion on this sort of thing, its just sex."

      Except for the fact that by laws he's considered to be a consenting party but by no means is he considered a legal adult. Legal adulthood begins at 18+. The womans still morally a pedophile.

        Well it all comes down to ideals don't it?, I mean once upon a time we were marrying off our daughters at the age of 14... and blokes were considered men at 14 similarly, just remember the past and in the end its all about you (religious or moral views etc...) and the laws of the country you currently reside in. Sure we can look down upon it,
        just like a vegetarian could be looking down at you and simultaneously wanting your nuts for eating veal?!?

          "I mean once upon a time we were marrying off our daughters at the age of 14…"

          The times you're talking about are pre 1940s generally when medical standards were quite low and the chances of women bearing children post late 20s were incredibly low. Considering the average lifespan has doubled since the 1950s roughly from 45ish - 85/90 for a male this is no longer a relevant argument... but that said, if you feel like boning a 14 year old, a jail cell awaits...

    Firstly, hate to be a stickler, but Canada has provinces, not states. Secondly, 16 yr olds cannot film themselves as it would constitute child pornography.

    When I was in high school, a good mate of mine, who was 16 at the time, ended up getting together with his 43 year old morbidly obese manager at KFC. We all laughed and called him sick. His parents called the cops on her, who couldn't do anything because he was the legal age. He dropped out of high school to be with her and take care of her 6 and 7 year old kids. It was messed up.

    Then fast forward 15 years, I find him on Facebook, and he's now married to her, has 2 more kids of his own, and is running a successful real estate company and is happy. His relationship has lasted longer than some other "normal" ones I know. Go figure.

    I know this is just n=1, and has even less to do with WoW, but go figure.

    @Weresmurf and 706: Your both clowns. She isn't a pedophile morally and she isn't breaking any laws.

    If the law states 16 is the required age for sex then it doesn't matter what the age difference is as long as the youngest party is 16.

    I understand where Ribs is coming from. As he points out, there's nothing truely wrong with this situation, it's just that many of our moral views see it as disgusting due to the huge age difference.

    If their legally allowed to have have sex at 16, then he can do it.

    To people saying she's a pedophile. That's a subjective view. What is the line in the age between child and adult? It's whatever you feel it is. Though the law declares it 16 in this situation, so legally it's 16.

      The line between child and adult? 18. That's when you can legally drink in canada, vote, smoke, basically when you're declared an adult. If you're 16 being sexually active with anyone within your age approximation then it's acceptable, but when you're with someone who's nearly 3 times your age? Dude, the woman was 26 when the kid was an infant... *shudder*

        Well there's nothing wrong with you being grossed out by it I suppose, my point is simply that the only reason you even know about it is because everyone involved got shocked and outraged and felt like making a big deal about it.

        Find something truely wrong in the world and make a stand against that, you clearly have enough energy, go make a difference and leave these two alone, nobody got hurt, its just sex.

        The pure white flag of morality isn't the only justice in the world, without knowing any facts other than 'their ages' do you really think you can stride waist deep into this matter you've read four short paragraphs about and make judgements about all parties involved?

        That said, you of course could be entirely right, despite that my point remains entirely valid and intact.

        @C. Ryan, provinces, my mistake you are correct of course.

    I think the worst part of the article is, if it was a 42 year old guy, and a 16 year old girl, everyone would want to burn him at the steak.

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