Will Crysis 2 Be Able To Render New York City Like This?

The recently revealed New York City setting for Crysis 2 was met with just a touch of disappointment. "What of the open environments?!" commenters cried. Well, if Crysis 2 uses this tech, I don't think openness will be an issue.

Reader Jay tipped us off to this "Structure Procedural System" tech demo, which can generate building interiors dynamically, without overtaxing the memory of, say, the non-upgradeable consoles that Crysis 2 is coming to. And since this system was developed by Crytek programmer Marco Corbetta and 3D modeller Miragoli Gianluca - who doesn't work at Crytek to the best of our knowledge - it's not out of the question.

If Crytek can apply some of those fancy graphics to a system like this, we might not be too unhappy to shoot up Crysis 2's concrete jungle.


    This is insane...
    FPS shen mue.

    You know what irritates me about city settings in action games?
    How buildings are just solid, rectangular blocks. Doors and windows are just painted on to say "Hey, I'm a building!" but rarely do you ever get to go inside a building unless it's in the path of progression.
    If I'm this action guy with a nanosuit or biotic enhancements or just a guy with a crowbar, I should be able to bust down doors and go into random buildings. Buildings that have insides. Buildings with an interior structure, buildings that have people and furniture. Sure, I may have absolutely nothing to do in there; but if I want to randomly break down the doors to apartments of New York residents, I should be able to.

    Of course, it's an entirely unreasonable thing to ask, designing a whole city with a vast majority of each building internally constructed. Plus, it'd probably be really boring.

    Now, use this to make a fully explorable city filled with zombies.....dreams can come true

    That's someseriously impressive tech. I can see Volition foaming at the mouth right now...

    Awesomeness itself bows before this.

    Question is, Will this turn out like Red Factions engine did, or will it actually be successful. >_>

    wow, that's one of the most exciting bits of tech that I've seen in a long time

    Wow... That looks great... I'm gonna need a new computer...
    And @ Paul Puccio, HELL YEAH. Survival horror + fully explorable environment = EPIC WIN

    I found it interesting when they were demonstrating the destructible side of the buildings that none of the outer walls were destroyable.

    Me thinks that's the limitations of the tech right now.

    Still, used properly this could be the basis for an insane game. Though once you add people and Ai into a city that size that the computer running it will start to chug.

      Yeah I think that's because then the building would have to collapse and have so much more to process. I really hope this is the early stages of the tech because as exciting as it is to have a fully explorable city at a low processing power, this draws a lot of attention to its own limitations.

    looks great though i dont particularly like how easy the environment can be destroyed, i mean how often does a gun tear down walls? plus im imagining since its crysis, most of the city will be in crumbles by the end of each round on MP

      its a tech demo. they are showing off excessive real time destructibility in their engine.

    Love how the walls are fully destructible but the floors and ceilings are as solid as steel. Surely being able to blast through a floor (with suitable explosives) to pounce on the enemy below you would be the next logical step. Especially for multiplayer games. Would help eliminate choke points... looking at you MW2.

      Yeah I was wondering what solution there would be if you blew up the stairs but it looks like you can't do that either :(

    looks promising one concern is is damage you cause persistant or does it reset when you leave also if i travel north 200M then turn 180 deg then travel 200 meters south will i see the same thig i did before in reverese or will is destruct the environ and procedually generate a new one

    @Marathon - MW2 was seriously easy! Especially on Veteran. I was glad when they said "No unlimited enemies or spam grenades". As much as they didn't erase that problem 100% - i kinda wished they kept it cause it really wasn't that much of a challenge.

    But i wouldn't want this in every single game and FPS - some games should be made just like they have been up until now. It's enjoyable that way, even though it may be frustrating knowing simple things in life aren't possible in games.

    But besides that, this is some serious stuff! Was confused though when the walls suddenly tore down so easily from a machine gun. But this was only a demo, demonstrating that the environment is destructible.

    Marathon, choke points are purposely put into levels to funnel the action into interesting areas on the map.

    As for the actual tech. It looks pretty good. What I want to know is whether the destruction will be preserved. Nothing'd kill the game faster than spending 10 minutes shooting up the innards of a building. You get outside and the interior is no longer visible, so no longer kept track of, and then you decide to revisit said building, only to find it once again in pristine condition.

    Reminds me of Battlefield Bad Company where you can shoot out walls but the floors and stairs and some of the doorways would stay there. You should really be able to take out an entire building or at least have the option to. What's the point of shooting down the inside of a building and being left with a big room and some stairs? Sigh

    Well, I could already blow up a number of the structures in Crysis, enough to suit the gameplay, at any rate, and it mostly didn't look like every object was constructed from large chunks of cardboard.

    That aside, looks interesting, but Crysis 2 will most likely be a good linear(ish) walk through some really nicely constructed city sections, with lots of cool scripted cinematic moments.
    This might suit a game like GTA better :)

    Looks very promising, definitely a step forward. Can't wait to see this tech in a game.

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