Will The Michael Jackson PS3 Bundle Get Western Release?

It currently does not look that way. The bundle, releasing on January 27 in Japan, comes with a 120GB PlayStation 3 as well as a Blu-ray copy of the Michael Jackson documentary This Is It. But is Japan it?

When contacted about whether or not the Michael Jackson PS3 pack will get a U.S. release, a Sony Computer Entertainment America spokesperson replied, "There are no current plans for this bundle in the US." Likewise, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe also told website VG257 that there are "no plans" to release the bundle in Europe.


    Banned in Australia

    With respect to the king, this bundle is not fitting to do Michael Jackson's fame any justice. On top of that, it's a Japanese release too! So it should be highly specialized! Not just going about to adding a video disc and calling it a bundle. Japanese bundles are usually in limited releases too.

    Why not a white console with embossed signature? Or Black and White, top half and bottom half in white and black, or otherwise.

    What's more is that this bundle is going to cost gazillion Yens on the import scene...

    The Japanese are some of his biggest fans, so it's no surprise. Most people probably wouldn't feel an urge to buy a PS3 just because its bundled with a music documentary/concert. Maybe i'm wrong, there may be a lot of Michael Jackson fans who want a PS3.

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