Where Have All The 120GB Xbox HDDs Gone?

Last November, Mircosoft released a new addition to its Xbox 360 console line: the "Super Elite Bundle"

Bundled with either racing game Forza Motorsport 3 or military shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the Super Elite Bundle includes a black "Elite" Xbox 360 console as well as a detachable 250GB hard disk drive.

Kotaku AU Note: In Australia, we only got the Modern Warfare 2 bundle.

The regular Elite is packed with a 120GB HDD.

As several tipsters have pointed out, acquiring a new 120GB HDD is no easy feat. While the hard disk drive is readily available direct via Xbox.com for US$149.99, the HDD is harder to come by elsewhere.

Retailer GameStop is not selling the 120GB HDD online — that does not mean it still cannot be purchased in GameStop's bricks-and-mortar retail locations. Stand alone 120GB Elite consoles are also currently not available online.

Online, Best Buy has listings only for Elite holiday bundles and no stand alone consoles.

It is possible, however, to purchase the 120GB through Amazon.com's network of sellers.

Likely scenario: Microsoft is selling through the holiday Elite bundles before unveiling a 250GB Super Elite stand alone console, hence the scarcity of 120GB HDD and stand alone Elites. Though unconfirmed, the 250GB Xbox 360 stand alone could be sold at same price as the 120GB Elite.

Kotaku has reached out to Microsoft for comment.

Kotaku AU Note: Has anyone noticed a similar shortage locally? And can any retail staff out there let us know if Microsoft are shipping new stock of the 120GB Elite or 120GB hard drive?


    I have no idea about new stock but the harvey norman I work at sells like 2 - 3 xbox a month, we have stock of each console left, even a couple of pros.

    We sell ps3 and wii daily though.

      Dude, real gamers don't shop at Harvey Norman.

      I had this discussion with the guys at my local GAME and we also came to the conclusion that there is a new elite or stand alone drive coming. So I'm gonna hold off on updating my xbox until it does.

        At what point was I separating gamers from 'real' gamers?

        My point was that we still have the stock. Your comment is like saying, "There are no more Ferrari's!" When only the popular places are out and the less popular guy has tonnes still.

        Also: 'Real gamers' =/= people who buy a 360 and not the same as the people who come in everyday and buy a wii or ps3. Real gamers play all and PC over all, and yes, our pc game sales are terrible.

    I work at EB, and the 120GB drives have been discontinued for months in our system.

      I have two friends that work at JB and it is no longer in their system and I have been trying to find one since September now. Everywhere that still has them listed, has varying dates it will be available, which all just seem to be place holders. Typical Microsoft - can't just change the hard drive (like I will be on my PS3 this weekend) and now all they are offering is the ridiculously priced 60GB "starter pack" - which I have everything in except the bigger hard drive and $150 for a 60 GB HDD is a joke (my laptops both cost $50 for bigger than that and one of my friends got a 500 GB HDD for his PS3 for $80 a couple of weeks ago).

    i would love to know whats happening as I need to upgrade to a bigger drive. a 20gb drive that only had 13gb available after pulling it out of the box is a little annoying and doesnt leave much room for all of the options and content M$ have available now.

    I tried to find one prior to Christmas, closest I got was a 60gig one but the store wanted $160 for it.

    Martin your issue is most probably the content already on their. Happened with my Elite and i only had something like 109 GB and just deleted all the demos and videos and it went up to something like 115 GB.

    You will never get the full 20GB cause their is some used by the system and some needs to be left spare for updates etc...

    But MS only just announced that the Elite is taking over the Pro and now they've gone and lowered stock and people are speculating that the 250GB will replace the 120GB. Why not do that in the first place. Hmmmm

    As far as I'm concerned they can all be at the bottom of a river at the price point MS are trying to flog them off to 'launch 20Gb console owners.

    Why don't they understand with a larger drive I'm more likely to spend more MS points to fill it with content that I just don't have room for at the moment.

    You can get them online. I.e. from:

      Those are pre owned not new.

    I managed to find a 120gb through JB hi fi just before Christmas, But there were only 3 left in the whole company at the time, And those were remnants left in stock at Clive Anthony stores.

    At GAME we have heaps of Elites but haven't had 120GB HDDs for a long time.
    I think the price drops and specials for Elites support your theory of a new version being introduced.

    It's so easy to make your own 120gb drive. Who cares.

    i was going to get 250GB COD one
    but then I realized i wanted to keep my shiny red xbox body. and it wasn't really worth trading the hard-drive in anywhere.
    hopefully they'll see it seperately and i'll get it from the US so i don't have to pay like 3 billion australian dollars for something thats 80USD

    All I know is my 120gig I bought from china for $60 still works after the firmware update. So just do that. Microsoft SHOULD be killing of the 256mb/20/60gig ones first. Oh and if you have windows 7 with media centre you dont need more than the hdd space to save the game youre currently playing, cause media centre is the bomb.

    This whole issue is driving me crazy! i went to Gamestop, walmart, target, and reset games (local shop). to top it off, i ordered one from xbox.com only to be told that there is processing delays.

      also to add, i live in NW Washington, 40 min north of xbox's headquaters

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