Why Valve Took A Leak(er) Out Of Left 4 Dead 2

Speaking to Official Xbox Magazine, Valve's Chet Faliszek said the Left 4 Dead 2 team came up with a since-discarded special infected called "The Leaker". He was axed not for doing something disgusting, but predictable.

"With The Leaker, the idea was a kind of Boomer that could take damage, and shoot out spouts of goo. And you could plant yourself and explode - be this walking bomb," Faliszek told OXM. "The problem is there's a warning that you're going to do that. So when you go to plant yourself, everyone else runs away, and you just die and don't hurt anybody."

So they scotched The Leaker, but carried over some of his properties to The Spitter, Faliszek said. Oh, and about that inspired name (and others)? It's "because I'm lazy," Faliszek said. "'What does this one do?' 'It charges.' 'Yeah, it's a Charger. I'll go with that.'" Interview with Valve's Chet Faliszek [Official Xbox Magazine]


    Uninspired naming or a fan of Douglas Coupland?

    In 'Girlfriend in a Coma' all the dead bodies the characters come across are called 'leakers' as they have liquified and turned into shells covered in black gore.

    Great that they canned this, the new infected are already unbalanced as they are.

      I know, I mean countering the broken ability to corner camp? So unbalanced! They expect us to not sit in a corner and take this?


    i just took a look at this bad boy and it looks superior to L4D in every way ... god i wish this hadnt been canned

      how does that look superior to L4D 1 or 2 ?????
      In fact it looks a lot worse.

      The fact that L4D is out and playable and a blast proves its superiority over division 9.

      Also if a studio has a really good game on there hands they are not going to be like, Nah! lets just scrap it.
      They usually cancel games for a reason. they are either crapola or are costing too much $ or both. Division 9 looked like it needed a lot of work done on it. That gun model, urgch....

        keep in mind that what you saw is a 5 year old gameplay proof of concept demo of course its visuals are not going to match that of l4d 2 or even 1 now i sence a little confusion after reading the article i can say in my opinion the final product if it were made would have been superior in every way (minus visuals) to l4d

        also the game was scrapped cus the sold to take two and they went with bioshock instead

        probably the reason the narrator / (dev?) of the trailer said they wish this game had been made is considering the success and popularity of zombie games like L4d this game would have done well sales wise, if they put more polish on it.
        Any dev would wish they had put out a game that in hyndsight would have done well.
        Kudos to Valve for taking the risk and busting the zombie survival co-op fps genre wide open.

          / agree valve had the balls to put a product out and have enjoyed success for it

    Well, it's actually pretty realistic that way
    I mean, you wouldn't call a charger a bum raper
    Unless it rapes your bum
    In which case you'd probably call it a prisoner

      Such as the humper? LOL... I Love Ellis' names for them all.

      Lmao. About 1 minute in..

    I feel the uninspired names fit the game better, because they've obviously been named by the survivors so i doubt theyd come up with elaborite names for them in their situation

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