Will We Ever See Games In The Winter Games?

This happens every two years. Someone looks for an Olympics story, someone thinks up a video game angle, and presto, reconstituted discussion of video games as an Olympic event. This year's participant: Macleans, the Canadian news magazine.

Macleans quotes Ted Owen, who's certainly beaten this drum before. He's the boss of the Global Gaming League, and got Chinese organisers to commit to including a gaming tournament as an official welcome event before the government cancelled all nonessential events in light of protests and other controversies.

Owen reasons that video games belong in the games because they tend to attract younger and more energetic audiences, demographics the Olympics always are interested in. He also points out professional gamers in some Asian countries are treated like celebrities, which indicates a mainstream acceptance of the idea.

Macleans then quotes Ross Rebagliati, the first Olympic gold medallist in snowboarding. He doesn't think it should be considered a sport for anyone capable of physical activity. ""It would be like, in the Paralympics, having athletes running in the wheelchair endurance races who don't need to be in a wheelchair," he said.

Me, I think the Olympics feature enough performance art and nonsports competitions as it is. I just can't fathom something as grandiose as the Olympics, propped up on tradition as it is, handing out golds to people on headsets sitting at a mouse and keyboard. But I've been wrong about a lot of things in my life.

Will There Ever Be An Olympic Medal For ‘Call of Duty'? [Macleans]


    I'm really opposed to the idea of video games being in the Olympics personally.

    I understand some people like to take it so seriously and therefore it can become a sport. But for me, its a hobby. I may practice that hobby more than what stamp-collectors do. But its entertaining to me and its fun. Those descriptions match a lot of sports to their participants also, but Olympic Sports are physically challenging.

    Swimming, Athletics, Diving, Tennis (should that really be there?) - you get the picture. Takes years of training and physically challenging. Fitness, health and all that.

    A MLG "trains" also - but its not physically challenging. Anyone can play a Wii unless they have no arms or legs - but thats where Natal comes in... ok i joke!

    Video-games, i believe, will always be viewed as a hobby rather than a sport. I don't take it so seriously, where as a Tennis takes their tennis so seriously. Sometimes i will get angry if i lose a match in Halo - but hey, in less than 5 minutes i can try again. A tennis player needs to wait for the next tournament or grand-slam.

    Good on the Japanese and Chinese for having famous video game players. You can have that - but only a handful of nations that take it as serious as what they do, ain't gonna succeed in making it an Olympic Sport. Heck, Softball got thrown out (yes Tennis stayed in) and thats played but 10 times more nations than what video games is as a "sport".

      video games are a hobby, they dont deserve to be in the Olympics. i understand some people do take them seriously and play them as a sport, but to be a sport in the Olympics is ridiculous.

      also, its not always very entertaining watching other people play videogames. and you cant really watch multiple players at the same time.

        I knew i was forgetting something. Some sports, okay have them in the Olympics cause they wouldn't get the broadcast to people who have never heard of it or seen it before etc...

        but some are just so boring to watch.

        Video-gaming isn't just boring to watch on TV, its like you said, too hard to broadcast multiple players. The only real way is if its 1v1 then air the FPS Camera split-screen, but it wouldn't even feel like watching someone play video games, just making you angry cause its not you playing.

    Yes, tennis should be in the Olympics. ^^

      I'm not opposed to it because of the sport itself - but like Golf, Tennis is a game that is primary played at major gaming tournaments, AKA. The 4 Major Grand-Slams.

      You will be surprised how many real successful and high profile Tennis players have never bothered to play in the Olympics. Mainly the prize money problem and because a tennis players dream is winning Wimbledon and the other 3 majors.

      Tournaments are held all year around, and even the tournaments that aren't "grand-slams" are high profile enough and offer a lot of prize money to warrant interest and television broadcasting. It's exactly like Golf.

      Olympics to me anyway, is an event for athletes in different and varied sports to compete against one another. Can't choose the right words, but its not hard to catch my drift.

    Video games are the total opposite of sports. I am living proof of this.

    I'm all for video game comps and tournaments, but they have no right being in the Olympics.

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