When Capcom Says Gold Edition, They Mean Gold Edition

When Capcom Says Gold Edition, They Mean Gold Edition

Sheva gets bumped in favour of Jill Valentine on the cover art for Capcom’s Resident Evil 5 update, with a gold etched cover that leaves no room for doubt that this is indeed the Gold Edition.

Ash posted the latest trailer for the Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition earlier, but it’s nowhere near as shiny and attractive as the new cover art. As a stalwart support of everything Jill Valentine does, the cover makes me feel better about not playing through Resident Evil 5 when it first came out. It’s so pretty!


  • Chris is a boring character. Leon MADE re4. imo.

    the ai was absolutely stupid in re5 and ruined the game if you didnt play with someone else and not only that having a partner took out all the fright factor.

    I know you were meant to be scared during the day parts aswell as the sun blinds you and running enemies yada yada but being alone in the dark is always more scarier.

    i also wish a certain bad guy didnt die in the game because he was one of the most interesting characters besides leon.

    • Yeah definately agree with you there…
      they absolutely killed what should have been a great game on paper, and it didnt even feel like a resident evil, then they went to killing off major characters… and what was with the Uroboros? I mean a certain antagonist has been collecting virus samples of Progenitor, T, T-veronica, G and the parasite Las Plagas for the entire series of resident evil, and the Uroboros is the best he can come up with? pffft… give me a break… the series has been building up to this for a long time, and all i can say is im completely underwelmed…

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