When Darksiders' Hero Goes Off The Juice

War's prop sword from Darksiders, as found in a box mailed to my house and promptly wielded (sorta) by Tristan.


    "Thats not a knife... This, is a knife!"

    "Mum! The ultimate steak knife you ordered is here!"

    lol don't take this kids internet away :P

    Dammit, i entered to win one of those swords from EB, instead I won a crappy avatar outfit. The sword actually looks pretty cool!


    On an unrelated note, back-to-school stationary got a lot more bad ass.

    Me wants it.
    Must have the preciousss.

    I'm a sword collector and have had my ear to the ground waiting for a prop replica of War's sword. Where can I get one, or is that one for sale?

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