Who Wrote The Best Review In December?

Every month we publish your reader reviews. And every month we award a prize pack for the best review we publish. Let’s find out who won for December.

But first, what’s that prize? Thanks to the very kind chaps at Madman Entertainment, purveyor of all kinds of cool, indie and esoteric film, the best reader review we publish each month will win a prize pack containing ten of the latest Madman DVD releases.

All you have to do is send your review to us at the usual address. Make sure it’s written in the standard format and in under 300 words. We’ll publish the best ones we get and the best of the month will win a Madman DVD prize pack. Every review published between December 1 and December 31 was eligible for this month’s prize draw.

So, our December winner is…

Ben Latimore!

Ben reviewed Asphalt 5, the surprisingly polished arcade racer for iPhone. You can read his and everyone else’s reviews via the links below.

Assassin's Creed II by Zack Rhodes Shattered Horizon by Brendan Bennett Asphalt 5 by Ben Latimore Kings Bounty: Armored Princess by Simon Jackson Resident Evil 5 by Richard Hunt Borderlands by Zack Rhodes The Game Glut by Dean Henderson Blood Bowl by Nick Durbridge Tales Of Monkey Island: Rise Of The Pirate God by Tim Price Machinarium by James Milenkovic A Boy And His Blob by Ben Hauser Modern Warfare 2 by Ben Latimore Modern Warfare 2 by Aaron Cass Muramasa: The Demon Blade by Alastair Christie Dragon Age: Origins by Quinn Schwab


    Well deserved, congratulations, Ben!

    The review was balanced, and convinced me that next time I have money, I'll get the game.

    Congrats Ben!

    and for David... you missed abit...

    "Every review published between November 1 and November 30 was eligible for this month’s prize draw."



    Grats ben.

    also zack's review on borderlands was alright, but well done to all.


    I can't believe I won. Woah. Wake up, Ben, wake up.

      can you let us know what movies are in the pack when you get it

    Kiss my Asphalt (5)!

    For anyone who still wants to know, here are the DVDs I got:

    Robot Chicken Season 4
    Ong Bak 2
    Sword of the Stranger
    The Cove
    Dead Snow
    Adventures of Power
    Ghost in the Shell 2.0
    Blood: The Last Vampire (live-action)
    Evangelion 1.01 (You are (not) alone)

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