Wife Or Six-Foot Orc Statue? Warcraft Fan Forced To Choose

The Scottish Sun - "Scottish Newspaper of the Year" mind you - reports that a woman gave her 42-year-old husband an ultimatum: Ditch that six-foot-tall World of Warcraft orc statue, or I move to Canada. Who did he choose?

Surprise! This is actually a story about rational people. He put the orc, which he'd owned for six years, up for adoption. "Dee means more to me, so he had to go," said Robert Cushnie, a 42-year-old telecommunications manager.

Seems Cushnie had acquired the statue when a games store shut down. He married his wife in February, but she, standing 5-3 was mildly repulsed, if not intimidated, by the six-foot orc. The statue is now with an elderly couple, whose 16-year-old granddaughter adores it.

Oh by the way, the Cushnies are still moving to Canada, Dee's country of origin. See? Happily ever after. We can do that here, too.

It's Him Orc Me [The Scottish Sun, via HBG]

[Image via GizmoWatch; it's not the statue in question, but close.]



      Haha that was the exact sound i made out loud after finishing reading the article.

      She got rid of the statue AND gets to move back to Canada...sounds a little unfair to me!

        It's like a trade where you give all your stuff and the only thing you get back is a thank you.

        Either she is worth it or he is wrapped around her little finger TIGHT.

    Aww... Love... Women... and our otherworldy pocessions.

    At times, they can be so green with envy - but, as in this case, is it not a matter of; symptoms stemming from a green eyed monster, perhaps?

    Whatever happened to being "remotely being", or "feigning", interest in a loved one's "things", or belongings.

    Alas, but why does "love" have to be "this" way, eh? Why couldn't he have both of the creatures he so adores and loves... :D

    good for him =)

    dump the bitch

    I would have chosen the Orc

    Wait...wtf is her problem with it anyway? You can't be serious she is scare of it?
    What next any of his mate who taller then her have to go to?
    Sound like she has a mental / security issue over being short.

    He should send her to a psychiatrist so that she can learn to deal with her fear of in-animated objects that are taller then her.

      not sure whether any of his mates walk around in plate armour carrying an axe :D

        At least they would move, whats scary about an inanimate statue? I'd tell her she's an idiot and if she feels that strongly about it the doors that way.

    I can't say he definately made the right choice, as I don't know what she is like. For all we know, she is an abusive control freak. On the other hand, there might not be enough room in a small house for the orc and neccessities.

    Or it just might cost a bomb to move it to Canada.

    'whose 16-year-old granddaughter adores it.'


    hmmmmmmm, Something that's living and breathing with boobs or that fucking ugly thing? Unless shes WORSE looking than the orc, get rid of it.

    The most shocking part of that story is that the Sun, the worst tabloid rag, is Scotland's newspaper of the year. I'm surprised it didn't mention Dee's measurements and turn ons.

    Hmmm, I bet the Orc looked better. The hairy lasso will win every time though.

    Who is this 16 year old who adores it?

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