Who Wants To Loot Me Of A Borderlands DLC Code?

Thanks to the very kind people at 2K Games, I have ten download codes here for the Borderlands DLC, Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot. Here's how you could score one for yourself.

I have five codes for Xbox 360 and five for PlayStation 3. Each code entitles you to download Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot for free.

I'll be adding codes to this post throughout the day. The first person to enter the code in the appropriate section of Xbox Live Marketplace or the PlayStation Store will get the DLC. If the code doesn't work for you, it's already been redeemed. This is a contest of skill and, more importantly, speed and vigilance.

May the fastest copy-paster win!

Xbox 360 codes:


PS3 codes:



    Already gone? Aww!

    Sweet scored the 2nd Xbox code.

    Thx Kotaku & 2K Games

    Boooo! No PC codes!

      I second that.

    Thanks for the PS Code Kotaku!

    Damn both PS3 codes gone.

    What about some PC love?

      Sorry Chris, 2K didn't provide any PC codes.

    ahhhh to be unemployed!

      If only... you can redeem both the PS3 and X360 codes using a PC.

    Sweet! Just snagged the third PS3 code!

    Thanks Kotaku, 2K Games and David.

    Hey thanks for the code Kotaku! Now to get the game, lol.

      How about leaving the code for people who actually already have the game??? Jeez!

      Now that's just mean.... :(

      You've got to be kidding, for so many reasons

      That seems like a dick effort...

      Something like this is hard to police, but yeah... shitty thing to do...

    Man, you gotta do this during the day, don't you? :P

    Bugger.. just missed out on the PS3 code.. Looks like I'll be lurking here all day then..

    Dear Take 2 Interactive,

    Thank you for this kind promotion, it really is generous of you.

    However, if possible in the future promotions similar to this could be done before the DLC is released.

    As I have already gone out and purchased the DLC! :(

    Oh well, next time I guess!



    It's the 2nd time you've done this to me! Is this going to happen everytime we get a new DLC for Borderlands? If so, i'll stop buying them the second i see them go online.

    Ohh. PC snub...

    already got it....grrrrr
    maybe some of these moxxxi newbies can come grind the large arenas with me?
    (unless you are giant crying chicken scardy pants, of course)

    how about you give me one... no-one has to know.... PLEASE. I am at work and if I keep refreshing this page people are going to think something is up, or my OCD is acting up again!!! Congrats to those who got them!

    Stuck at work, so not a chance. Shame. I'm really getting into Borderlands after buying it on the weekend.

      it will only get worse... Just hit level 40 last night and still loving it. It is the first game that i completed and immediately started playing a second playthrough.. I means in the same night!!!

      You can log onto your live account on the xboxlive website and enter the code. Then download it when you go home.

        Assuming you work for an employer who doesn't mind you sitting staring at a webpage continually hitting F5 for hours. Mine, they expect me to work, not be browsing game sites (even if on a break).

    I have been watching this page for 51 minutes, just saw the next code drop... and gone!!! damn you whoever got it!

    woohoo... got code #4 on 360 :) thanks guys!!

    thats both DLC's for free on 360 now :D

      Damn you mate, I could swear I had that one :P

      Good going.

    Why not also have 5 free Steam gifts?! Seems a bit harsh your shutting out the PC players!

      Do you honestly think David chose to neglect PC gamers? 2K only gave him five codes for the consoles.

    Hmm should warn ppl about this buggy virus ruingin their charcaters etc

    Where is that pesky last code... been here all day?

      Please tell me you're trying for the Xbox code!
      F5-ing like mad!

        yep xbox for me... please!

          Just got the xbox one!!! thanks K so much for this, I am sure my employer would have rather paid me for the DLC than have me hitting F5 a stoopid amount of time but oh well... very excited here, never have got anything free before so I am stoked... Cheers to all involved and congrats to all...

            Congrats man - I'm sure with the time I wasted at work my employer would've preferred to just pay the $10 as well. I got the free Chocobo avatar prop the other day so I can't complain..hang on yes I can - this was much cooler :)

        Oh damn I missed it!
        Stupid PSN network thing signed out and my damn slow work internet connection made me miss out >_<

    Damn - congrats whoever got the Xbox code - you must've of been bloody quick - took me all of 3 seconds and I was too late... enjoy :)

      Sorry mate but I am the proud owner of that code now... I don't feel too bad for taking it though as I have been checking this since 11am so I put in the work... But yeah, i know the feeling. I missed the 4th one because I was posting a message to someone and i promised myself that i would not post anymore until the codes come out.. I got bored and posted again and the new code was out.. luckily for me I got it... Cheers,

      Indeed. Still wish I got it though :(

    AH! Someone got the last PS3 code before me.. :(

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