WIN! A Mass Effect 2 PC Collectors Edition

Commander Shepard's space opera continues on January 28 when Mass Effect 2 launches on Xbox 360 and PC. You'll have ten chances to win a copy over the next week. Here's how.

UPDATE: This draw is now closed.

We've got ten copies of Mass Effect 2 to give away. Specifically:

* 2 x Mass Effect 2 Collectors Edition (Xbox 360) * 5 x Mass Effect 2 (Xbox 360) * 1 x Mass Effect 2 Collectors Edition (PC) * 2 x Mass Effect 2 (PC)

Between now and Tuesday I'll be offering up one or more of these to win each day. Today and tomorrow we have one PC Collectors Edition up for grabs, the last of the three PC copies we're giving away.

In Mass Effect 2, Shepard recruits a squad of the galaxy's most elite soldiers and assassins to undertake the most dangerous mission of all. To win a copy of Mass Effect 2, we want to know which six people (real, fictional or possibly not even people - we'll be flexible here) you would recruit to join you on the most dangerous mission of all. Tell us which six people you'd pick and why they're right for the job.

Leave your entry in the comments below. Multiple entries will be discarded and only your first entry will count. You have until midnight Sunday to enter. The winner will be announced on Monday morning.

Good luck!

And congratulations to the brilliantly insane Andrew Hobbs and the lust-filled Kelly for taking out Friday's Xbox 360 copies.

Andrew Hobbs 1. A turtle. 2. Another turtle. 3. A cat. 4. A piece of toast. 5. Butter 6. Duct tape.

It is a well known fact that once a turtle is on its back, it cannot get up again. To solve this, I would duct tape the two turtles together, back to back. In this configuration, they would be unstoppable.

It is also well know that a cat always lands feet first, and toast always lands butter side down. With this in mind, a similar scenario to the afore-mentioned turtles plays out. I butter the toast, and duct tape it to the cats back, butter side up. Combined, these two forces will create something unnatural, and totally invincible.

With these six items combined, I would then duct tape the whole thing together. With the newly-created Caturtletoast, it would be almost too easy to rule the galaxy.

Kelly My team would consist entirely of buff men. (Or buff men in training.) This will help me get over the emotional scarring I recieved from Mass Effect 1, where my (I thought) heterosexual, female Shepherd had lesbian sex without my permission, when talking to the Consort. I mean, one minute we're talking, and the next, wham, we're doing it in cut scene. And when I played with a male Shepherd, there was unfortunately no reciprocal hot male/male scenes available. I was miffed that Bioware catered to the fantasies of its male/lesbian player demographic, but didn't do anything for women (or gay dudes). Choosing between Kaidan, and a stupid Asari is not a choice. Even if Kaidan was awesome.

One guy is not a choice. So here's six to choose from:

1) An alien of the, uh, Farari, species. These look like green, totally buff men. They're like the Asari, but they're men. Or like men. And hotter. Y'know. 2) Kaidan. He had a lovely, gravelly voice. 3) Carth. From Knights of the Old Republic 1. He had a lovely, gravelly voice. 4) Raphael Sbarge. He has a lovely, gravelly voice. 5) Sephiroth. The first of all my video game crushes. So beautiful and yet so tormented. Hug. 6) My ex-boyfriend. The World of Warcraft addict, who couldn't make dinner dates because of his emotional over -committment to his guild. He needs to get into shape and there's nothing like saving the universe to help him with that. He can carry all the luggage.

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    Bought it on steam, I hope ME2 has pre-loading. Good thing Im notr relying on Kotau for a copy.

    I was 100% sure Andrew was going to win.

    Those two are awesome. Congrats to Andrew and Kelly!

    1. A

    2. B.

    3. Up.

    4. Down.

    5. Select.

    6. Start.

    With these guys in the right combination, I will have a ton of lives, and that's enough for me.

      No, wait, I would be missing Left and Right!

      Ok, that was a bit of an epic fail.

      I don't know if you needed start or select in the original (Contra??)

      (The removal of start and select would allow you to have left and right)

      Unless you happen to be referencing something entirely different, or your two posts are one joke?

    I'm tempted to repost my original list, but I am feeling whimsical.

    1) A Kaminoan engineer.
    2) A kaminoan scientist specialising in cloning.
    2) A male Ewok.
    3) Another male Ewok.
    4) A female Ewok.
    5) Another female Ewok.

    The engineer to construct a reasonable facsimile of kaminoan cloning vats. The ewoks to provide some a more random and diverse genetic sample. The scientist to mix me up an army of Ewoks. If a tribe of the mobile throw-rugs can take on a technologically superior force and win, an army of them should have the Reapers and Geth running like little girls inside a month.

      I just realised I mucked up the number sequence... I need more caffeine...

    1. David Attenborough – the dulcet tones of everyone’s favourite nature documentary narrator would be a welcome distraction from mercenaries, aliens, ancient unstoppable machines and other galactic baddies. Plus, he’d be handy on uncharted worlds, excitedly describing the territorial instincts of wild Geth or the feeding habits of thresher maws (best not to wonder).
    2: An Internet Meme
    3. Wii Play
    4. A piece of toast.
    5) Sephiroth. The first of all my video game crushes. So beautiful and yet so tormented. Hug.
    6. there hasnt been a sixth winner yet. So God probably with god mode turned on

    My stalwart defenders of the universe would be:

    1) The redshirt!
    Decked out in several extra red shirts under (and over) his armour, he will gallantly sacrifice himself to enemy henchmen to ratchet up the tension. This will also add to the plot armour of the rest of my party, for the rules of pulp sci-fi state that only one party member can die per heroic mission!

    2) The scientist!
    She hold an omni-disciplinary doctorate with a focus on plot-relevant technology. Able to speak any language, hack any security system, and basically be a reliable source of exposition for any situation that requires more knowledge than "Big scary thing, five rounds rapid!" Also, she'll have cute nerdy glasses, because you can't be a scientist without them.

    3) The easy-going big guy. Perpetually friendly in outlook, he does not know fear. This is probably because his biceps are the size of Uluru. Useful guy to have around in a scrap, though no one will be able to muster up the courage to find out where he acquired the (supposedly) vehicle-mounted cannon that he wields with ease.

    4) The Snarker. No one is quite sure how he has survived so far, seeing as he points out every single nonsensical thing from the appearance of ones uniform to questioning why we can't just jump the waist-high fence over there. Luckily for him, he does it in a relatively amusing fashion.

    5) The Token Evil guy. This guy isn't "I've downloaded a couple movies off bit-torrent evil", he'd quite happily swap a kids pop-rocks with a live hand grenade to see if anyone would notice. Naturally, he was picked over many other qualified and (presumably) sane people to join the squad.

    6) The "Most Definitely Not A Wizard". The psionic girl who seems to be able to do everything Gandalf could do, but makes sure you know that she's not using magic, because that isn't sci-fi enough. She may or not be mentally-disturbed, young, and (if Joss Whedon is involved) walk around barefoot while bearing an uncanny resemblence to Summer Glau.

    1) A bottle of vodka
    2) 2 Beers
    3) Plasma TV
    4) A woman
    5) Another woman
    7) A kindergarten teacher.

    1) GOKU
    2)God Zilla
    3)Super MAN (EPIC CANT DIE)

      And a mathematician? Cause that's not 6

        I don't think the maths is the biggest problem... lol

    1. Casey Hudson (Executive Producer of ME 2): This guy holds all the answers, if I do get stuck or finds some difficulty in the game, all I have to do is ask him.

    2. A psychologist or psychiatrist: These guys are there to help my break of my inevitable addiction to Mass Effect 2. Furthermore, they could also console me if Shepard or my whole team gets obliterated at the end of the game, as I got really upset when Wrex (Best Sidekick ever) was shot on Virmire.

    3. A Computer Savvy Guy: To help me find the problems that may cause Mass Effect 2 to slow down on my (relatively) capable computer or cause it to crash. *Mass Effect 1 was full of bugs, took ages to fix, clashed with a bunch of Drivers and AVG Free Anti-Virus. Ugh, What a Nightmare, Got A couple of BSODs.

    4. My Mum: To convince me to eat, shower, go to the toilet, go out and everything else needed to stay alive until I finish the game at least once.

    5. Friends who are also obsessed with the Mass Effect Universe: So that we can gossip and chat like girls, but about the many different possible paths in the game that we all took, not about clothes and make up and stuff.

    6. An Assasin: To Kill all reviewers who chastise this game and those in Europe and The US and everywhere else who get the game earlier than Australia who ruin the plot for me

    - Cl4P TP. Hes an interplanetary ninja assassin. Move other Thane!

    - The Cake. This would be our negotiator. Its a deceptive little bugger. Tricky to figure out.. unsure of its OWN existence.

    - DEFCON AI. Ability to drop nukes the second a certain timer reaches zero? Check. Able to do it mercilessly? Check. Complete disregard for the life of its given nation? Uh.. check? Can win wars with a nice games of chess? Check. Check? Check.

    - Bum fluff. Will come in handy. Polishing, induced vomiting, soft and warm.. you get the picture.

    - Vegimite. Combined with the bum fluff this is able to be smeared all over cat-toast thingys weighing them down, making them chunder yet still giving them a warm and fuzzy feeling thus rendering them useless!

    - Sticky notepad/post its. If im tasked with saving the universe then thats adds up to a lot of stress. Stress makes me forget things. Just slap 'em all through the ship, inside my helmet on my team and y'know.. with a spot of luck i wont forget to save the universe!

    Goooooo team! *Cheering*

    1. Bruce Cambpell - Bruce has shown that he can win against any type of adversary, be it zombies, spies or the Chinese God of War and Bean Curd

    2. Sherlock Holmes - If I can't solve a puzzle in the game, I can just use old Holmes as my go to guy...hell, with him on the case I'll probably be able to confront and defeat the main bad guy before the narrative tells me who he is.

    3. Doom Guy - He single-handedly defeated Hell..I mean, who else would you take? Also, I can still remember all of his cheat codes. (Note: If Doom Guy is unavailable due to being in Hell, Duke Nukem will be a capable substitute)

    4. Hot-Chick - Every team needs one of these, I'm pretty sure its actually a law...

    5. The Luggage - It can carry everything, withstand anything, and eat whatever gets in our way.

    6. Admiral Ackbar - Who else has a 100% chance to detect traps?

    All these dumb entries - mine is legit and destined to win.

    1) Lindsay Lohan = Meat sheild (There will be a silence clause on her invite though)
    2) R2-D2 for sas from a non-black character.
    3) A clone of Bernie Mac for additional sas.
    4) Blanka from Street Fighter for any kind of interaction that Lindsay cant handle.
    5) The guy from Aliens who screams "Game over man, game over!" to add to the extreme nature of situations.
    6) My girlfriend cos she says we dont take enough trips together.

    Thomas Edison
    Schrödinger's cat, Dora
    Stephen Hawkings
    Regnidörhcs' cat, Frank
    Element Zero

    Thomas Edison invented the first light bulb, which lit up Einstein's thinking cap and thus allowed him to single-handedly create space-time.
    The sudden birth of space-time sparked Schrödinger's brilliant mind to create a devious little box within which he placed his cat and then Edison's light bulb borrowed from Einstein.

    As soon discovered, the box wasn't all it was cracked up to be and Schrödinger's cat ended up being both dead and alive. Schrödinger's cat, Dora, travelled through several dimensions of reality before Stephen Hawkings caught up with her. He had a little peak to see whether Dora was indeed still dead-alive, but alas Dora had succummed to the dark energies of the universe and was finally declared truly dead once and for all.

    However, on her explorations, Dora had met Regnidörhcs' little cat, Frank, and together they had irresistably made sweet mass effect. Hawkings searched for years for the source of this residual mass effect found within the box until he finally discovered Element Zero - Eezo - as the source of Edison's ever-lit light bulb. Together with Eezo, Hawkings was able to use Edison's Eezo-powered light bulb to propel Schrödinger's box across Einstein's space-time to rally them all together.

    Together this impossibly perfect team of six are able to conquer any hardships, non-death, interdimensional love or impossibilities the universe can throw at them.

    Richard Dean Anderson: Taking skills from McGuyver and Jack O’Neill gives him alround viability. His elite army specialisation, experience on multiple worlds, and ability fighting galactic tyrants, mixed wtih the ability to turn anything into something useful.

    Allan Shaw: Being caught amongst a pile of bodies never looks good, and a lawyer with experience getting out of the hardest of cases as well as an ability to articulate anything into a plausible arguement will come in handy, so boston legal’s finest will come in handy

    Inspector Rex: Finding the bad guys requires skills, and this dog knows just how to sniff them out good. Plus making your party happy isnt easy, but animals are always easy to please and highly loyal. Dont bother with long conversations keeping this member in your party.

    Bloodrayne: Someone needs the looks on the team, and bloodrayne is the choice. This vampire can take them out at range or get in close for some nice melee action with her blades, making her useful in all situations as well as providing the looks.

    Chev Chelios (Jason Statham in crank): this man has put his body through a bit of everything, making him the perfect tank. even falling from a plane didnt kill this man, and clearly immune to poisons and electricity. Crank 3 may just yet see him have to set himself alight constantly or not breath until he finds a cure, but either way, his body is going to provide a unique tanking formula that no enemy is getting by easily.

    Vin Diesel: This man no actions. Every group needs an anti-hero helping out, and experience with riddick is going to provide multiple uses in this situation. Plus, someone needs to lead, and vin diesels experience from the pacifier is going to give him the edge in keeping this group on mission.

    1. USS Enterprise A
    2. USS Enterprise B
    3. USS Enterprise C
    4. USS Enterprise D
    5. Normandy (Enterprise E got blown up bloody quick anyway)
    6. USS Enterprise F (Was there an F? I haven't watched a Star Trek movie after First Contact... I assume there is an F).
    While all of my 6 ships would either get destroyed in various installments or retired, or Spock would die, or Khan would get mad and Kirk would be like "KHAN!!!" I would still be part of the most explosive space tour in history!!!

    BOOM BABY!!!

    1. a xbox 360 - to play the game
    2. a xbox 360 controller - to play the game
    3. another 360 controller if multiplayer is required. a person would have to come with the controller its a bundle.
    4. 50 pack of red bull to stay alert
    5. a nice big ass recliner with a mini fridge built in on the side to keep the red bull cold. no one likes to drink warm red bull its just disgusting.
    6. a HD TV to get even better picture quality than real life

    1. The Hot girl (stereotypical white super model)
    2. The Annoying side-kick (black. really black. so black that every second word is Damn, shit, or that is wack!)
    3. The Big muscly quiet dude. (white with added steroids)
    4. The Sassy pilot (black and sassy. and a woman)
    5. The Teeky technician (pale white. also fills role of comic relief.)
    6. The Unnamed extra. (unimportant since he dies in the first ten minutes anyway)

    I've noticed that in all stereotypical science fiction movies, the good guys win. From this hunch, I conducted analysis of classic films and games and derived a direct and exponential relationship between a teams stereotypical...ness and it's success. Given this mathematical evidence, I have thus chosen the the most stereotypical team possible, thereby ensuring near certain success.

      Sorry but the colour of their skin has an impact on what exactly?

        It doesn't. That's the point.

    Samantha Stephens (Bewitched)
    casting any standard variant of 'silence' or 'entangle' would barely phase this sassy sorcerous housewife; with just a wriggle of her nose she is capable of immediately dispelling or teleporting any corporeal form! Not to mention that anyone who gets on her bad side would likely suffer the wrath of her mother. Woe be to anything that pisses off Endora and isn't capable of rolling a save higher than 22!

    Jeannie (I Dream of Jeannie)
    see above, only far more co-dependent and conveniently portable!

    Elminster (D&D Forgotten Realms campaign setting)
    Gandalf could do some tricks, but I somehow doubt he could pull a cancel move on the apocalypse with just a snap of his fingers. When some meddling kids during the Time of Troubles (one of whom eventually ascended to godhood I believe) accidentally set off a potential armageddon, good old minster El just popped over and plugged the leak in the chaos rift like a rare, punctual, arcane tradesman.
    Also to illustrate consistency with the aforementioned female witch demographic: he did spend some time during his youth as a woman.. but lacking the gender timeshare conflicts of Ranma.

    * honourable mention to Sabrina the Teenage Witch: her powers were never well enough developed for practical combat purposes, but damn Melissa Joan Hart didn't look half bad in her princess Leia outfit O.o

    Core Commander (Total Annihilation)
    In a moral debate I would prefer to side with the Arm contingent, however anyone who has ever witnessed a force of 25 krogoth lumbering across the surface of a wartorn planet appreciated having them on side, as anyone else to witness so many as one most likely died in all manner of incendiary pain shortly thereafter. Methinks missions tend to prove marginally less dangerous when one's ally only needs scrap metal and sunlight to build a functional base capable of manufacturing gargantuan robots capable of withstanding three and a half direct nuclear strikes apiece!

    Daniel Garner (Painkiller)
    The man is technically already dead, transforms into an invulnerable floating instagib assault cannon every 66 frags (or 50 with the right upgrade), and can use tarot cards to mix and match combat superpowers like damage amps and Matrix time! Also his arsenal already includes guns that shoot shuriken and lightning, 4ft wooden stakes, and with his expanded set can fire volleys of iron bolts and clusters of ping-pong grenades! (not to mention the anti-tank submachinegun with underslung flamethrower)

    Lord Nibbler (Futurama)
    I was originally going to continue the demon-transform theme with Illidan Stormrage (Warcraft III), but was convinced otherwise by a friend who said of Nibbler: "He can eat anything and poop it into a black hole!". And I'm sure we can all appreciate the inherent usefulness of a cute sidekick critter with superintelligence, the ability to eat something the size of a Stargate, fecal matter that at various times can be used as propulsion or paperweight for starships and sheet metal respectively, and eye beams that can switch between neuralyzer and heat ray.

    An additional advantage to this particular selection is that, due to the ratings and standards of their respective source media, at least half of them are incapable of being injured beyond light bruising, but to avoid graphical violence double standards may also dematerialise (or consume) the remnant corpses of their fellows' victims.

    1) Christian Bale's voice - It's f**king distracting.
    2) Megan Fox's club thumb - It's f**king... God! Just look at it!
    3) Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mr Olympia body - It's f**king imposing.
    4) MacGyver's intelligence - It's f**king amazing.
    5) The Predator - It's f**cking deadly and f**cking hard to see.
    6) Bruce, the Rabbit - Test Subject - It's the f**cking vessel.

    By combining parts 1 through 5 with part 6, I shall have created a gestalt entity in the vein of the Power Rangers, Captain Planet and Voltron (Lion-Force, not that crappy car one). With the ability of being f**cking distracting, imposing, deadly, hard to see and with the magic of Megan Fox's club thumb, none shall prevail against my MegaF**cker (TM).

    A mix of brains, beauty, brawn - fiction, & fact. Hard to say without knowing what "the most dangerous mission of all" is supposed to be; but I like to think that this team can handle anything:

    1 - Michael Crichton - the modern day Leonardo Da Vinci has been in seclusion preparing for this dangerous mission since the media reported his tragic death in 2008
    2 - Bean (aka Julian Delphiki) - a genetically modified tactical genius with a brain that knows no limits
    3 - Alyx Vance - the smartest, toughest, prettiest theoretical physicist I know
    4 - D0g - a walking tank always comes in handy
    5 - Iron Man / Tony Stark - the money could help; not to mention the suit and Tony's brains.
    6 - Bear Grylls (Man vs. Wild) - ex-special forces, survivalist, TV personality

    1. A Princess

    2. A Brain

    3. A Criminal

    4. An Athelete

    5. A Basket Case

    6. And Carl the wise janitor

    Sylvester Stallone
    Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Dolph Lundgren
    Mickey Rourke
    Jet Li
    Bruce Willis

    Sylvester Stallone
    Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Dolph Lundgren
    Mickey Rourke
    Jet Li
    Bruce Willis

    You see there's a movie being made about this mission, it's the called Expendables and comes out later this year

    1. Disco ball
    2. Slinky
    3. Diskun
    4. Rubber Spider
    5. A Jelly Baby

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