WIN! A Mass Effect 2 Xbox 360 Collectors Edition

WIN! A Mass Effect 2 Xbox 360 Collectors Edition

Commander Shepard’s space opera continues on January 28 when Mass Effect 2 launches on Xbox 360 and PC. You’ll have ten chances to win a copy over the next week. Here’s how.

UPDATE: Wednesday’s draw is now closed.

We’ve got ten copies of Mass Effect 2 to give away. Specifically:

* 2 x Mass Effect 2 Collectors Edition (Xbox 360) * 5 x Mass Effect 2 (Xbox 360) * 1 x Mass Effect 2 Collectors Edition (PC) * 2 x Mass Effect 2 (PC)

WIN! A Mass Effect 2 Xbox 360 Collectors EditionBetween now and Tuesday I’ll be offering up one or more of these to win each day. Today we begin with one Xbox 360 Collectors Edition, pictured, which comes with a “Making of…” DVD, a comic book, art book, Dragon’s Age Blood Armour unlock code, Cerberus Network card to access bonus in-game content and a tin case.

In Mass Effect 2, Shepard recruits a squad of the galaxy’s most elite soldiers and assassins to undertake the most dangerous mission of all. To win a copy of Mass Effect 2, we want to know which six people (real, fictional or possibly not even people – we’ll be flexible here) you would recruit to join you on the most dangerous mission of all. Tell us which six people you’d pick and why they’re right for the job.

Leave your entry in the comments below. Multiple entries will be discarded and only your first entry will count. You have until midnight tonight to enter. The winner will be announced tomorrow at 10am when we open a new draw to win the PC version.

Good luck!

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  • Thank you Jesus!!1…er… i mean David…

    Awesome comp – can’t wait to enter…

    One quick q though, even if it is a little dumb – But is that 6 people including yourself or 6 people other than yourself?

  • Number 1. Godzilla
    Numbers 2. – 6. Biggest Loser contestants to keep Godzilla fed during interplanetary travel.

    P.S. If anyone from Bioware is reading this, please release Godzilla as a playable character in the DLC

  • Team awesome assemble!!!

    Optimus Prime: To replace that box cart called Mako.

    Nikola Tesla: He will be my scientist developing new weapons for the team.

    Wally Lewis: Wally will be the grunt, soaking up all the damage.

    Hillary Clinton: She will be the grunt aswell, soaking up whatever damage wally can’t take.

    Leonard Nimoy: Nimoy my bestest friend, he will be our strategist and ambassador defusing our most difficult situations.

    Gordon Freeman: The strong silent type, and with the flash of his eyes he knows how to resolve our environmental obstacles with the use of his gravity gun.

  • Chuck Norris – Dont make me explain why.

    Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver)- She’s a Kick Ass Alien Killer why else!

    Solid Snake – My sneaking guy, and he hides in a cardboard box of course.

    Soap from COD Series – He brings the firepower.

    PeeWee Herman – He can be the Tech Specialist and the guy everyone hates.

    And a T-Rex, you said you would be flexible right?

  • Six people hey? Hmmm….

    Yoda – I shold not have to say more but the Little Green Guy can kick ass and dish out wisdom at the same time.

    Spinosaurus – Could kill a T-Rex, certainly can kill any of my enemies when i gain his loyalty by feeding him every 20 minutes.

    Psycho (Sgt. Sykes from Crysis Warhead) – The ability to do stealth missions with the Nanosuit and able to go on the offensive with the PAX rifle makes him awesome.

    Master Chief – This spartan defeated wave after wave of Covenant and Flood forces so he should be perfect to have on a suicide mission so he can carry my lazy ass around the battlefield 😛

    Albert Einstein – Need a scientist/tech specialist on the team to invent and build the best weapons and armour possible for my team to succeed. Also i heard he has laser eyes?

    Finally – Batman – His ability to swing from gargoyle to gargoyle without being noticed by his enemy is remarkable, especially when his enemies are looking right at him and he is moving less then 10 feet above them 😛 able to get behind the enemy positions and destroy the enemy.

  • Master Chief, BJ Blazkowicz, Samus Aran, Gordon Freeman, Mario and Nathan Drake. I don’t think I need to go into too much detail about why they are suitable – we would be unstoppable.

    That being said, there would be some tension between the guys who needed health packs when they were injured, those who just need a quick breather to recover, and those who magically teleport back to a previous location every time they die.

    Plus they would all totally be hitting on Samus (except for Freeman, who wouldn’t speak to her) My money is on Drake though – chicks dig wisecracks.

  • 1. HK-47 – KOTOR. Hey hes from another bioware game and his “organic meatbag” termination skills would be a fantastic asset to any renegade player. Good skills in weapons and tech

    2. Jeremy Clarkson – Top Gear(tv). Clarkson would be your trusty Mako Driver, naturally screaming out “ppoowwhhhaarr!” as you go hurtling along. On the ground he would most likely be killed for abusing other species…best keep him in the mako. moderate skill in weapons and biotics

    3. Joanna Dark – Perfect Dark N64. Joanna would make a great infiltrator, using her pistols and rifles, and have a decent tech skill set as well, frankly just having her in HD and in some sexy mass effect 2 body armor is reason enough. Very good skill with weapons, moderate with tech.

    4.Christian Bale – Actor. Could possibly steal Sheppard’s thunder and then abuse the crew of the Normandy for playing with the lighting on the ship…would definitely be bad-ass though. Excellent skills in weapons.

    5. JC Denton – Deus Ex. Would be a biotic and tech monster able to use nearly every ability in the game effectively once trained up enough, and again totally bad-ass…im sensing a trend here… Good skill in biotics and tech

    6. Solid Snake – Metal Gear. Snake would have some skills in biotics whilst also being a damn good soldier, he would be Sheppard’s right hand man and get any job done. Good skill in Weapons and moderate in biotics.

  • Template for Sure Fire Win!!!1!

    1.(80’s action star who has found internet fame) Because (star’s defining feature) can (verb) without ever touching the (noun)!

    2.(Childhood cartoon character) Because, if memory serves, they were badass until their Hollywood remake. I LOVED THEM BEFORE YOU!! (+1 cred)

    3.(Gaming icon) Who else can save the (World/Infinitia/Happy Palace) with only a (Construction Tool/Copious amounts of belts/Overalls)

    4.(Kotaku Editor) ‘Cause hey, you’re one handsome sunnuva…

    5.(Made up comic book character just so I could make 6 people) But don’t bother looking around though, I’m pretty sure they only did a very limited 1st run special edition only available through preorder.

    6.(One of literatures greatest heroes) So I look deep to the ladys… … … tits or gtfo…

  • Billy Ray Cyrus – When surrounded by enemies, Billy Ray will start blasting out ‘Achey Breaky Heart’ to begin the worlds largest square dance

    The mysterious artifact you pick up at the beginning of a game or movie – Because you’ll never know what it does until the exact right moment right at the end of an adventure

    Frodo Baggins – Ninja elite, ’nuff said

    Captain Kirk – Because everyone knows he IS the better captain

    Storm Trooper – Cannon fodder

    Brick – For explosives and sheer intimidation

  • Tony Abbot – He’d deny the enemy existed and want a royal commission to investigate why things around him were blowing up.

    Prince Harry – He’s in the British Army, a bad boy, and actually earned his medals.

    Ricky Ponting – To sledge the bad guys and unnerve them while he’s shooting them.

    James Cameron – The “King of the world” don’t you know.

    Marcus Fenix – “Have Chainsaw will travel” and a character that could scowl someone to death.

    Conan O’brian – As we’re going to need a laugh in between all the killing.

  • I’ll tell you the 6 people/things i WOULD NOT take:

    1: Any one person who has fair skin and red hair.
    2: Commander Shepard – If he’s coming from my previous save i do NOT want to see his hair.
    3: a Dolphin – They cannot breath out of water nor can they wander in space.
    4: ANY spaceship – I’ve got the Normandy … F**K Yeah!
    5: Michael Atkinson – He’ll just ban us all from violence, We wouldn’t be able to win the war.
    6: My consience, When i have to pick speech in a coversation i want to be the chuck norris of SPACE.

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi – Skilled in combat, diplomacy and strategy, he’s the ideal second in command, can deal with any situation.

    Kos-mos from Xenosaga – Heavy weaponry, ideal for wiping out any opposition.

    Icarus from Sora no Otoshimono – Robotic angel who can fly at mach 50, regeneration, more heavy weaponry.

    Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell – Stealth and hacking abilities, used as scout and infiltrator.

    Dr Leonard McCoy – Highly experienced in combat surgery, every team needs a medic.

    Miranda Kerr – as the squad cheerleader / morale builder.

  • Mass Effect has a strong RPG element… so that makes an easy choice…

    Hank, the Ranger – Bow & Arrow
    Eric, the Cavalier – Shield
    Diana, the Acrobat – Agility
    Presto, the Magician – Magician
    Sheila, the Thief – Invisibility
    Bobby, the Barbarian – Brute Strength

    I believe they would cover all bases as required in my little party! Guess that would make me the Dungeon Master then! 🙂 or Uni… :p

  • I was gonna have Chuck Norris, but so many others have done so already. Anyhow, here is my crew.

    1. Bill Gates: Just in case we come across a system with Windows 4000 installed.

    2. Duke Nukem: To provide the heavy weaponry for my crew…When he’s finished with other business.

    3. Ellen Ripley: Like Chuck Norris, she needs no explaination.

    4. The Muppets: A crew has gotta have some comic releif on those long flights.

    5. Gordon Freeman: A backup to Ripley in the even the amunition runs out (crowbar for the win!)

    6. Arthur C. Clarke: We need someone to explain all sci-fi advances in Laymen’s terms.

  • This team would win straight off.

    1. Napoleon Dynamite – using his nunchuck skills
    2. Barney Stinsen – Well, he’s awesome, i guess thats a good trait.
    3. Andy Samberg – He chops off his balls and dies everyday.
    4. David Caruso – He’ll take off his sunglasses and say a one liner every time we kill someone.
    5. A fat guy – To make everyone else feel better about themselves.
    6. Your Racist Uncle – Well, he’s racist and he’s your uncle.

    Yeah, this isn’t going to work is it?

  • I’d take Eddie Riggs from Brutal Legends for his fix anything/build anything engineering skills, and since he needs a combat robot in ME2, I am taking HK from Kotor. I am sure Eddie’s bitchin’ solos would keep HK’s need to kill all meatbags in check.

    I’d take 343 Guilty Spark as the tech guy, I am sure he’d be all over any locked boxes and doors that need hacking. So long as I stay off any ring-worlds, I reckon I’d be safe from any tendencies to destroy all life.

    Every party needs a meatshield, and no one does that better then Brick. I mean the dude punches Rakk hives to death.

    For healers I am thinking old school. No healer is cooler then the Final Fantasy White Mage.

    No Mass Effect party is complete without a hot character wearing combat armour. I am gonna go with Samus Aran.

  • That Underwear Bomber from the airplane
    since this is a suicide mission, I guess he wouldn’t mind blowing himself up next to a pack of enemies, granted that his underpants goes off.

    He can transform into the badass Walther P38 pistol for me to equip

    A velociraptor
    it can tear up aliens while I ride on it’s back wielding the Megatron pistol

    He Man
    His the God Damn Master of the Universe, who wouldn’t bow down to him with his muscle complex and mighty sword.

    Ricky from Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2
    It would be a great motivation for the gang when they hear Ricky shout out “GARBAGE DAY!” every time he fires his revolver

    Balloon Boy’s Dad
    If the situation gets sticky, he will release his weather balloon into space. A box from the balloon would drop, tricking the enemy as to whether we were still in the balloon or that box. The enemy would suspend all their space traffic and send all their troops to capture the weather balloon while we all hide in the attic. The perfect escape plan.

  • 1: joaquin phoenix – he would mess with peoples heads

    2: Chuck Lidell – next best thing after Chuck Norris

    3: Bas Rutten – he believes in 2 eyes for an eye

    4: Oprah – she would bank roll my whole trip

    5: Will Ferrell – boring elevator rides need some humour

    6: Daniel Day-Lewis – what an awesome name – the end.

  • Captain Jack Harkness – To distract the other party members from becoming attracted to me, freeing myself up to focus on the mission at hand.

    Eddie Riggs – So he can pull a sick guitar riff and scream “DECAPITATIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON” after every boss. He serves no other useful purpose, but why would I want him to?

    Admiral Adama – To pilot my ship in an inevitable and ridiculously awesome rescue manoeuvre when I am captured and held on an alien planet. And to command my ship the other 53% of the time, thus freeing me up for the task of shooting fools.

    Todd the Wraith – His vampire-like abilites, healing factor, and overall badass-ness combine to form one mean mofo to accompany me on my away missions. Also, it’s nice to have someone with a simple name like “Todd”.

    Malcolm Reynolds – The meanest gunslinger in the galaxy. Would bring a huge degree of credibility and respect to the team, and that necessary biting wit one needs when fighting the scum of the universe. Also, would bring one other thing:

    Serenity – Defenceless? Yes. Bucket of bolts? Yes. Loveable in every way? OH YES. One sight of this majestic and battered beauty careening throught the stars, and my enemies will either pity me, or dismiss me outright as a waste of time. Until the Normandy decloaks behind the distracted enemy and wipes them from existance!

  • 6 people? You must enjoy reading huh… here goes

    1. Mecha Abe Lincoln – Just because
    2. Danny Glover – At some point he can say “I’m too old for this s*** and we’ll all laugh. It’s important to laugh
    3. Paul McCartney – Not cos I’m a Beatles fan, but because it’ll be neat if someone can at least carry a tune for the big musical number
    4. A lady – Cos I’m not picky
    5. CliffyB – So I can give him my Gears 3 fan fiction personally
    6. MacGyver – Then we’re invincible

    (Hard to go past David himself at #6 for extra brown nosing)

  • 1. Chevy Chase (Distractor) – Steps out in front of the enemy army to distract them by kicking golf balls around and saying ‘Na-na-na-na-na’.

    2. Olympic fast-runner Usain Bolt (Disarmer) – Quickly sprints around the enemy and takes all their weapons. They don’t really mind because they get lost in his dreamy eyes.

    3. Willie Nelson (Dispiriter) – Convinces the enemy to stand down by making them realise there’s more to life than fighting. Such as having the US state of Georgia on their mind or planning a sad road trip to New Orleans.

    4. The Old Guy I Saw On The Street The Other Day (De-anger-er) Sits the enemy down and discusses their current greivances (Saren, the Quarians etc). With his dapper haircut and friendly nature, the enemy calm down and give over their trust.

    5. Ainsley Harriott (De-Charmer) Inspires the enemy to try their hand at cheeky recipes like the What’s New Pussycat Strawberry Dacquiri. Charms to the hell out of the enemy while making recipe with constant laughing and continual questioning to other squad members of “What’re they like? Wooo!”.

    6. Rodney Dangerfield (Dancer) – Brings in kegs of beer and uses the word ‘party’ as a verb to get the enemy on the feet and dancing. Plays Kenny Loggins “I’m All Right” on stereo equipment.
    Dancing continues long into the night.

  • MacGuyver – Could turn medigel plus a toothbrush into an atomic weapon.

    Hurley (Lost) – Mass effect dialogue needs more “Dude…”. Plus the larger lads don’t seem to get enough play in the RPG.

    Mary Poppins – Her bottomless bag would prevent mindless hours of rearranging, selling and converting excess items into medigel.

    Duke Nukem – Poor guy needs something to do. Plus “witty” one liners.

    Xzibit – could pimp the mako…. lower it, give it sweet rims, noice sound system and maybe even make it half decent to drive without wanting to throw your controller at the tv.

    Michael Atkinson – Seems to be an unstoppable force even in the light of reason and good sense, plus someone is likely to get plugged in the first 5 mins of the mission 😉

  • I’m going with the Seven Dwarfs Elite Mecernary Squad.

    Grumpy – aka “2-klicks”. Assassin and crack shot with a sniper rifle. Favourite saying “2 klicks on the range finder, then it’s adios muchachos!”

    Happy – aka “Giggles”. Sadistic self-abuser who loves to extract information through torture. No-one can endure for long his rendition of “Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, it’s off to work we go” whilst simultaneously having his fingernails pulled out!

    Sleepy – aka “Lullaby”. A hand-to-hand and melee weapon combat specialist. Favoured weapon, pick-axe!

    Doc – aka “Stims”. Drug runner and chem-stim specialist. Fix-em, fry-em, freak-em – he’s got it all!

    Bashful – aka “Faceman”. A ladies man, renowned thief and agent provocoteur! Brought down the Rampart Coporation single-handedly by seducing the female computer security protocol.

    Sneezy – aka “Tixylix”. Chemical warfare specialist, accidentally genocided Saggitarius-5 whilst trying to make home brew.

    Dopey – aka “Bullseye”. Able to single-handedly attract the attention of all hostile action, thereby allowing the rest of the team to infiltrate and ambush with impunity.

    Wait, there’s only supposed to be six team members?! Oh, well, Dopey’s most likely to jettison himself into space before we get anywhere, so….. six it is!

  • 1.Macgiver – Exposive barrel, Blue Hooker alien and Paper clip. Thats a nuke right there.
    2.Douglas Adams – he has a firm knowledge of the universe and, if we run short on cash, can help us see the sights for less the 30 Alterian dollars a day.
    3.My mate Daniel – He is not only entertaining but is a baker and we are going to need heaps of bread…for sandwiches.
    4.Jennifer Hawkins – Procreation… and she upset all the other aliens by revealing her goddess like body.
    5.Bear Grylls – in case we go to a jungle planet. He can get food to put on the sandwiches.
    6.Neil Patrick Harris – because he is legend..wait for it…

    PC Please

  • 1-4: Nickleback – Able to defeat any monster in the galaxy with their music
    5: Reggie Fils-Aime – Can kick anybody’s ass and then take their name
    6: A Velociraptor – Because velociraptors are the scariest thing that anybody could face, especially since they were at one point real. They can open doors. They not only don’t need teeth to eat you, they can smell your fear.

  • 1. Mario – but only from Super Mario World, where you could share extra lives, not NSMBWii Mario.

    2. Any drunken Australian teenager, to drive the new vehicle and make it feel like a Mako.

    3. Jack Bauer, cause I don’t want to say Chuck Norris.

    4. My wife, because I made a promise we’d always do stuff together, and also because we need at least one girl on the team.

    5. Raiden, cause that guy can block bullets with his SWORD, and that’s just too damn cool to leave behind.

    6. Gay Tony, because you just need to laugh sometimes, especially when the situation is hopeless.

  • Totally going with the following

    Tony Stark/Iron Man – Hyper inteligence and awesome war suit.
    Sherlock Holmes – Awesome detective abilities and getting to the bottom of stuff.
    Kirk Lazarus (tropic thunder) – brilliant actor for undercover and subterfuge.
    Special Agent John Royce (US Marshalls) – Govt Special Agent, no doubt useful in a firefight.
    Thomas Reilly (Heart and Souls) – Makes contact with and can be possessed by dead people. Bound to come in handy.
    Robert Downey Jr – Because he’s played all of the above characters and therefore will be perfect as a body double/substitute if necessary.

    The Robert Downey Jr collection. Kicking ass across the galaxy!

  • Soldier – Master Chief
    The last remaining SPARTAN. The ultimate super soldier, proven capable of handling any combat situation. Master Chief uses his mastery of any weapon or vehicle to swiftly and brutally destroy his enemies.

    Engineer – Macaulay Culkin
    A master of strategy whose child-like appearance hides his years of deadly training. The former star of Home Alone uses a series of hilarious environmental traps to inflict massive damage upon his enemies. However, he has one glaring weakness – cheese pizza.

    Adept – Princess Zelda
    In an attempt to save herself from the King of Evil, the Princess of Hyrule warped herself far into the future. Now her magic combines with powerful biotic implants to help save her new home from the apocalyptic threat of the Reapers.

    Infiltrator – Batman
    The most brutal combination of combat skill and high tech gadgetry in Citadel space. Uses tech skills to stealthily approach enemies, then overpowers them in hand to hand combat. Narrowly defeated 007 in a deadly struggle to claim this highly sought after position.

    Vanguard – Anakin Skywalker
    A troubled yet utterly billiant Jedi. He is one of the most skilled swordsmen in the galaxy and a powerful user of the force, making him a deadly ally. Doesn’t like sand, or bad script writing.

    Sentinal – Willow Rosenberg
    Formerly a powerful sidekick of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, in later life she accidentally discovered how to cryogenically freeze herself. Now awakended, she uses her skills as a powerful witch and her amazing hacking skills to help defend the galaxy.

  • Barack Obama- His political influences.

    Ronnie Coleman- Strong Man.

    Michael Atkinson- He would be there for the laugh trying to censor all the enemies!

    Chuck Norris- Funny jokes.

    Lionel Messi- Score some goals 🙂

    Ironman- He can fly all over the elites 🙂

  • this is too easy

    1. Rambo – this probably not the best diplomate but definitely know how to weld a gun, pretty handy with his combat knife too

    2. Chuck Norris – round house kick to the face aint no alien getting in the way

    3. Master Chief – his needs are cheap, handgun and a grenade

    4. Dante – the guy killed death… as if aliens stand a chance

    5. Tomb Raider – Angelina Jolie version she can pistol whip people jump around find treasure and Angelina is smoking hot too

    6. Hermione – Her brains would suit this plus magic always helps, and Emma Watson being on my team always a plus

    Now i got 4 people that will just destroy planets kill people ruin lives destroy colonies

    the other 2 will just be eye candy yet still useful.

  • A fresh faced loose cannon rookie straight out of gun shooting school eager to prove himself that will eventually discover someone’s master plan, bang a hot girl, give a robot back its faith in humanity, run with the boulders and kill Michael Atkinson *See below*

    British or French man – This is the shady character that everyone on earth can see is going to betray the team at some point of the mission. His characteristics include the always delightful and totally nonchalant scar down one eye that he won’t explain how he got, being mysteriously absent for all the parts of the game where the bad guys guessed our location and most importantly being an insufferable douchebag.

    A giant boulder with legs – Giant Boulder or Theodore Von Asskick as we like to call it as you may have guessed is a giant rock that has been programmed to kill anyone that makes any reference to Pirates, Ninjas, LOLcats or Chuck Norris.

    Insanely hot girl – Insanely hot girl is probably the most important and deep character in my party. Firstly I would have recruited her because I don’t want my party to be a total sausage fest. But her other duties include dialogue with obvious sexual innuendo, being my moral conscience that I choose to ignore, needing to be either rescued every coffee break or being a cutthroat bitch with no apparent middle ground, and all the other perks of a well rounded cliché video game femme fatale.

    Sparky – An 8 foot tall robot that has rocket launchers for arms and miniguns for eyes, and for some reason he has infinite ammo and takes damage in reverse (every time he gets shot he grows stronger). Sparky doesn’t talk much on account of his mouth being replaced with a gun that fires Shurikens coated with acid, but he’s still a great conversationalist.

    Michael Atkinson – Because let’s face it as least one of us if going to die tragically, and I can’t think of anyone better suited for the job.

  • My crack team of hardcore mercs would include:

    The Resourceful Tactician: Macaulay Caulkin, he could lay down a marble ball trap that’d take out the sharpest Geth trooper and also if you left him behind you could shout “KEVVIN!” which would be pretty funny.

    The Medic: Everyone knows medical characters suck at combat so a simple donkey would suffice. Just strap a bunch of Med Gel packs to it and have it follow you around and Macaulay Caulkin could clean up after it cause i’m not going near donkey crap, that’s more Macaulay’s thing.

    The Sharpshooter: I think i’d take that enemy sniper dude from Call of Duty World at War…that guy that I got stuck on for aaages, he just wouldn’t die, but I swear I shot him like 5 times!

    The Courageous one: That old guy guarding the Holy Grail in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, that’s gotta take a lot of guts to sit there for centuries with only one book…I always wondered where he pooped too and i’d like to ask him.

    The Brute: Probably just take a brick wall on wheels…it’s practically the same as some muscle-bound chunder head and probably has more personality.

    The sexy female: My girlfriend (cause she’d kill me if I didn’t include her) but she’d have to be blue or something more sci-fi…but no tail or anything creepy, i’m just not into that!


  • The Bundaberg Polar Bear – My equivilent of a Wookie. Not to mention the drinks…

    The Mother-in-law – To hand over to the ‘Collectors.’ Not going to follow them or anything, just to hand her over.

    Michael Atkinson – Refer: Mother-in-law. Also heard he’s good at fixing faulty airlocks and wearing red shirts.

    Marcus Fenix – Apparently he’s an expert in taking behind chest high walls in Science Fiction settings.

    Brian Griffin – Drinking buddy. (Also “Mini-Bundaberg Bear”)

    The Doctor – Let’s face it he can survive pretty much anything, can regenerate and has that sonic screw driver. He can solve the galaxy wide problems, while I sit back in a bar drinking with the Bundaberg Bear and Brian Griffin.

    I probably put a little to much thought into this…

  • Sweet competition.

    1. Ali – cause Cole from GoW doesnt have what it takes to talk trash. Plus, Ali in a fist fight is 2nd to none

    2. McGuyver – hey, if you’re in a pickle there’s only one man who can get you out with his own pubic hair and some chewing gum.

    3. The Green Knight from Castle Crashers – cause that green sh*t he fires out romps everything.

    4. Hughesy – cause if someone has to die in this mission, lets hope its him.

    5. The Hulk – the guy has no neck. There’s no messing with a guy who is green and has no neck.

    6. The mother in law – cause if she makes my life hell, think about what she’ll do to the aliens!

  • Master Chief because eh kills aliens and doesn’t afraid of anything

    Ranier Wolfcastle (McBain) – because guns don’t kill people – he does

    Captain Price – that dude just doesn’t die

    My Holographic Charizard

    Vault boy – cause he’s freaking amazing

    And last but not least – Chuck Norris – nuff said

  • Rook’s Squad:

    1. The Brains:
    Ash – Proud ownder of the Boomstick, the chainsaw-hand, the (horse) blanket and the “Groovy” plate gauntlet cyberhand. Master of tactics, chemistry, ad-hoc cybernetics, on-the-fly invention, mechanics and one liners.

    2. The Blaster:
    TF2 Heavy Weapons Guy – Owner of “Sascha”, she weighs 150kg and shoots $200 custom made cartridges at 10,000 rounds per minute. When she runs out of ammo, HWG is capable of killing anything instantaneously by pointing his finger at enemies and yelling “Ka-pow!”

    3. The Medic:
    My 3rd Grade nurse, Mrs Johnson – In 3rd grade I fell of the jungle gym and dislocated my arm. She put it back in… and gave me a lolly pop. No one in this or any paralell plane of existance is more qualified to be the team’s medic.

    4. The Melee Muscle:
    Boo, the miniature giant space hamster – Known for his uncanny wisdom and intelligence this miniature behemoth is also incredibly strong and fierce like his full size cousins. This little fella knows when to go for the eyes

    5. The All Rounder:
    Mario – The guy has done it all. Doctor, Plumber, Brawler, All-star-athlete, Tennis Champion, Soccer Champion, Golf Champion and Princess Saviour Extraordinaire. When it comes to fitting the missing space in your team, Mario’s the man.

    6. The Wild Card:
    Tetris L-shape block – What’s it gonna do? I don’t know. You don’t know. It’s a block. L-shaped. ‘Nuff said.

  • 1. Batman- the pointy eared chuck norris. Grizzled Beard spray included in utility belt

    2. Baldrick- Always good for a cunning plan

    3. Patrick Swayze- Cleansing the galaxy one Roadhouse roundhouse at a time

    4. Kanye West- to utterly demoralise the Reapers: “Reapers, imma let you finish, but the Imperial Empire was the greatest galatic threat of all time. OF ALL TIME!”

    5. Liam Neeson from Taken- makes Jack Bauer look positively tame. Throat chops ftw

    6. Wonder Twins- Form of an Eagle! Shape of an Ice Minoura!!!

  • For the ULTIMATE in dangerous missions, please see the below team.

    Blue Heavy and Blue Medic from TF2, flying the Magic Carpet from Aladdin. This would be the ultimate, as magic carpet’s elite flying capabilities would make the duo almost invincible.

    On top of these 3, you will have Zeratul for stealth recon and guerilla style warfare on the ground, slowly destroying enemy morale with his fierce blades and stealth.

    The fourth and most obvious addition is Deckard Cain. He will be in charge of setting up camp (and most importantly a campfire) and standing around, sharing his wisdom and advice to the rest of the team before venturing out on dangerous missions.

    Lastly, and the most important addition is Princess Peach. Princess Peach doesn’t add anything to the team herself, but the fact that there is a 100% chance of Bowser appearing in a giant airship every 10 minutes trying to steal her is the key to victory. How can the enemy possibly focus on this team when there are giant airships constantly flying around above the battlefield!!!

  • 1. Kif Kroker – Every good (or bad) space captin needs a right hand man and this would then allow me to wear some very sexy velure – (“Look, it almost still fits”)
    2. A picture of a diseased prostate
    3. A cat doing pull ups
    4. A map of Middle Earth
    5. The band Primus and;
    6. An inanamte carbon rod – you never know when there will be some good ol’ explosive decompression and if TV has taught me anything, this would do the job.

  • GlaDOS – Ship-board AI. What could possibly go wrong?
    Sonic the Hedgehog – Tank. No matter what you do to him, he just won’t die.
    Sam Fisher – Stealth ops and plucky comic relief.
    Alec Mason – Every team needs one (space) asshole.
    Frank West – Embedded journalist. He’s covered wars you know. Plus you never know when you’ll run into zombies.
    Paul Phoenix – Team hair-stylist.

  • Ah yes, long have I pondered on the members of my intergalactic planetary death squad, on the off-chance that I might ever get to form one. Here they are, and their specific roles:

    Carolyn Fry – Female Pilot from Pitch Black, a valuable asset to the team, though the fact that she might dump our carbon frozen bodies overboard in an emergency is just a risk I’ll have to take on behalf of the team.

    Jorn Lande – Lead vocalist of German Power Metal band Maserplan, would always sing a hearty and uplifting tune for his teammates, penetrating even the deathly silence of space.

    Yuki Nagato – Interdimensional Data Thought Entity, who better to map out complex missile trajectories in the heat of battle, hack into alien system mainframes, and all under the questionable guise of a Japanese schoolgirl?

    Pamela Anderson – If anyone has latent biotic abilities, it’s her. How else could she have formed that gravitational singularity around her chest?

    Robert Downey Jr. – Every squad has its egotistical wiseguy who just doesn’t want to be there. Pretty much suited to any role I’d give him, really.

    And last, but certainly not least, the Bionically Augmented Shark. Suspended by an electro-magnetic field, and genetically altered to live in blood, instead of water. Indeed, the “tank” of the team, endlessly killing just to stay alive. Not much of a talker, though.

  • 1. Mani from Brotherhood of the Wolf, he’s pretty much an Assassin of the olde times.

    2. Kyle Reese from Terminator because he knows all about the future, plus he needs to be in a game 🙁

    3. Raiden from MGS4, now that’s he’s futuristic might as well join the fight.

    4. Oghren from Dragon Age; he’s wearing the Mass Effect armour so he might as well join!

    5. Charlie Sheen; maybe working for his Dad in Cerberus will keep him out of Prison 😛

    6. Emelio Estevez; His father is the Illusive man and Emilio hasn’t had work in a long time!

  • 1. Powers Boothe (actor), simply because of his name. Look at that name. Does it not inspire you to make something better of your life? He’d win confrontations just by looking enemies in the eye and introducing himself.

    2. Grigori Rasputin (important Russian historical figure), because he is almost impossible to kill. He got unlucky when those guys stumbled across his one weakness – a huge overdose of poison, being shot four times in the back, clubbing, castration, and then being thrown into an icy river wrapped in a carpet (which, for the record, he managed to break out of before drowning). There is no other way of killing Rasputin, making him a valuable ally.

    3. Tom Sellick’s moustache (famous moustache). Journeying with us atop my top lip, the sheer majesty of Sellick’s moustache would improve my conversational skills by over 1500% (and, as Mass Effect taught us, it’s vital to talk plenty on any good mission).

    4. Mario (videogame character): I’d just tell him the princess needed rescuing and he’d be all gung-ho. As Mario Galaxy proved, he’s more than capable of traveling to different planets and killing the natives, and his habits of stomping dudes to death would lend an air of menace to my crew that could prove vital.

    5. Scarlett Johansson (actor), because I’m pretty sure if we were both about to die (which seems likely on such a dangerous mission) I could talk her into doing something naughty with me.

    6. Edward Cullen (that kid from Twilight) – I think having someone to draw the fire away from the rest of my crew could really come in handy, and I thought listing Michael Atkinson would be a bit trite at this point. He’d also come in handy on the Planet of Year 12 Old Girls – with any luck they’d tear themselves apart trying to get at him.

  • 1. Jack Bauer – 1 man army, willing to do anything to get the job done.
    2. Nathan Drake – Fingers of a rock climbing jazz pianist and can drive any car and weild any weapon. Also has the best luck when it comes to getting out of bad situations
    3. Kratos – Has the power of the gods. Can also hack and slash anyone in close or ranged combat.
    4. Yoda – Wise, has the force, and fights for all that is good. Also who wouldnt be terrified of a small green dude jumping around weilding a crazy glowing sword.
    5. Bruce Willis – Consistently kicks ass and takes names. He has shot THROUGH HIMSELF to kill someone else. Ill just let that sink in……
    6. McGyver – Trapped in a cell with no weapons, a dead rat, a spring and an empty Pringles tin? McGyver will make you a flame thrower or a time machine, your choice.

  • 1. Marcus Fenix – Gears of War
    Firearms expert. Super badass. Previous experience fighting aliens.

    2. Master Chief – Halo
    Teaming up with Marcus with firearm capabilities. Previous experience fighting aliens and defeating entire armies single handedly.

    3. Varok Saurfang – World of WarCraft
    Melee expert. Super badass. Can cleave. Helped me that one time in Borean Tundra, but he made me keep it a secret so shhhh! Can also count as the token minority, since he’s an Orc.

    4. War – DarkSiders
    Melee expert. Also has portal gun for easy transportation, as well as a multitude of other random gear for puzzle solving.

    5. Ezio Auditore da Firenze – Assassin’s Creed 2
    Stealth expert. He went one-on-one in hand-to-hand combat with the Pope! Enough said!

    6. Samus Aran – Metroid
    Token female, because I don’t want this to be a complete sausage-fest. Plus she also has experience fighting aliens.

  • 1. Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw from Zero Punctuation fame. He’ll use his fowl mouth and honest opinion to kill!
    2. The entire production team from Duke Nukem Forever. If they can work on it for 12 years, they’re damn committed to their job.
    3. Ex-Transport Minister Lynne Koskey. She’ll try to introduce a Myki system on the elevators to get them to run more efficiently, spend billions on it, give up, and go sulk in a corner. Then she can become expendable, and killed in an explosion.
    4. Kanye West. Between crazy fashion, and interrupting people, I’m sure he’ll have the enemies laughing themselves to death.
    5. Patches O’Houlihan. If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!
    6. Bender Bending Rodriguez. Why wouldn’t you want to have a foul mouthed, beer swigging, cigar chewing, theiving robot on the team!

  • 1.Captain America – The best super human soldier of planet earth (acording to marvel comics).
    2.Wolverine – He’s the best at what he does. But what he does best isn’t very nice.
    3.Kratos – when it comes to war…
    4.Sylar (from Heroes tv show) – can change into all life forms and absorbs new powers from new species by just a simple touch
    5.Predator – The Hunter i can rely on to strike fear into my enemies and can do all the assassinations nice and quiet and collect some trophies.
    6.Batman – of course he is the Best detective in the World.

  • There are 6 classes in ME2, it makes sense to take one of each:

    Engineer – In ME2 they can create drones and incinerate and freeze enemies to death. But the Engineer from Team Fortress 2 can create Sentry Guns!! They can also create Teleporters and ensure the squad has unlimited ammo!! Also, i’m sure he will be well versed at fixing the Normandy and/or Mako.

    Adept – Any Adept can kill enemies with their Biotic powers, but none sound (or look) as cool as Darth Vader!

    Sentinel – Short Range Combat is extremely important, hence why I have chosen Goku from Dragon Ball Z to be my side kick. Not only can he back a mean ‘Kamehameha’ and get anywhere with ‘Instant Transmission’, he has an awesome head of hair.

    Infiltrator – I was going to pick Solid Snake for this one, but no-one is as versatile as a T-X out of Terminator 2. If you need to get into a nightclub, the T-X could morph into a busty 21 year old and then spear the bouncers after she gets in, thus, opening the path for the rest of the squad… the posibilities are endless!

    Vanguard – My pick for Vanguard would be Jason Fleming from Shadow Complex. I’ve never seen someone punch an enemy as far (or as high) as he can when he has his prototype suit on.

    Soldier – For the last spot I would have to pick Jake Dunn (Nomad) from Crysis. With his Nano-Suit being used to full potential he would be an invaluable member for the squad. The only downside I can see is that he is extremely taxing on resources and can sometimes be inflicted with a disease that PCs get affected by… commonly known as frame-rate lostitis.

  • Riddick – come on he can see in the dark, plus he is good in combat.

    Jason Bourne – great in hand-to-hand combat, plus handy with a gun.

    Saito (ghost in the shell anime series) – the sniper

    Jackie Chan – he can use anything as a weapon, anything.

    Harvey Birdman – he can fly, plus if we accidentally kill an innocent bystander, we already have our lawyer.

    Roger (American Dad) – he could use his disguises to infiltrate the enemies base.

  • 1. Jack Bauer – Because he kicks all sorts of ass, and when he’s all out of bullets an axe to the chest is the best alternative!

    2. Clint Eastwood – Clint can kick as much ass as the next guy, and he does it with class. Age doesn’t hold back this bag of whoop ass!

    3. Hugh Jackman – The all singing, all dancing cold shower taking to get angry man. He played Wolverine, and tried to make a musical tv show where he sang. This man knows no limits!

    4. Kristen Bell – Gotta have someone in the party to play the love interest, right?

    5. Wikus in the Mech from District 9 – Seriously that thing kicked so much ass, some of the best weapons I’ve ever seen in a movie before. How sweet would it be in the game?

    6. Dolph Lundgren – I read a story recently that Dolph once stopped a mugging by simply picking up the mugger like a trash can and throwing him away. Now if that isn’t bad ass I don’t know what is!

  • Kratos- he has one of the more diverse weaponry I have ever since. from the army of hade(which make him able to summon demon to help us) to the Blade of choas kratos is bloodthirsty,ruthless and value allie

    Dante & Vergil from Devil May Cry- Even thought there not the best of freinds both brother are amazing at killing period. Plus they both have sick weapons.

    Ryu Hayabusa(Ninja Gaiden- If you would like to leave your emenies headless, armless, legless( if that a word) he is the man for the job.

    Megatron- because he must be angry that he got his ass kicked by the autobots so he must have some angry he wants to let out. Plus his cannon is deadly.

    Chef Ramsay- The angry that he would unleash on my enemies would be fatal, plus since I have an elite squad, it would be good to have an Elite Chef to cook us some food when we get hungry.

  • 1. Chuck Norris – GOD MODE
    2. Bob Saget cuz he owns C-Nore^^^
    3. Jack Bauer – he is well over qualified for this job
    4. Black Power ranger – he is the only one with a gun
    5. Spock he owns Kirks ass
    6. zapp brannigan – Out Shatners William Shatner

  • 1.Buzz Lightyear of Star Command-Laser and aerial maneuvers
    2.Ned Kelly-cowboy maneuvers
    3.Weighted Companion Cube-Portable cover
    4.Robin Hood(fox version)-deadly with a bow and arrow, and tail.
    5.A Bear-There terrifying
    6.A Jelly Fish-Disguised as cheap, clear jelly but can float towards you at slowish speeds and sting the crap out of ya

  • It’s a hard decision to make really. It’s so easy to just plop Chuck Norris into your squad and call it a day. But overall, you’re going to want people who work well in a group, or else it will just be everyone playing catch up to the one man army.

    1. Captain Price (from the Call of Duty series)
    Captain Price has a certain quality about him in which he ensures that the important members of his squad make it through the end of the day. He is also the all rounder of group, with a variety of skills and untold years of experience with a variety of weapons and in a number of different locals.

    2. Morrigan (from Dragon Age: Origins)
    Morrigan presents the group with a number of useful abilities; namely the use of variety of different magic techniques. These include the ability to change into any number of animal types which could assist the group in any number of ways depending on the obstacles that present themselves on the mission.

    3. Enzio (from Assassins Creed)
    Enzio gives the group the much needed stealth aspect. He’s able to infiltrate the enemy installations and disable their defences with a variety of techniques, allowing the rest of the group to move in and clean up. He can also act as the forward scout of the group; climbing tall buildings to gain a better vantage point.

    4. HK-47 (from Knights of the Old Republic)
    HK-47 brings to the group the much needed ‘member who has no regard for his one life’ card. Because he’s a robot he would be able to take more punishment than the more meatbag members of the group; allowing him to be the bullet magnet giving the group chances to escape or flank.

    5. The Medic (from Team Fortress 2)
    The Medic gives the group the ability to heal their battle wounds, as well as overheal. The medics ability to provide constant medical attention thanks to his medi-gun is without a question essential. He’s a good team player, who’s had to put up with any number of bad team mates in the past. Plus his Ubercharge could prove useful in a pinch.

    6. Ellis (from Left 4 Dead 2)
    Ellis brings to the group the light hearted member. With his wise cracking dialoge and casual attitude to the situations, it can really lighten the mood after killing any number of enemies. Given that he survived over 1000+ zombies all gunning for him, it puts him up their with some of the greatest warriors around, he’s handy with a range of weapons including a frying pan.

  • Einstien: Brains are good and we’ll need someone to sort out all those temporal paradoxes.
    Hades: Good with dead things.
    Merlin: Wisdom, pointy hat, and refreshment conjuring.
    Bond: Style and class; sci-fi 007 ftw
    Sayuri (The Ring): Token mysterious character with ‘troubled’ past.
    Ranao (Tauren Druid): Everyone needs more cowbell

  • The hero: Nathan Drake (Uncharted) – every mission needs a good looking, sharp shooting, wise cracking male lead to get the hot female characters on our side.

    The friend that was actually working for the other team all along: Mad Eye Moody/Barty Crouch Jnr (Harry Potter) – cos you TOTALLY didn’t see that one coming!

    The ethnic guy: Because how else will we justify using subtitles?

    The looter: Magneto (X-men) – we wouldn’t even have to bend over to frisk the dead! Also, he’ll be able to tell which treasure chest has the gold and which one has the trap

    The token female: Princess Peach (Mario) – she’ll get kidnapped early on and will be safe in another castle so we won’t have to worry about her holding us back.

    The sacrifice: Kenny (South Park) – hardest mission in the world? One person is bound to die and it’s not going to be me!

  • 1. Megan Fox – Team bicyle and just for eye candy during the aventure

    2. Michael Atkinson – So people would shoot him first, operation humanshield or a tank if you prefer calling it that

    3. Paul Walker – Just so i dont have to see him “act” in movies

    4. Geroge Bush – Loves wars and dribbles crap, could be useful in the battlezone and pass speech checks

    5. Bill Gates – Threaten everyone if they shoot he will discontinue microsoft and he can hack terminals

    6. Eric Cartmen – The master mind of evil

  • 1. Riddick – I don’t even know why you wouldn’t take him? Tell him there is a bounty on his head and that the Collector’s are responsible then give him twin, balanced, knives. We know he doesn’t like blades that are a half gram heavy on the back end.

    2. Yoda – Little, Green, Wise and oh yeah… kicks butt with the Force (sorry, with Biotics). Yeah, he likes his alone time, and may abandon the team on the first swamp world we come too, but he is useful at picking up things with his mind and spinning them fast.

    3. Predator (anyone of them in there prime) – Hard to talk to because he just keeps repeating everything you say with reverb and “..want some Candy”. But can’t go past it’s bloodlust and instincts on a Suicide mission. And if he fails he takes out about 10 square kms in a nuke blast as he dies.

    4. Boba Fett – He’s Boba Fett! Keep him away from the Thresher Maw and any vest wearing blind blokes with Gaffi sticks (his only weakness) and he won’t go out like a punk.

    5. Wolverine – He is the best at what he does! And the virtual immortality and unbreakable adamantium skeleton must be handy except for getting through the Citedel’s Metal detectors. That dude must be on every watch list in the universe too?

    6. Alice (Mila Jovovich) – Engineered for kickin ass and has freaky Psi powers (sorry, Biotics). Would be good against Mass Effect’s Husks, since she has experience with Zombies and that should translate nicely to Geth Space Zombies.

  • This is my All-STAR A Team;

    1. Solid Snake. While the rest of us engage in heat, my man Snake would be rolling around and sneaking behind enemy lines and breaking necks.

    2. Medic (From TF2). We need all need some medical attention too ya know.

    3. Hideo Kojima. Kojima would be the intel tech dude that knows EVERYTHING. I’m sure he’d have a convulated explanation to our whole journey. Exciting.

    4. Captain Price. This man has spoiled missle launches, world domination and assisted in the killing of Imran Zakhaev. I’m certain he’d pull off some more crazy shit if he came along with us.

    5. Michael Atkinson. I’m sure one of us aboard the normandy can ‘convince’ Atkinson to change his mind. tehehe.

    6. Jean Claude VanDamn. This mission has surely got to resurrect his carrer. Those trademark spinning leg kicks of his will NOT go to waste damnit.

  • Bear Grylls – The guy is basically a walking survival book, he’d be eating Geth eyes and building shacks out of their corpses in minutes, he’s also ex-army so he’s got the right training, not sure how familiar he is with Geth military tactics though.

    Dog The Bounty Hunter – Is an explanation needed? He’s a god fearing man but that won’t stop him from smashing anyone that looks at him funny, I see him as the Wrex of my team, a badass with a heart of badass.

    Harry Potter – when isn’t a little magic kid useful? I feel I’ll need a ‘Plan B’ if things go wrong and Harry Potter seems the obvious choice. He’s got his magic spells to wizard us out of any situation and he’s got no parents so there won’t be anyone to inform when his little wizard brain is spread across a wall.

    Dexter Morgan – This guy is a killing machine, he’s quite, silent and deadly, plus he might actually enjoy killing people which I’m slightly concerned about in my other choices. I’ll just have to make sure there are plenty of dipsticks so he can collect all his Geth oil samples.

    Britney Spears (the crazy years) – She was obviously the inspiration for Subject Zero so why not have a real psycho bitch with a shaved head in my team. She’s also an electronics expert because of her constant use of machines to lip sync so she’ll be a vital part of my team.

    Tom Cruise – Last but not least I feel I’ve got plenty of fire power in my team but maybe I need to add a bit of a political spectrum to my team, just in case I get tied up in galactic red tape. Here’s a scenario I’m following some Geth warships but ‘uh-oh’ they’ve just gone into Theta Space and I’m confronted by the head of the Galactic Confederacy, the evil Xenu, now Tommy C. can step in and sort out all this rubbish and we can get back to chasing the Geth, you see in space it’s not always what you know, but who you know, and tom cruise is the most alien connected man from earth.

  • Rookie (ODST) – Does what Master Chief does but without expensive armour.

    Magneto (X-men) – Because in space, EVERYTHING is made out of metal.

    Robin (Batman) – Standing next to this guy will make us all look impressively macho and bad-ass.

    John McClane (Die Hard) – He could be 100 years old and still kick ass.

    Q (James Bond) – Who doesn’t like cool shit to play with?

    Jack Bauer (24) – Makes Chuck Norris cry.

    I stacked my team with mostly guns and muscle. Suits my style of play!

  • Chief Inspector Clouseau – Because no one else is better at distraction.

    The Monster in the Shadows from Order of the Stick – Because no one else is better at extraction.

    Galactus – Because no one else is better at destruction.

    Inara from Firefly – Because no one else is better at interaction.

    V from V for Vendetta – Because no one else is better at insurrection.

    Chuck Norris – Because no one else is better at action.

  • 1. Chuck Noris (Duh)
    2. Mr T (Cuz he can)
    3. Bruce Willas (in Die Hard Form)
    4. Harrison Ford (He never dies)
    5. Barney Stinson (To ensure the bro code is followed)
    6. Angelina Jolie (She can handle big guns *cough*

  • Richard Dean Anderson – He’s MacGyver AND Jack O’Neil, so he’s crafty with items and experienced in space travel.

    Will Smith – He’s been through fighting ‘iRobots’, so geth should be a breeze with him.

    Sigourney Weaver – She vsed ‘Aliens’, survived. So shes the one to turn to, if the Rachni (if they’d return) attacked. And besides, she can befriend the local Asari people.

    Patrick Stewart – Once a Captain and in ‘command of the USS Enterprise’, it’d be wise to have a second in command who knows how to run command a space ship.

    Mark Hamill – He Mastered the ‘force’, then he will master biotic!

    Milla Jovovich – We need someone to hack those creates and doors in space, and using Omni gel is such a waste. With her ‘Multi-pass’, there wont have to be a need to use them.

  • LoL some really funny crews you guys already assembled.

    here comes mine:

    Barrak Obama
    – the linguist, diplomat type. Boosts team morale with emphatic speeches, bores enemies to death with longwinded press conferences. Somehow all his dialog options contain change…?

    Grigori Rasputin
    – group healer and the patron saint of hard to kill. Losing blood quickly?? No problem, Rasputin got a mysterious cure for you. Also the guy is tough, immune to poison and takes alot of lead before he goes done.

    Pablo Escobar
    – the fun lovin loose canon, he routinely murders judges and politicians.

    Zombie Hitler
    – did someone say voodoo? He is the necromancing witch doctor that can awaken hordes of undead nazies. Just don’t ask him about syphilis…

    – The towering tank, deals and takes alot of damage. But, jeez, someone get him a helmet that protects his forehead.

    J. Edgar Hoover
    – the political assassine, enemy getting you down? to hard to kill? oh boy, does this guy have the solution for you. He’s got $hit on everyone. Blackmail never felt so legal.

  • 1. Morgan Freeman – Commander. Every deep space adventure needs a profound inner monologue, and I would have no-one else voice it.

    2. Buffy Summers – Brawler. Because she’s bored now and wants, nay, needs, to come back. She’s got tonnes of one liners saved up.

    3. Jack Bauer – Spec Ops. The pinnacle of testosterone manifest. He will ensure all missions will take exactly 24 hours to complete.

    4. Kevin Rudd – Tech. Computer expert. Able to disable enemy electronic networks with his array of filters.

    5. Steve Jobbs – Red Shirt. I don’t want to have to make a decision like Ashley vs Kaidan again.

    6. Dave Chappelle – Biotics. Who WOULDN’T give him biotics just to see what he would do with them??

  • 1.master chief john-117 = He managed to save the galaxy single-handed imagine if he had 5 other people to help…

    2.Chuck Norris = He’s chuck norris… no more needs to be said.

    3.robbin hood = he’s deadly accurate with a bow & arrow, why not a gun?

    4.Hannibal Barca = he is one of the best battle field commanders of all time, and he led one of the most succesful campaigns against the roman empire roughly around the date of 250BC. he was considered romes biggest enemy. 1 man vs an empire. epic.

    5.yoda = he’s green, awesome and he has a light saber. C’MON!!!!

    6. zero/lelouch = from the anime called ‘code geass’. he is so epic because he destroyed the world and focused all hate on him then sacrificed his own life to break the cycle of hate, making a new world with out war, poverty and hate.

  • Okay, given it a fair bit of thought, so here goes;

    1) John Matrix (Arnie’s Character from Commando, for the uninitiated) – murders heaps of dudes while spouting verbal gold such as “do not wake my friend – he’s dead tired”.

    2) Ezio Auditore Di Fireze – his methods may be…dated, but there’s few better as merciless assassinations.

    3) Henry Rollins – The guy could take a fair few bullets and could use his amazing self-righteous rant power to pummel enemies into submission.

    4) Godric (True Blood) – because Vampires are brutal, powerful and DO NOT SPARKLE. And they’re awesome!

    5) Ron Burgundy – the world needs to know of our awesome deeds, and there’s only one man who can relay such awesomeness.

    6) Ripley – because she pwns aliens on a regular basis.

  • Thor the Warrior

    Merlin the Wizard

    Thyra the Valkyrie

    Questor the Elf

    Because Gauntlet is the most dangerous misson possible with only 1 credit

    For my final 2 it’d have to be…

    Bob and Bub

    to trap my enemies while they are speared, arrowed, axed and magic-ed to death. Not to mention those two brother fought hordes of horrific enemies often 3 times their height.

  • My team of 6

    Batman (not that wussy Christopher Nolan version, I’m talking Adam West Batman! He knows how hard it is to get rid of a bomb)

    Hello Kitty (because we need a cute mascot)

    William Shatner (we need someone to have sex with all the women, and he is far from pejudice – he’ll do you if youre white, black, green, anything!)

    Edward James Olmos (because this man demands RESPECT!)

    The voice of James Earl Jones (because we need a father figure, and as an omnipresent voice he doesn’t get in the way or die)

    Steve Urkle (our Jar Jar Binks of the group)

  • Phillip J Fry, Bender B Rodriquez, Boba Fett (the REAL pre-prequel Boba Fett), both Spuds and Slurms Mackenzie and finally Hal Jordan (with or without power ring).
    Why? Because I like to party in space.

  • My team of 6 would include:

    1. Mr T. – Because he would lay pity on any fool in the Galaxy. Plus he has a reflective ability on his bling that can temporarily blind enemies.

    2. Rick Moranus – Because if he isn’t morphing into a demon dog, he’s shrinking the shit out of the enemy. A smaller enemy, is an easier enemy. Plus he has access to a photon accelerator.

    3. Jason X – Cause he kills mo’fuc#ers in space yo!

    4. George Jetson – Because I need a tour guide, and a place to stay. Plus, Judy is hot and George has to go to work at some point…

    5. Jesus – So I could show him that there are other planets and whoever wrote his book has filled it with lies.

    I wonder what the ending would be in that situation?
    Mr T. would probably eat Jason’s machete while Rick crosses light streams with Jesus, resulting in the universe imploding and me being left with Georges daughter, Judy. Sounds good to me.

  • My A-team of badasses include:

    1. Samus Aran:
    Perfect for the role. Experienced in space travel, independent worker (I smell juicy team conflict on the horizon), tragic back story, infused with ancient extinct (almost prothean like) technology, and she hunts FRIGGIN SPACE PIRATES!!

    She’s in my crew so hard it hurts (…that sounded dirtier then I intended)

    2. Solid Snake:
    An easy pick. He has the genes of the worlds greatest soldier, and is also very experienced in combat. His battle know-how and expertise would be crucial to the mission, not to mention that his advanced aging gives him motivation to complete the task before he runs out of time

    3. Nickola Tesla:
    skilled in many languages, check.
    Unparalleled genius, check.
    Batshit crazy, check.
    Adventures in space?, none…… yet

    Could easily fill the spot of crew science/ technical advisor, not to mention he would be reeeaaally fun to talk to.

    4. Dr Gregory House:
    Team medic. He’s always looking for interesting and unique cases to solve, so Im sure he’d jump at the chance to test his mettle by learning some alien physiology and healing practices. Not to mention his dry, sarcastic wit would no doubt keep me amused in the middle of a firefight.

    5. That green chick from the star trek movie:
    Because this is mass effect, and everyone knows that you have to have a colorful alien chick to bone as an option

    6. Ryu Hayabusa:
    His ninja skills would make him the perfect stealth assasin/scouter. No team is complete without a ninja who can flip out and kill you awesomely, and Ryu is the ninjiest of them all.

    **7 (mandatory meme joke). Beyonce – cos she had the greatest video of all time …. OF ALL TIME!!

  • 1. Kratos – I imagine a god of war would be useful for something.

    2&3. Yoda and Darth Vader – With these two working together who could stop them?

    4. R. Giskard – Deplomacy should always be the first thing attempted and Giskard is damm good at it.

    5. Alyx Vance – Smart and sexy, she can invent new weapons and make gravity guns for the force-challenged members of the party.

    6. Bokonon – Will provide spirital support to the members of the group, as they’ll probably need it.

  • The “In the Night Garden” assassination team as follows…

    1. Iggle Piggle – any sort of surprise can prove too much and make him fall over, however he quickly recovers, sits back up, and starts again… Needless to say, this is a very handy feature in the middle of a fire fight. Plus his security blanket makes great cover.

    2. Upsy Daisy – a confident little doll that loves to dance. Not only is she great for entertainment on long space voyages, she is excels in battle with the ability to set her bed (it has a mind of its own…don’t ask) on unwitting targets.

    3. Makka Pakka – loves nothing more than collecting and washing little stones. He also enjoys washing and drying the faces of the other toys (WFT?! I’m not making this up)… Really, hygiene is important when you’re trying to save the galaxy. And those little stones make formidable weapons against Reapers.

    4 5 & 6. Tombliboos – There are three of these tumbly, pepper-pot toys – Unn, Ooo and Eee. They totter about as a group, rarely individually, and their trousers tend to fall down at unexpected times (Hmmm, I’m struggling to think of something clean to say about this). How about… Upon seeing this act, enemies erupt into a fit of laughter, allowing Upsy Daisy’s bed of death to kill everything.

  • I reckon I’d take the Seven Samurai … minus that girly Katsushirō.

    I know it’s 7, but follow the influences back: Mass Effect -> Star Wars -> Akira Kurosawa.

    It’s a perfect fit!

  • I basically just want a team that can kick the crap our of people so here they are:

    1. Dante (Devil May Cry)
    2. Bruce Lee (Late Hong Kong action star)
    3. Batman (Dark Knight)
    4. Kratos (God of War)
    5. Wolverine (X-Men)
    6. Kenshiro (Fist of the North Star)

  • 1 – The random Star Trek lackey that would accompany Kirk to a planet only to get eaten by a plant in 5 minutes

    2 – Michael Atkinson, I plan on living as long as possible and I need D-bags like this to soak up some deaths

    3 – Macguyver, able to fashion some kind of IED from the bits left over from Atkinson

    4 – Soundwave, sounds cool and comes with an extra 3 guys in his chest!

    5 – Benny Hill, sexy female enemy assassins would be rendered useless as they chase him around in their underwear. Soundwave would be playing that ridiculous music in the background.

    6 – Adam West as Batman, with a repellent for just about everything we’ll have plenty of time to do lame dance moves and run around with bombs held over our heads. Suicide mission style.

  • 1. The Predator – For stealth and mayhem
    2. Magneto – For kickassery
    3. Wonder Woman – For space ship romance
    4. Han Solo – For badassery and witty banter
    5. Zero Suit Samus – Im pretty sure you can guess why she is there. To f*** shit up.
    6. Lister from Red Dwarf – For comedic relief.

    That would be my team and we could conquer the universe.

  • 1. Bayonetta – Bayonetta
    2. Joanna Dark – Perfect Dark
    3. Lara Croft – Tomb Raider
    4. Zelda – Wind Waker
    5. Sylvia – Viewtiful Joe 2
    6. Samus Aran – Metroid Prime 3

    One man on a very long journey will need some serious assets. Combat and various support skills are essential but other needs must not be neglected.

  • Christopher Lee: Because he’s made of 100% refined awesome and his third nipple could be used as a creepy distraction. His WW2 record is still classified by the british government which must mean he was a master assassin. He’d also be my log entry narrator because of the awesome voice.

    Jennifer Hale: She’s voiced so many heroes, she might as well get in and do some heroism herself and given how much stuff she’s done she clearly doesn’t tire easily. She’d narrate other things because her voice is like liquid sex. Possible love interest and would serve as my comminications officer.

    Steven Hawking: He’d be an information and control style operative akin to Oracle in Arkham Asylum. He’ll be the guy who figures out all the clever stuff so the rest of my crew can focus on arse kicking. Works as strategic planner and science officer.

    The Monarch (From Venture Brothers): Because he’s a diabolical creative lunatic with an outstanding line in psychotic raving speeches and is a good fighter. Would be the one to deliver the inspiring and vitriol laden pre-battle speech and mission briefings.

    Charles Offdensen (from Metalocalypse): An outstanding businessman who plans for every contingtency and is not afraid of engaging in ruthless efficient slaughter when the need arises. He’d be my first officer since he’s so insanely dependable. Also possible love interest

    B’Elanna Torres (From Star Trek Voyager): She’s cute, she adds to the alien & woman quota, she’s good in a fight and has the starfleet engineer macggyver skill of fixing anything she sees with whatever happens to be lying around. Obviously she’ll be my chief engineer.

  • Mace Windu: Master in jedi arts – mind tricks, open any barriers excellent in close combat.

    Hannibal Smith: You’ll love it when he’s plan comes together.

    Master Chief: Expert at range and close combat. No enemy is too tough.

    Kate Hudson: Just need a pretty face in the group.

    My FOnewearl Character from Phantasy Star Online: Excellent at healing.

    George Bush Jnr: Im sure there will be a black hole for him to explore along our journey.

  • Gary Oldman characters u get
    1. Commissioner Gordon – CAN DRIVE THE BATMOBILE
    2. Sid Vicious – HE IS SID VICIOUS
    3. Drexel – White pimp who is a wannabe black guy and only person cool enough to kill SAMUEL L JACKSON
    4. DRACULA – this vampire can kick ass day or night
    5. Lee Harvey Oswald, HAS MAGIC BULLETS
    6. Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg – COME ON PEOPLE look at his gun flame thrower, net, ice, grenades

  • Hmm… 6 people?

    Sharon; My sister, she’s small, cute and looks like she couldn’t harm a fly but underneath she’s a devil – fast, arrogant, ruthless, calculating, manipulative and never backs down till she gets her own way. She works best solo so she’s a great Infiltrator and born Assassin.

    MacGuyver; Any man who can turn any object into something useful is born to be in a mission of such proportion. He’d help rebuild guns and ammo out of mere scraps and could repair the ship out of toilet paper!

    Han Solo; Charming, suave and cocky and a damn good pilot. He’d be a great asset as would the Millennium Falon be. He’s also not a bad shot so even when he’s not in the pilot seat I know he has my back.

    Jill Valentine; Sexy and damn right skilled in any situation. She’s a survivor and knows how to quickly adapt to new situations and enemies. She’s also the master on unlocking. 😉

    Teal’c; Need at least one alien to even things out and he’s the man. Big, strong, connected, gets the job done no matter the cost and he can heal at a quicker rate then any human can. Makes him a great soldier to have on your team.

    Caprica Six; A cylon would be very handy – know the ins and outs of the techno world, unbelievably strong, sexy and cunning. Not to mention they can just resurrect when killed and maintain all their memories so they learn from their mistakes.

  • 1) The Red Power Ranger – He always gets the best equipment and vehicles, plus I want to ride in a giant robot dinosaur
    2) Link – Once he’s collected all the equipment and crap he needs he’s a pretty unstoppable force
    3) Niko Bellic – I’ll just tell him that his cousin has been kidnapped “YOU WILL NOT HARM MY COUSIN!”
    4) Shigeru Miyamoto – Probably not much good in a fight but I’ve always wanted to meet the guy, and this could be my last chance!
    5) Homer Simpson – Despite his stupidity, the guy always seems to succeed in life by the end of the episode.
    6) The Doctor – Really, who hasn’t wanted to go for a ride in the TARDIS? It’d be faster than taking the elevator…

  • #1 Batman – with the right prep batman can beat anyone
    #2 Chuck Norris – because he’s Chuck Norris
    #3 Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw – for his biting commentary (to raise morale)
    #4 “Rusty” Gates – to distract the enemy with his annoying prattle
    #5 Christian Bale – his verbal assaults can reduce any enemy to tears
    #6 Robert Downey Junior – he can act like anyone that I forgot to bring along

  • 1: Clint Eastwood, in his prime. Gun slinger.

    2: Doc, and his Delorean

    3: Einstein (Doc’s dog, not the scientist)

    4: The Joker, he’d lighten the mood of saving the galaxy

    5: Cortana, she could keep us updated by tapping into the enemies comm-links

    6: Me. Cause I’m just that awesome.

  • Here is my six, without numbers, as I don’t want to pick favourites. I’ll try and keep this short.

    Gordon Freeman – Ph.D. in theoretical physics, good at moving things, using switches, basically a super-soldier, no one can swing a crowbar faster.

    John McClane – I shouldn’t have to explain this one. I don’t know where to start. He just reeks of awesome.

    David Letterman, To make bad jokes (the funny kind) and enjoy it. Also because he is better than Leno and that other guy.

    Paul Shaffer – “Letters” would die on stage without Paul. Plus, we need racial diversity. (he’s Canadian)

    The (Fourth) Doctor – Racial diversity again, plus, who couldn’t find a use for his TARDIS.

    Real Optimus Prime (not that fake one that idiot made up for those movies) – He is a TRUCK, that can TRANSFORM into a big mechanoid robot dude with a laser!!!!! Also, racial diversity.

  • 1.The Professor(Futurama)- This mad scientist can create the most outlandish machines and use them to help you in every way possible.

    2. Virgil (Halo 3:ODST)- Fulled shielded whenever you go(as long as Virgil stays close), you’ll be almost invincible.

    3. bs angel- This woman can turn the every day sentence into a sexual innuendo that you could’nt believe even existed.

    4. Jason Flemming (Shadow Complex)- With his special ninja training and his own heavily armed suit he could destroy almost anything.

    5. Samus (Metroid prime)- This lady will kick butt. Whats not to like?

    6. Bugs Bunny- This guy (more or less a rabbit) can trick almost anyone into doing almost anything and get away with it.

  • Here’s a list of my favourite stereotypes and who I’d get to fill them…

    The re-instated soldier – You know he’s tough because he’s retired… John Matrix (Commando)

    The tough chick – She talks tough and carries a knife… Michelle Rodriguez (no character needed)

    The new guy – Because we need an excuse to run a tutorial… Carmine (I’m sure he has a cousin left)

    The know it all – Yep, the guy with all the answers, after you’ve blown everything up… Professor Layton (I’m sure that pompous accent would get up Matrix’s nose in no time.)

    The spritualist – The guy who tells you it’s all going to god’s plan even after the bad guy reveals he never had one – Yoda (couldn’t help myself)

    Finally the cannon fodder – Someone we don’t care enough about to cry over but we’ll sure as hell avenge their death – Ewe Boll (Ok. Ok. I really just want him to die for his crimes against humanity but this is my only chance to make it happen)

  • Rick James – He likes to party all the time
    John Howard – Able to solve diplomatic problems
    Michael Phelps – Swimmers can handle the G force
    Michael Jackson – King of pop, no one can stop him
    Nick Jonas – He’s cool the squad needs a cool guy
    Hugh Grant – Because he is the wolverine in X men

    I believe these 6 people would be most suitable for the squad attempting the most dangerous mission because it has a very well diversified range people with different useful skills that would come in handy at any given moment.

  • Daniel Garner – he battled his way out of hell
    John Candy – every team needs a Funny man
    Venom Punisher – Perfect for eliminating enemies with Extreme Prejudice
    El Mariachi – his guitar case full of Guns means their plenty to go around
    Freddy Krueger – Send him in first, then the rest can eliminate the sleep Deprived
    Joe Musashi (Shinobi) Never know when you will need a Ninja

  • 1) Colonel Jack O’Neil (Stargate SG-1) – if this is the most dangerous mission of all, probably involving space and aliens (or “Space Aliens”, if you will) — I’m going to need the witty quips and insane luck that only former MacGuyver can bring.
    2) Crocodile Dundee – I’m pretty sure any space alien in water is no match for a crocodile — and therefore, no match for good ol’ Croc Dundee!
    3) Adam Sandler, because he doesn’t take crap from nobody — and hallucinates about penguins in his spare time.
    4) Superman — I know, it seems like a cop-out. But at least I’ll succeed on MY dangerous mission because I took Superman.
    5) Taylor Swift (the enemies would be star-struck! – and I’m sure she makes for good conversation on the long trips between planets).
    6) And finally, Barack Obama, to keep the peace :P.

  • On this, the most dangerous mission off all, I shall be accompanied by Tanya and 5 engineers from the Command and Conquer universe.

    Tanya will take out any troops, laughing the whole time. Meanwhile, the engineers rush the main building. As soon as one of them gets in the door, it’s mission complete!

  • 1. Captain America. You need a leader, you go to Cap.
    2.The Tenth Doctor. He’d go in with reason, be able to negotiate with any new hostile lifeforms, but should they refuse? No mercy. And who needs the Normandy when you have a T.A.R.D.I.S.?
    3.Handy Manny.You’re going to need repairs at some stage and I’m yet to see him unable to fix anything…plus if the alien threat speaks Spanish, he can translate.
    4.Sherlock Holmes. Screw Batman being the ultimate detective, Sherlock’s been doing it longer AND he’s a dead ringer for Tony Stark.
    5. Raiden (Ninja) because every team needs a ninja/former gun expert.
    6.Odinn. Greybeard. The Great Hunter. Allfather. He can raise an army of the dead, fool the unwary and knows and sees all. There is no perfidy unknown to Him. Plus, Yautja and Xenomorphs would sooner pull off their own heads than face Him.

  • 1. 125g butter
    2. 1/2 cup caster sugar
    3. 1 egg
    4. 1 3/4 cup of self-raising flour
    5. 2/3 cup of chocolate bits
    6. 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla essence

    I would beat the butter, essence and sugar together in a small bowl with an electric mixer until smooth, then add egg, beat until combined. Stir in sifted flour and remaining ingredients. Id then roll them into balls and place 4 cm apart on greased oven trays. Bake in moderate oven about 15 minutes or until browned. Cool on trays. Makes about 60.
    The result of which would be the Best Damn chocolate chip cookies EVER. Capable of melting the hearts of even the toughest and grumpiest intergalactic enemy scum!

  • my team of awesomeness would comprise of…

    Hunter S Thompson – the man loved shooting, so get out of his way.

    Miranda Kerr – She can distract people… with her hotness

    Officer John McClane – you can’t kill McClane

    Sylar – He will rip your brain out and take your power… dont F#$@ with him

    Robin Williams – he could also pass for Chewie with his hairiness, but we would need some company.

    Renae Lawrence – i wouldnt mess with his woman… she is scarier than the candyman.

  • Soup nazi (Seinfeld) : Strict food provisions required.

    Wikus Van De Merwe (District 9) : Alien arm needed for weapons testing.

    Nolan North (VO guy) : He’s voiced heaps of games, surely he’s got a ton of quips to use on enemies.

    Q (from 007 flicks) : Ganna need some funky gadgets to get out of a sticky situation.

    Tyler Durdan (Fight Club) : It’s like having an extra guy on or team.

    Bobby Kotik (Activision) : Roll up cheques for millions of dollars and share a victory smoke with the team after mission completion.

  • my team of awesomeness would comprise of…

    Hunter S Thompson – the man loved shooting, so get out of his way.

    Miranda Kerr – She can distract people… with her hotness

    Officer John McClane – you can’t kill McClane

    Sylar – He will rip your brain out and take your power… dont F#$@ with him

    Robin Williams – he could also pass for Chewie with his hairiness, but we would need some comedy…

    Renae Lawrence – i wouldnt mess with his woman… she is scarier than the candyman.

  • Superman – Pretty much Invincible
    Chuck Norris – To Keep Superman in Line
    Chuck Norris’ Mum – To keep Chuck Norris in line
    Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) – Legen, wait for it, dary. To get women to keep Chuck Norris satisfied & boost morale.
    Wikus Van De Merwe (District 9)- can use awesome alien (‘Prawn’)weapons
    Dale Doback (Step Brothers) – to F shit up.

  • 1. Major Robert Henry Cain.
    Who? Winner of “The finest V.C in WWII” and was humble enough that his family didn’t know.
    Anyone who fought off tanks with a two inch mortar needs to be here.

    2. Sir David Attenborough.
    “Heeah in this uninhabited planet we come across one of the most remarkable species; the self replicating game asset.”

    3. Genetically engineered Chook MK7.
    In the far future Chickens have taken the time to return to their dinosaur roots further enhanced by genetic altering.
    You have a lightweight, deadly and somewhat intelligent sidekick that people can rename “Kazooie”.

    4. Batman.
    Stuff elevators when you simply grapple up them.

    5. Stephen Hawking.
    By now he’s just a brain in a jar complete with mood lighting that pulses to aid conversation.
    But when you need someone to calculate warp physics who is better?

    6. Blackadder.
    A cunning plan is always required!
    And it’s so cunning you can brush your teeth with it.

  • 1. Sock puppet I keep in the draw next to my bed, he’s my right hand man… literally!

    2. Gob Bluth, we’ll need a good supply of Forget-me-now’s! Illusions also come in handy during long trips..

    3. Mr. Jingles, an invincible mouse that stealth’s around… Mighty Mouse came a close second but I think Mr. Jingles could kick his ass

    4. Microsoft Clippy, when you’re in a bind he’ll always offer his help! …always!

    5. Starwars Kid, I need someone with a weapon and he’s the only one highly trained enough to use it!

    6. My mum! she heals, cooks and is really good at Sudoku! I also needed a female on the team for equal rights and all…

  • Dexter Morgan – He is a stealthy calculating killer
    Cylon Number 6 – She is sexy, dangerous and can respawn into a new body
    The Braid Guy – Can rewind time for another shot. Need I say more?
    The Governator – His accent would be awesome, great diplomacy skills and an action man to boot
    Rick Dekard – Blade Runner, killer of androids
    Han Solo – The original space rogue that all others are based!

    Here is a bunch of bad-asses that no one could beat!

  • If your going to save the galaxy, then you need most of all…

    1) Bruce Willis. Enough said. He has a stellar resume when it comes to this sort of work.
    2)Rhino (Hamster from Bolt) – Rhino will make an excellent additon to the team. hes small, ruthless and can snap anyones neck. Stealth all the way.
    3)sigourney weaver – Nice to have a mature lady on board. Shes good on the science side and can still handle herself in a fight. Very quick thinking. And has experience in the field.
    4)Samus Aran – again exceptional Resume. Another girl is also a +. Samus + bruce willis are the fire power here.
    5)Stubbs The Zombie, he needs another adventure. Im sure he’ll prove ‘handy’ on the mission
    6)Alyx Vance – 3rd dependable beautiful girl for the team. Like everyone, she can handle herself in a fight but is also very intelligent and good with electronics.

  • 1. TX-1000. An unstoppable killing machine…unless Shepard’s party happens to inconveniently drive into a steel foundry. But what are the odds of that happening in deep space?

    2. Deadpool- nothing deadlier than an insane mercenary, and surely the cheerful strains of, “Yay, now is fighty time, fighty time, blood, blood, blood!” would help lift the team spirits…

    3. Jean Grey- telepathic and telekinetic with the potential for Phoenix-level destruction.

    4. Darth Maul- a lethal Sith Assassin with Dark Side powers to boot (I maintain that Obi-Wan Kenobi must have just gotten lucky and caught Maul on an off-day).

    5. Kitana- Kiss of Death! Kiss of Death! Plus, she’s 10,000 years old so she would’ve picked up a fair few combat and strategic tricks in that time.

    6. Atton Rand- he possesses all the Force equivalents of Kaidan’s biotic powers, but also has Jedi, Sith and Echanic training. Plus, I’d need (I mean, Commander Shepard would need…) some sort of eye candy on the mission.

  • 1.Bear Grylls- Eats everything and everyone.
    2.Genghis Khan- He almost conquered the world, space is the logical jump.
    3.General Douglas MacArthur- For strategy and tactics.
    4.John Wayne-So we can fight communism from space as well as shooting prowess…pilgrims
    5.The Man with No Name- Ace gunslinger and heart stopping scowl.
    6.Sherlock Holmes- Deductive skills as well as his little known boxing,fencing and shooting skills. In the books he’s mentioned at being amazing at all of these.

  • In no particular order, if I need to save all of time and space,

    The Doctor
    The Doctor
    The Doctor
    The Doctor
    The Doctor

    Specifically I’d pick the First, Fourth, Fifth, Seventh, Ninth and Tenth Doctors (the others only just step over the line of bad fashion sense).

    They each come with a TARDIS and an assortment of handy accessories such as robotic dogs, sonic screwdrivers and young plucky companions.

    This collection of half-a-dozen of the same timelord, can pretty much take care of any invading force, nefarious universal plot, or megalomaniac bent on world domination, with a minimal loss of life and all in good humour and excitement.

    Meanwhile, I will retreat to a safe viewing distance, just behind the sofa.

  • spock from the uss enterprise need at least one alien on my side
    harry potter he is a main character so he is never going to get killed
    jackie chan for his kung foo hand to hand fighting
    hilter he is just plain mean and good at killing people
    last id take my daughter would not want to be alone with any of the other five 🙂

  • 1. Chuck Norris – To eliminate travel time because the galaxy comes to Chuck Norris

    2. Jessica Alba – If something goes wrong during the trip, I may be responsible to repopulate the planet – This young lady will also satisfy my sexual urges and desires as I tend to get a bit antsy in my pantsy when I travel.

    3. Wario (Mario Kart) – I reckon he would be a cool guy to hang out with, I think he and I would have the same sense of humour and play pranks on the other team members.. and if I’m bored I can get him to yell out WARRRIO!! That always makes me smile.

    4. Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell) – Every team needs a hard ass and I nominate Sam Fisher.. He would offer protection and a morbid sense of humour to the group. In the event we get bored, I’m pretty sure he could perform some serious Circus So lei moves and have the team in awe. Also I reckon I could probably bum some cigarettes off him during the trip.

    5. Arnold Schwarzenegger – Experienced in various forms of galaxy and time travel (Total Recall, Terminator and The 6th Day) Arnie’s resume boasts, cheesy quotes and a physicality that Fisher doesn’t quite posses. With Arnie and Fisher side by side I feel very safe and know some hilarity will shortly follow. For example: Arnie kills a bad guy leaving him lifeless on the floor “Please don’t bother my friend he is Dead tired”.. GOLD Arnie..GOLD!

    6. Iain Hewitson (fat chef off channel 10.. the one that always wear suspenders) – The team needs to eat and to keep us fighting fit we will need the touch of a professional, with many years of cooking experience Hewwy has this covered. Being the annoying chap that he is, the way I see it… if we are trapped somewhere and must resort to cannibalism he would be the first person we eat. I think he could keep us alive for at least 4 -5 months until a rescue team discovers us.

  • 1. Snake Plissken – He escaped from both New York AND L.A with a combination of brawn, brains and badassedness. Charismatic, roguish and a hit with the ladies, he’d walk into any crew in the galaxy.

    2. Jack Burton – He’s tough, mean and can drive a truck. He’s paid his dues (the cheque is in the mail!) and has a track record of dealing with foreign cultures in sensitive situations. Roguish, charismatic and a hit with the ladies, he’d drive into any crew in the galaxy.

    3. Stuntman Mike – He drives a car real good. He has charisma, is roguish, hits plenty of ladies and would crash into any crew in the galaxy (that we didn’t like).

    4. R.J MacReady – Another potential pilot should the shit hit the fan, he also has experience dealing with hostile alien lifeforms. Despite his possible alien infection, he maintains his charisma, his roguish disposition and his ability to hit with the ladies. His head could detatch from his body, sprout legs and walk into any crew in the galaxy.

    5. Dexter Reilly (from the Computer Wore Tennis Shoes) – His brain is a computer. HIS BRAIN IS A COMPUTER!!! He’s a bit of a nerd, but he’d be great for on-board sat-nav. His brain would sit in a jar and tell people where to turn next for any crew in the galaxy.

    6. Kurt Russell – He’s lived with Goldie Hawn for nearly thirty years, and must therefore be resistant to most if not all forms of torture, human or otherwise. He’s roguish, charismatic and a hit with the ladies, and is required to play every other member of my crew in the galaxy.

  • The crew needs to be well rounded and for the sake of the mission get along well. With that in mind:

    1. Mum.
    She knows me, is willing to wash my clothes and gives good advice. Plus, her Pasta Bakes kick intergalactic arse.

    2. David Bowie.
    Because despite what people say, Bowie is Ziggy Stardust and aliens–no matter which cannon they’re from–respect Ziggy.

    3. Bob Marely.
    Because while Bowie is kicking arse and gathering loyal followers, me and the crew are gonna need some sweet chill out tunes. Plus, what better way to spread the love then the reggae king?

    4. Ezio.
    Snake? pfft. I like my assassins with a bit of mystique and when Ezio dons the robe with cape and all you know shit’s about to get real.

    5 Batman.
    Speaking of capes. Arkham Asylum brought me back to Batman in the best way. It made me open my eyes and realise again the awesome that is the Dark Knight. Batman in the group is essentially Ezio’s rival to the Mantle of Sheer Awesomeness.

    6. Alyx Vance.
    For I can think of no other capable female video game sidekick. Does one even exist? Besides that, we need to level out the gender dynamic. I can’t let my mum be the only woman rolling with us.

    That’d get weird.

  • Tom Selleck – hes magnum freckin pi.
    Ghandi – for peaceful disputes plus he looks like an alien.
    The big Lebowski – i could spend hours making my way through his dialogue tree. plus he always abides.
    Patrick Swayze – now that hes a ghost he can help out during the intergalactic pottery love scenes.
    Robocop – Part Man, Part Machine all Cop.
    Admiral Akbar – He can spot a trap from the other side of the galaxy.

  • Chuck Norris – need i say more?
    Solid Snake – great for sneaking around
    Nathan Drake – Great at causing destruction and creating distractions
    Master Chief – A one man army (great for solo missions)
    P-Nutz – Great for creating mental scars, once Kratos – need i say more?

  • 1. Luke Plunkett
    2. Brian Crecente
    3. Stephen Totilo
    4. Michael McWhertor
    5. Brian Ashcraft
    6. Michael Fahey

    Seeming they all got me started on my great adventure across the galaxy that is Mass Effect 2.

    PS. Guys, Happy to shout you a few drinks in Chora’s Den & I’m good “friends” with the Asari Dancers so ill hook you up 😉

  • seen as how all the obvious choices (chuck norris etc) are taken ill go with the following..

    1: Captain Planet… he’s our hero gonna take pollution down to zero 😛

    2: James May (Top Gear) well you need a intelligent whinging British person on the crew and lets face it he is the best

    3: Ken Block.. basically he can drive all the land based vehicles with style, drifting around stuff is an everyday job for him and im sure he can handle the mako or any other vehicle bioware throw at us

    4: Chuck Bartowski.. lets face it he has a government super computer in his head i am sure he is more than qualified as our Intel guy.. plus comic relief would never go astray

    5: Sergeant Roger Murtaugh.. well he is played by Danny Glover and he can keep shouting out im told old for this shit and the likes.. would be great fun to have him on the crew

    6: Gary Busey.. watched entourage lately? this guy is batshit insane he can stand about dribbling crap all day long and we will still have no idea what he is on about..

  • 1. Milo and Otis (they are small, so they count as 1) – to distract the enemy whilst the big guns flank em.

    2. The Red Power Ranger – because all the others suck. And red throws punches faster…

    3. Voltron – a big f**k off robot that would kick the crap out of everyone.

    4. Ash from Pokemon – he would take a butt load of poke-balls and attempt to Catch ’em all!

    5. The Punisher – just because.

    6. Predator – the guy lives for this kinda shiz. But he’d end up wasting the entire team to display as trophies, then the game would get censored due to its graphic and violent nature, leading to it being not available for sale thus putting my whole team on hold… thankyou Mr Atkinson and the OFLC.

  • 1. Tiger Woods – With his high charisma and fat wallet(maybe its just the latter?) he dramatically increases dialogue options with females. His weapon skills also ensure he’s sure to hit anyone out for a hole in one.

    2. Jennifer Hawkins – Can make any male bow down too her will. Possible love interest? I think so

    3. Ezio – The perfect assassin. Coupled with his melee skills and keen ability to lure woman, he is also the perfect wingman to hit the clubs with.

    4. Boxxy – The “queen of /b/” will have expanded throughout the universe. Her ability to generate endless hordes of drooling webtrolls to act as meat shields and distractions will greatly benefit the team. Provided the team where headphones she can use her high-pitched voice and ways to make anybody’s head explode.

    5. Morgan Freeman voiced AI – You just know everything’s going to be fine when Morgan Freeman pops out of your microphones letting you know a legion of battle ships is closing in on your location

    6. Jack Bauer – The man with all the plans, and all the skills. Has the uncanny ability to save the world, whatever the situation, in just 24 hours.

  • 1. “The Bride” (Kill Bill) – her skills of disposing large groups of people with just her blade would come in handy.

    2. Wolverine (X-Men) – a man who cannot be harmed with a rage like no other. Not to mention his natural weapons!

    3. Buffy (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) – Lots of experience in taking down the “big bad”, has managed to die twice and still stands. Strong, smart and resourceful – would bring also bring plenty of light-hearted jokes to the mix.

    4. Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid) – for those situations that require a bit of sneaky espionage. Infinite ammo bandana would come in handy too!

    5. Macgyver (Macgyver) – for those tricky situations where resources are scarce. Useful for many, many problem solving skills, including disarming nuclear weapons with paperclips.

    6. Balthier (FFXII) – Bringing the group some necessary charm and style. Pirate skills, handy with a gun, and can fly an airship too.

  • Optimus Prime – He’s like… The Jesus of Robots. Also if he’s in Cybertronian vehicle mode, he’ll double as the APC.

    Obi Wan Kenobi – He’s a Jedi, a General, a mediator and has a cool accent

    Tony Stark – He’s Iron Man and a genius weapon inventor. Also helps to reel in the ladies.

    Dr House – For that excellent combination of medical expertise and curmudgeonly behaviour.

    Matrix – As played by the Governator from the film Commando. He can fight and provide badass one liners to boot.

    MacGyver – For when violence and diplomacy fails… There’s always MacGyver.

  • ALF – Need the intergalactic presence.

    Alex Rogan – Greatings starfighter, who else would you want on your ship?

    Jennifer Connolly – She’s hot, what can I say?

    Larry Emdur – Someone who knows the price on all the lootz I’ll be picking up.

    Dr Karl Kruszelnicki – The man knows all

    David Copperfield – I think you need a mage in these groups don’t you?

  • Randy Marsh – Here’s a man who thinks outside the box

    God – the ultimate scout he’s everywhere but no one can see him

    Bob Marley – our resident cook and musician, everything is going to be alrite

    kim jon ill – our flawed navigator guide like shemegal..

    Zangief – possibly the most capable swimmer in my roster, he’s always ready for a swim & pile driver.

    Tony Robbins – and his awsome jedi mind powers..

  • From: Captain Shepherd
    To: Normandy HR Recruitment

    RE: Advertise list for recruiting ‘cool’ new team for suicide mission.

    1. Token rookie. Preferably with no family ties for sacrificial purposes. Good communication skills a must.

    2. Token hot chick. Intelligence and combat skills not required. Preferably green or blue.

    3. Token psychopath. Must have serial killing tendances and authority figure issues. Kitchen skills optional.

    4. Token pilot. Egoistical and arrogant qualities a must. Stand up comedy experience preferred.

    5. Token rival. Can’t be as good looking as me to avoid ‘chemistry’ issues with token hot chick. Futhermore IQ must be lower then mine.

    6. Token rare surviving alien. Preferably other crew member was part of this candidate’s race genocide. Will spice up team meetings.

    Kingly regards,

  • i would bring:
    Wrex (hes a badass Mother fluxer)
    my good buddy Tom (hes a good sniper)
    MacGuyver (creatvity)
    Army of Two’s Salim and Rios (that counts as two)(armour and Weapons)
    Somone to hav sex with all of us (got to relive tention and strees)

    Good luck to everyone 🙂

  • Six – (from Battlestar Galactica) she’d be awesome to watch in battle

    Anna – (from V the new tv series) she’d be fierce

    Sam Worthington (from Avatar) – would make a great soldier

    Trevor Donovan (from 90210) – would give the teams golden boy who does things by the book

    Ryan Kwanten (from true blood) – he’d be the class clown character and would have a nick name like “boondoggle” or something.

    And Levi Johnston – (sarah palins daughters ex bf) – because it would be a great kickstart to his fame whoring career and he’d be a great “new recruit) who would play the role of the newbie who has to prove himself… (ie always getting into trouble for doing what he thinks is the right thing but could prove to be a mistake that others have to help in cleaning up)

  • Alan Border – You need your Captain to be cranky.

    Serena Williams – Every mission needs a tank

    Usain Bolt – Some things need to happen fast.

    Celine Dion – Get her to sing to block the enemy signals.

    Norm from Cheers – Tell him free beer for a month if we win and watch the carnage he will bring

    Claire Werbeloff – Someone needs to describe the victory to the reporters.

  • 1. Mario – Human Shield
    The bastard never dies, he just keeps getting re-released for every nintendo platform

    2. Captain Kirk – Diplomacy
    To make sweet love to evey female alien in the galaxy

    3. Bill Gates – Espionage
    To steal technology off others we meet and re-create an inferior copy of it.

    4. The Fonz – Engineering
    He can just tap anything with his fist then say “eyyyyy” and it will start working.

    5. Rambo – Killing Machine
    With rambo around, I know there will be a lot of dead bad guys within the first 15 minutes of my adventure.

    3. My mum – Sustinance
    Someone has to make me a sandwich

  • 1. The winner of tomorrow’s competition
    2. The winner of Friday’s competition
    3. The winner of Saturday’s competition
    4. The winner of Sunday’s competition
    5. The winner of Monday’s competition
    6. The winner of Tuesday’s competition

    With the combined mind power of the six future winners and their entries I can thus increase my chances of winning today’s competition by 0.06%.

  • My entry 🙂

    Angela Lansbury: the detective; This unassuming little trolop has no business sticking her unqualified nose into other peoples affairs, but my does she do just that with vehemence and aplomb. In fact, I’d go so far as to say she is the precursor for all bioware protagonists. A talented busy body getting involved in other peoples problems. She’d be perfect for solving those intergalactic social mystery’s. The perfect compliment to my paragon Shepherd.

    Sarah Palin: The weapons expert; Years of training in the Alaskan wilderness have taught this former vice presidential candidate the skills necessary to survive the harsh environs of space travel. Being an expert in the fields of rifle, handgun and wooden plank with nail in it combat, the transition from shooting defenceless animals to shooting heavily armed space robots should be a smooth one requiring little to no training. Additionally, her time spent on campaign buses and private jets have taught to her to co exist with companions in a tight space, perfect for life aboard the Normandy. Pre marriage pregnant daughter available soon as DLC!

    Roger Moore: the negotiator; The Geth being robots with no emotion or regard for human life are understandably hard to communicate with. Therefore, a negotiator with similar traits is required. Enter Roger Moore, the most wooden actor of the 20th century. Complex statistical modules have predicted that Roger Moore’s unemotional monotone pattern of speech is the most suitable for communication with Nazi death robots from the year 3000, his only weakness is his tendency to perform his signature eyebrow raise on inappropriate occasions, which may compromise mission objectives.

    David Blaine: Biotics ; After finally managing to attain immortality in the year 2025 by liquefieing and consuming the charred remains of his greatest enemy David Copperfield, Mr Blaine has spent the last few century’s in solitude creating his masterpiece; swallowing a live pelican while unicycling down that fake pyramid thing in Vegas. David now wishes to see the galaxy and perform useless feats of banality to bored alien audiences across the vast reaches of spa.. Sorry, the vast reaches of NineMSN.

    Vladamir Putin: The Soldier; Tranquillising a Siberian tiger at long range? Sedating old women pleading for their sons life aboard the Kursk? Performing judo on terrified colleagues? This former spetsnaz officer and puppet of the old guard has done it all. The perfect all rounder for a dangerous space mission, Vladamir is an expert in combat and intimidation, his shiny bald head blinds his enemy’s from 20 feet!. The only thing left for this Russian bear is to win the space race for his country aboard the Normandy… Oh wait…

    Heart (captain planet): The diplomat; This ingratiating little turd has the (un)fortunate ability to talk to animals and convince them to do stuff. After getting sick of doing battle with ponytailed, grey trousers, navy blue jacket wearing relics of the 1990’s, the falling out of the planeteers due to excessive drug and alcohol abuse and with the mass introduction of carbon trading scheme in 2042, heart’s role on earth has become rather redundant. He has now set his sites on bringing his brand of inter species “love” to the greater universe. To do so Heart joined up with the (insert cliched science fiction government body). The (insert cliched science fiction government body) has assigned him to the Normandy, where he is (unbeknownst to heart) to be used in gaining the trust of alien species so that they may be slaughtered more easily by commander shepherd upon his arrival.

    Xbox or PC if i win…


  • Rick Deckard (Bladerunner) – Part of Shephards work will no doubt involve detective work and Deckard is one of the best sci-fi has to offer. Plus he’s dealt with androids before which is always a plus.

    Richard B Riddick (Pitch Black) – For stealth work, the dirty stuff. A real fighter too. Sneaky and deadly. Perfect Infiltrator.

    Max Guevera (Dark Angel) – Stronger and faster than a normal human and pretty damn fine to look at. Every team needs a strong independent female character.

    Aayla Secura (Star Wars – Ep 2) – Close approximate to biotic, and a blue skinned alien. Everyone knows the reputation Twi’leks have. What more do I need to say. Perfect fill in for Liara T’Soni.

    Jayne Cobb (Firefly) – Unreliable mercenary. Blunt as a hammer. Good with any weapon. Shows sparks of morality. Perfect character for an RPG. Welcome to bring Vera with him.

    Ford Prefect (Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy) – A more knowledgeable companion one could not hope to find. He knows all the tricks and has travelled far and wide through the galaxy. He knows the golden rule well – Don’t Panic.

  • 1. Yoda – wise and insightful but also a humerous side and just slightly good with a lightsaber.

    2. Supergirl – Just as good as Superman but in a better package. Is there anything she wouldn’t be useful for? No Kryptonite on this mission right?

    3. Sawyer (from LOST) – every team has to have a smart arse, sarcastic guy that talks back to everyone but useful with guns and conning people.

    4. Mr T. – much better choice than the fool Chuck Norris. Would make excellent back and forth jibba-jabba with Sawyer.

    5. Star Trek Redshirt – if someone going to die on this dangerous mission, it’s definatley not going to be one of the others. Plus they’ll find some villan that want to become good and join their team after the redshirt dies.

    6. Voltron (Lion Force of course) – i’m hoping counts a one, but why would you not want a big “Michael Bay expletive” robot such as Voltron included. Plus, how awesome would it be seeing Yoda, Supergirl, Sawyer, Mr T. and the new-good-villan say “Let’s go Voltron Force”

  • HMMM.. okaay

    1. Regina George from Mean Girls – why fight the enemy when you could use rumor and bitchiness to manipulate them into fighting each other?
    2. Rasputin – rumors surrounding his death suggest he has awesome health regeneration
    3. ‘The Librarian’ from Unseen University (Discworld Novels). Mainly to see what happens to Geth who wonder out loud why theres a ‘monkey’ in space. Ook.
    4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer – ass kicking, quips, pouting. Sometimes all at once.
    5. Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs – because saving the universe can be quite a dirty job.
    6. Scrat from Ice Age – Inventory management.

  • In order to take on the most dangerous mission of all you need the most dangerous people imaginable.

    1. Chuck Norris – does this even need a reason? ok at least one then. Roundhouse kick!

    2. Samus Aran – who else but someone who can take on ALL of the space pirates without breaking a sweat.

    3. Solid Snake – Even if he does get old he’s still the most badass soldier around.

    4. Number Six – The group requires a love interest and is also able to hold her own in a fight. Just think, samus and six love triangle anyone?

    5. Arnold Schwarzenegger – This guy will be invaluable to the group as a utility class. imagine if you will that arnold can be any of his movie incarnations. the Terminator? what better than the most badass incarnation of Arnold for destroying anything large and deadly, like those giant geth tanks. Being a Robot he’s also prove useful if you need to get through any electronic locks. Any time you talk to him back on your ship you can do the Predator Handshake. What’s more awesome than that?

    6. Obi-wan Kenobi – At this point i’ve heavily stacked the deck with badass soldiers so i need at least one magic/biotic/force user to round out the groups skills. This is the guy that fucked up Vader when he first went emo.

  • 1. An Inanimate Carbon Rod – In case i need to wedge the shuttle door shut on re-entry.

    2. An Idea – Because beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof.

    3. A cube with a heart on it – Because people love that for some reason

    4. A Herring – In case I need to cut down the mightiest tree in the forrest

    5. An Adoring Fan – Because death-defying accomplishments mean nothing without a guy to tell you how awesome they were

    And last of all:

    6. Your Imagination – Because it is the most powerful companion of all

  • A dangerous mission eh, well here goes.

    1. !Jason Statham! This mission is going to be psycho, no doubt somewhere along the way one of my crew will have to sacrifice himself for the greater good so i am going to take along someone who can pull their weight when it comes to the usual decapitation and destruction of enemies but also someone who i wouldn’t really mind being lost in some massive explosion! I choose Statham because he is badass and also because he needs to pay for some of the terrible movies he has been in lately.

    2. !Shale! Yes a bioware character (thats got to be worth a few points), she can just charge in and nothing will happen to her because she is a golem, pure rock! need i say more. And also because many ‘its’ will get their heads squished.

    3. !Lara Croft, Angelina version! Ok so this mission needs a kick ass fighter and also a romantic possibility because it could be our last fight! COMEON! so i’ll choose lara croft. She is hot, she kills things and is good and finding loot!

    4. !Zuckerman! you know NBC’s head honcho who can destroy anything and everything even if he doesn’t want to!. Nothing stands in his way he is a timebomb just waiting to be thrust upon your enemies. Want to know what i’m talking about go ask Leno or Conan O’brian.

    5. !Dr.Manhatten! The Watchmen movie kind of left me feeling a little depressed but one thing that was totally kickass was a blue dude who is basically immortal, kind of like those avatar, Pandora inhabitents except a little less empathetic. Perfect for the obliteration of any enemies.

    6. !Captain Planet! I’m not even capable of describing how awesome this guy is, look him up and you will see that i deserve the prize as my team is now officially the baddest thing in the universe.

  • I think, given how I played the first game as Paragon, I’d assemble a team that could handle the mission at hand, but also demonstrate to the galaxy how super awesome humans are, in an attempt to improve the stature of humanity in the galaxy by showing what we have to offer.

    To defend the galaxy, I would assemble some of the most awe inspiring people who have ever walked the face of the Earth.

    1. Sun Tzu: When it comes to warfare, Sun Tzu wrote the book (ba dom tish >.>). He would be an incredible asset for planning and executing the battles ahead, as well as demonstrating how human ingenuity can influence warfare on the galactic stage.

    2. Saint Joan of Arc: Schizophrenic? Probably. She was also the first and only person to lead the entire army of a nation at 17 years old. Even after many wounds, including to neck and head, she kept on truckin’ winning victory after victory. Nobody says ‘human fortitude and ambition’ like Joan of Arc.

    3. Abraham Lincoln: A de facto leader in Shephard’s absence, I think he would be both an inspiring guy to have on the battlefield and an excellent representative for human/alien relations. …at least, better than Ashley from Mass Effect.

    4. Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen (the Red Baron): Not that there is any air combat in Mass Effect (yet), it would be cool to have the most famous human pilot in history as part of the team. Not only being an ace pilot, Manfred had a gift for inspiring people and that’s the sort of person I’d want on a team representing humanity.

    5. Jesus Christ (the human, as opposed to the deity): I’m an atheist myself so I wouldn’t expect any sea parting abilities from Mr. Christ, but his heart was mostly in the right place and God knows his charm stats must have been through the roof to recruit all those people to his cause. Jesus is the charisma of the team.

    6. Nikola Tesla: A brilliant man and just a useful guy to have around. Not only was he a gifted inventor but was fluent in eight languages. Every team needs a science guy and Tesla was designing beam weapons long before humanity found the Mass Relays. He would be a good representative of our ability for invention.

  • My 6 people:

    Minsc (& Boo!) – Misc with lead with blade and boot… Boo will take care of all the little details!

    Ash (Evil Dead) – Well he handled the Deadites with style and witty comments, this should be a walk in the park.

    McGuyver – he can take care of the improvised explosives, possibly even build a new ship out of a pringles tin and duct tape.

    Han Solo – every party needs a rogue, few have that much classic charm.

    Morrigan – pyrotechnics, shapeshifting and bitchy sarcasm all rolled into one. How could you not want her in your party?

    Un-named ensign in a red shirt – well someone has to croak, why have it be someone we care about?

  • 1.Ossy osbourne- his sick ways will surely come in handy and im sure he will win if it comes down to being badass…. and he can rid of any pesky bats along the way.
    2.bruce lee- purely because if he can beat chuck norris he is greater than all and he packs a punch…and a kick
    3.yoda- because hes a jedi munchkin!!!! his lightsaber and ability to deflect bullets with it would aid bruce lee getting close enough to unleash his kung fu!
    4.ash ketchums pikachu- a rodent that despite how many times it gets whacked it survives! the electricity could also help 🙂
    5.captain Jack sparrow- to of course be the captain of this mighty squad and just be overall awesome
    6. My girlfriend- if you ever piss her off youll know why i put her on the squad…. probably a more destructive force than bruce lee and chuck norris (no1 tell her i said this)

  • 6 People hey? I got an idea who would help.

    1. Chuck Norris.
    2. Mr T
    3. Captain Falcon
    4 and 5. Gears Of War 1/2 Main Characters (Marcus and Dom)
    6. Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Can you say, baddass? I mean, the enemy would just rock up, my teammates would look at it menacingly, and it would just blow up from the shear anger going its way. Specially with Chuck Norris leading us.

    Btw i’ll still be able win through comment via facebook comment right?

  • 1. The White Death (Simo Häyhä)
    Finnish Sharp Shooter. 505 confirmed kills, 800 possible.
    Survived being carpet bombed and SHOT IN THE FACE.

    2. Jackie Chan
    circa 1983
    (because Project A is my favourite of his films)
    Absolutely fearless, able to scale impossible objects.
    Good for catching targets that decide running away is better than facing you.

    3. Wrex
    Oh come on, you did play the first game right?
    This guy breaks everything in half, and when there’s nothing left to break in half… starts breaking stuff into quarters.

    4. Iron Man (Tony Stark)
    Kicks arse? Check.
    Super Nerd? Check. (bad luck Gordon)
    Has access to hi-tech military prototypes to feed my ‘shiny kit’ syndrome? Check.
    Non compliant with bureaucratic demands? Check.
    Has the moolah to bankroll this operation? Check.

    5. Starbuck (Kara Thrace)
    Okay so she’s a bit messed up in the head and drinks like a fish, but someone needs to get this boat from A to B and why not someone who can take point in an armed assault as well?
    Can also empathise with the whole returning from the dead thing as well.

    6. Max Guevara (X5-452)
    Genetically enhanced super-soldier.
    Doesn’t do guns but doesn’t seem to need them either.
    Good for when you need to operate without kit.

  • 1. Clank: Has the ability to control time and space, is also useful for computer hacking and data infiltration.

    2. Pikachu: A portable backup generator when the ship loses power.

    3. Paul Merton: As a chubby commedian decoy to make the Aliens laugh while the others infiltrate the base.

    4. George Bush: Most likely to be held hostage by the Aliens, crew can continue theyre operation without having to backtrack.

    5. Tim Flannery (Australian of the yr 2006): Incredible smarts can be used as a tactical command officer.

    6. Carlos Hathcock (Winner of the International Sniping Association 2005) To pick off enemies from a long distance without the need for actual combat.

  • 1. Magellan. First guy to circumnavigate the earth (well, almost, he made the trip possible, but got killed in the Phillipines.) If he could do that in 1521, he could conquer a few galaxies with ease.

    2. Julius Caesar. A brilliant tactician and military leader, having this guy with you would make invading planets and starting wars a piece of cake.

    3. Sherlock Holmes. I’m certain at some point on our adventure we’d come across some puzzles to be solved, so with Holmes along, I could kick back and have a beer while he does what he does best.

    4. Achilles. This guy would be at the forefront of every battle. He could even wade in naked and kick ass, provided we cover his heel with some battle armour. The ‘tank’ of the team, if you will.

    5. Simo Häyhä. Using a standard bolt action sniper rifle, this Finnish guy got over 800 confirmed kills in WWII. The Germans hated him, and used to send entire artillery strikes to try and take him out. He even got shot in the jaw and had half his taken taken off and lived. I’d want this chap backing me up from afar.

    6. Any one of the 47 Ronin. Really, these guys meant business, and once they’d completed their mission, they all ritually killed themselves. Now that’s hardcore.

  • hmm lets see

    1. Wolverine, cos he pretty much cant die and kicks the balls off almost anything

    2. Malcolm Reynolds, hes a good fighter, he can fly a ship and i need someone to make witty remarks

    3. River Tam, She’s psychic and will kill you with her brain, or any one of her appendiges

    4. Teal’C, nobody and i mean NOBODY looks cooler with two p90’s or makes the word “indeed” sound so cool. (also he once blocked a punch with his freakin’ head!)

    5. Psycho mantis, he would be the brains of the outfit and with plenty of psychic powers and a troubled past to talk about to boot.

    6. Korin from dragonball/dragonball z, He can grow us senzu beans to heal us up after a fight. and hes a talking cat with a stick.

  • Stewie Griffin – For his tech abilities – Death rays, Telporters etc
    The Hulk – Hulk SMASH!
    River from Firefly (Summer Glau) – She’s hot and kicks ass
    Sylar – Skull removal and stealing of powers
    Ricky Gervais – The comic relief
    The DeLorean from Back to the Future – That way if anyone dies we can just go back in time and try a different approach

  • 1. Steven Seagal- Killing everything with only a pistol and some skills.

    2. Jorge (Halo Reach)- Heavy weapons specialist.

    3. Mark Wahlberg- As the recon/scout man, and also to pull some rhymes (marky mark).

    4. Demoman (Team Fortress 2)- Explosive specialist.

    5. Samuel L Jackson- As the badest mofo of the group.

    6. Alyx (Half Life 2)- Mechanical expert, hacker.

    That’s the squad.

  • Here’s my six

    MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson) – tech and explosives expert

    Chuck Yaeger – pilot extraordinare

    David Copperfield – stealth expert

    Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) – someone needs to be looking awesome in a suit and no one does it better

    Rorschach – cause he doesn’t play by the rules

    Dog (fallout series) – cause it’s not a real adventure without him

    A narrow runner up was the kid from the apple genius bar; all the tech in ME2 is super stylish so he’s sure to know all about it

  • Morrigan. (Dragon Age) – For scathing wit, booty and giant spider goodness.

    Marshmallow Giant (Ghostbusters) – they won’t be expecting that!

    David Copperfield. – Alien can’t hit what alien can’t see. Stealth, illusion and vanishing out of tight spots.

    Itchy. (Simpsons) – Cannons full of axes? Check. Improbable amounts of explosives? Check. Unfettered, imaginative violence in a hard to hit package.

    Wolverine with a portal gun. – So you are pinned down, 20 bad guys down the corridor in cover. He pops a blue at his feet and an orange above their heads.
    Chaos ensues.

    Dr McNinja. ( – Has degrees in medicine, agriculture and ass-kicking. Can drop in from orbit riding a robot Dracula.

    • You are probably not allowed to amend your choices but if I can I would replace Morrigan with Cortana from Halo.
      She can hack enemy systems, unlock doors, disable security, provide maps of the local area, give directions. She’s like an electronic Swiss army knife.

  • i would take Roger Ramjet and the American Eagles, of whom there are 5, basically they are a whole lot of fun and with the strength of 20 atom bombs at our disposal with each proton energy pill Saren would have been dead before he made it off Eden Prime and would have taken a lot of fists to the face in the process. Hilarious. They have experience in working together as a unit, not to mention a packing a kickass and militaristically inspirational song for singing as we sling our way through the mass relays and outer space. (as an aside, we could maybe forgo one of the American Eagles and instead take Dr. Demento who had a big hit in the late 80’s with “star trekking” for musical accompaniment.) And let’s face it, giving a beating to that freakish alien with the weird nose would be better for everyone involved than taking down another cookie cutter cerberus building on a topographically void planet somewhere in the Argos Rho cluster. now send me my collectors edition for me good old xbox 360!!!

  • Wow, the six people I would recruit for the most dangerous mission of all..

    1. Phoenix Wright (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney), so that I know we can get away with blowing up anything and everything we want or need to, and get away with it if it goes to court :O

    2. Demoman (Team Fortress 2), so we can actually blow up anything and everything we want or need to 😛

    3. Jesus (The Bible?), he walks on water, comes back from the dead, and turns water to whine, really, enough said.

    4. Fox Mulder (X-Files), clever, charming, good with a gun, and more wit than you can shake a stick at, Mulder is an asset to every team, whether it be investigating or assassinating.

    5. Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell), the alternative was Solid Snake, as they both have a knack for avoiding detection, but Sam is just better. Also I heard Solid Snake was hired by one of the other people entering this contest. Their loss.

    6. Cooking Mama (Cooking Mama), she cooks, she cleans, she adds a feminine touch to an otherwise very masculine group, she mixes drinks, and keeps the team entertained, with her cooking of course…

  • 1. Captain Price – (The Mo) Enemies will flee at the sheer manliness of his mo. His moustashe also has the ability to revive him, though as a side effect of this he needs to be rescued from Russian prisons after.
    2. Saxton Hale – (The Brawler) The map of Aus chest hair has given him a reckless disregard for his own safety and ability to win a fist fight with any being in the universe. Invaluable should we need someone to cover our escape.
    3. Albert Einstein – (The Genius) Invented modern physics, and has the little known ability to bend it to his will. Need to travel faster that 299,792,458 m/s? he just moves a few decimals and the speed of light becomes 449,688,687 m/s allowing us to go faster and faster.
    4. Beatrix Kiddo – (The Bride) Sole female and unstoppable force. If she can’t be convinced to join up, kidnap her daughter and plant evidence that the alien your after did it. Then just get out of her way.
    5. Hoban “Wash” Washburne – (The Pilot) Every ship needs a pilot, and every pilot needs to be this kind of wise cracking, appears cowardly but is deep down really gutsy stereotype. No-one does it better than Wash though.
    6. Simo Häyhä – (The Sniper) See Wikipedia. Resourceful and a crack shot, Simo is the biggest badass in history, and perfect for any mission where killing is involved.

  • 1) Neitzsche, if you cant beat them, depress them into an abyss of nightmares contemplating their existance

    2) Marcus Phoenix, with his impenetrable character armour i can safely use him to draw enemy fire and hold his own close up and at range

    3) Oppenheimer – I am become death, the destroyer of worlds

    4) Tyler Durden, he looks like we want to look like, fights, sleeps and acts like we want to

    5) Kane – KANE LIVES IN DEATH (Thus making him our necromancer class)

    6) Michael Bay – with his mastery of explosions (and little else) we can be assured a spectacular if over budgeted demolitions expert

  • Here goes…

    1. Christopher Walken:
    Because everyone loves Christopher Walken.

    2. The blind Japanese gardener from World War Z:
    Great melee combatant, zombie fighting experience, great character flaw.

    3. An anime nurse:
    To cure what ails us, and other things. 😛

    4. Sulik from Fallout 2:
    Grampy bone gives him power, that and his Super Sledge.

    5. Solid/Naked Snake:
    Nuff said.

    6. Magikoopa:
    Magikoopa pulls of the most bulls**t stuff, it’s about time he/she/it was on my side.

    Short, sweet and to the point. I rekon we’d go alright.

  • 1: mcguyver, fixes stuff
    2: jesus, religous enlightenment
    3: chuck norris, he’s friggin chuck norris
    4: chef from south park, can cook And sacrifice himself
    5:kenny: someone needs to die in tragic circumstances, whilst not really affecting anything (can also be a startrek crewman if he aint available)
    6: micheal atkinson, can play the traitor that puts the whole thing at risk, also a chance to kill him

  • 1- Woody Allen- Imagine the love side story you would have with this guy in your crew.
    2- Michael Jackson -Not just for more awkward sexual side stories but also for the resemblance his face has with the unreal rendering engine.
    3- Inanimate carbon rod- For any spaceship door hatch related problems.
    4- Jesus- Although a pacifist he is still very useful in a fire fight as your No 1 healer.
    5- Mother in law- Many of these missions have points where tough decisions have to be made on who will live and who you will let die. The addition of this character takes away all guilt and time that can be wasted in evaluating the sacrifice.
    6- Lift Technician- One of these guys in your crew can decrease commute times on route to important mission destinations. Relieving much frustration from the squad leader.

  • My team:

    Jason Bourne – Do I really need to explain this man’s usefulness? If he and you were locked in a room with nothing in it, you had a gun and he was handcuffed, he would still kill you.

    Ezio Auditore da Firenze – The perfect stealth character, he would find the extensive range of new technologies perfect for assassination. He might suffer from lack of inconspicuous space crowds with which to blend in.

    Ash Ketchum – This is a child who has singlehandedly managed to capture over a hundred alien creatures (all of which remain available for his use). And he’s only ten.

    Marcus Fenix – Having extensive experience with battling alien monsters, Marcus Fenix’s can-do attitude and slightly disturbing proficiently with a chainsaw bayonet would be perfect for any team.

    Neo – Although this isn’t the Matrix, Neo possesses an arsenal of martial arts and firearm skills that offers a range of versatile positions for him to take in a battle. Plus, he came from the Matrix.

    Candlejack – I would pick Candlejack because he ca-

  • 1) Oscar Wild – Any Bioware RPG needs someone with charisma out the wazooo. Who better than Oscar, play I am positive he would be handy with a MC-77 Missile Launcher or the X-8A Avenger Assault Rifle as long as they were available in colours to match his dapper Elizabethan style armour.
    2) Gordon Freeman – Lets be honest the right person in the wrong place at the wrong time can make all the difference. I am sure The G Man would be good to lend us this silent assistant and his trusty crowbar.
    3) A Ninja Turtle – don’t mind which one they are all good. There for plucky comic relief, and have you even seen these guys fail, I would suggest all 4 but lets be honest there is only room for 6. (My preferance would be Donatello, he is handy with a wooden stick if all technology fails)
    4) Lara Croft – Lets be honest she kicks some pretty solid butt and would be good at getting across all those ancient artefacts the Promethians left behind.
    5) Bruce Campbell – 5 words “this is my boom stick”, oh that and his chin you could use it to cut through metal doors and well anything, In fact should the Normandy be compromised I am sure that chin would be a space worthy vessel for the other members of the team.
    6) Santa Clause – Lets be realistic when it comes to big tasks in sort time periods this man is the best. When it comes to staying up to date with the latest developments and manufacturing processes he is there. Plus tactically he know who of the bad guys are the worst, and can give them coal. He know who you can trust. It is like having an engineer and a paladin rolled into one, only he is a bit larger.

  • 1. God – I mean pretty self explanatory

    2. Miranda Kerr – well it is a bioware game you have to get busy with someone

    3. Arnie (judgement day) – One because well its Arnie twon I do a killer impression

    4. Daryl Revok (Scanners) – He dont need no biotic powers he can blow peoples minds literally

    5. Ainsley – well everyone needs to eat and …. I just saw him on T.V. <_<

    6. Bayonetta – same as number 2 but obviously has other uses

  • 1. Josef Fritzl – put a dungeon in the Normandy.

    2. The motorbike from Tron

    3. The Metroid from Metroid – energy sucking prowess.

    4. Fawkes from Fallout 3 – I WIN AGAIN!!!??!

    5. Butch also from Fallout 3 – Tunnel Snakes rule!

    6. Andy Warhol – Fawkes isn’t going to fed on nothing, so I’ll need the Campbell soup.

  • 1. Bernard from DOTT fame – if anyone knows how to use random items to help SAVE THE WORLD…its Bernard

    2. Vulcan from Gladiators fame – Evil Alien..Ready?…Vulcan…Ready?…Remember, I want a good clean competition…FIGHT!

    3. Fry from Futurama fame – If a nincompoop can survive a ‘million years’ into the future and still flourish on the other end, then a dangerous mission like this is a no brainer (and Fry is that man).

    4. Will Smith – well when a man is that good, no matter if he were the last man on earth, shooting intergalactic aliens, or using superhuman powers to throw random heavy mammals into the ocean, there is no-one as awesome as Will smith.

    5. Rephael from TMNT – Nothing beats a bit of a hot head, fight first, wisecrack during, talk later kind of ninja turtle on your side. “GOD I LOVE BEING A TURTLE”

    6. Sarah Conner from Terminator 2 – need to stop the future from happening….by gosh she’ll give it a fair crack, or die trying.

    Honorable mention, but was cut from the list:
    Ensign Rickie….the eager young go getter, aiming to try, destined to fail.

  • 1. Natalie Tran (Community Channel/YouTube) – Comic relief and someone likeable who will no doubt be part of a big in-game moral decision.
    2. Roland (Borderlands) – Weapons expert previously part of the Crimson Lance and on site medic.
    3. Samus Aran (Metroid) – Access to a gunship, an arm cannon with the ability to heat or freeze enemies and a jetpack.
    4. Captain Olimar (Pikmin) – Ability to use Pikmin for stealth on reconnaissance missions and the ability to lift large objects when in numbers.
    5. Spike (Ape Escape) – Gadget expert, platformer master and past experiences dealing with evil monkeys.
    6. Mewtwo (Pokemon) – Psychic/Biotic specialist, mind control and the fact that he’s Mewtwo.

  • Bear Grylls – he’ll show us what it takes to get out alive form some of the most dangerous places in the universe.

    Sam Fisher – He can fight, and is useful when we need a stealth approach, and also fills the role of the disgruntled war veteran.

    Tony Stark – He’s got the brains to keep the Normandy running at prime efficiency, will make us advanced armour out of scrap metal, and will turn our enemies into vapour.

    Rhona Mitra as Ashley Williams – Hot as hell and hard as nails, like in the movie Doomsday (she can keep the bionic eye).

    Hunter S Thompson as Raoul Duke – supplier of the recreational necessities aboard the SSV Normandy, plus he knows how to shoot.

    Emmanuelle Chriqui – the world’s #1 most desirable woman, when the crew needs some ‘diplomacy’.

  • Josiah ‘jed’ Bartlet (Martin Sheen, from The West Wing) as Team Leader – Because, we need a leader. Someone to inspire us, Build moral, and die a horrible horrible death to leave me in charge to lead the time.

    Azumi (Aya Ueto, from Azumi) as the Assassin –
    Because any good team need the cute japanese girl that could kill everyone in a spacestation armed with a sword and a few small packages of explosives. Besides, she’s a ninja. She could gather intelligence behind enemy lines.

    Li Xingke (Hikaru Midorikawa/David Earnest, From Code Geass : R2) as the Strategist.

    Code Geass Protagonist Lelouch considered him his equal as a strategist, and also Suzaku’s(Series Good Guy) Equal in battle. He can fight unarmed, with a sword and in a giant-ass Robot(Nightmare). He’s a great all rounder, and he’d be able to adapt to any situation and just about any weapon/technology.

    H.R. Pufnstuf (Big Puppet Thing, from the show of same name) as the Grunt.
    F’king thing looks like it just walked out of your nightmares and ate your mother. And yet somehow managed to get a Kids TV Show. I’m considering it Puppet, so it can absorb a lot of gunfire without going down. Plus, you need something more alien looking then Jed.

    “The Prince” (Yuri Lowenthal, from Prince of Persia – Two thrones) as the Medic with a fancy knife.
    He can do what Cher always wanted. Turn back time. His agile, can stab things and has a tenedncy to make sand orbs appear by killing/destroying things. I’m sure he’d know how to put on a bandage.

    Mitsuko Souma (Kou Shibasaki from Battle Royale) as the Soldier.
    Pretty young thing that seems to be able to use anything as a weapon(everything from Guns to Sexuality). She can adapt in the face of battle, and is crazy enough to just about pull off any mission.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, i give you, Team Stabie.

  • George Stobbard: Good, creative responses to arbitrary orders. Has a used clowns’ red nose which is suspiciously useful.

    Gumby: Indestructible, flexible and adaptable. Comes with sentient horse. Can “merge” with horse, though that’s a bit creepy. Occasionally moralistic.

    Astro Boy: Not technically an A.I. as he has the mind of a human boy. Earth’s strongest robot. Uses bullets, lasers and flight in atmosphere and space. Wants robots and people to just get along.

    Sheep-herder?: May confuse?. Herds sheep?. Wait….

    Pluto: Not a planet, not a Roman god of the underworld, not a Disney dog and not a restaurant. What is Pluto now?

    Pee Wee Herman: Might be the only person too powerful to send along. In his presence the universe is not strong enough to maintain the norms of objective reality. Surprisingly funny in person.

  • Plato
    Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
    John Stuart Mill
    Immanuel Kant
    Friedrich Nietzsche
    John Paul Satre

    Because teaming up with a gang of dead philosophers to battle a horde of planet eating aliens would pretty much be the most badarse thing ever.

  • Octomom – she be the tank, soaking up the damage. She can deploy her foetie, who generate a sympathy shield.

    Dr Phil – biotic support to Octomom, keeping her sane. ish.

    Stephen Conroy – not sure how long he’d survive but he’d be out in front during firefights.

    Andrew Ryan – Advisor 1 – I just really like the sound of his voice.

    President Eden – Advisor 2 – another voice-acting win.

    Shale – I don’t see why Shale couldn’t still be alive millions of years later and in another universe.

  • Doc – Every good team needs a medical officer. With 20 years experience treating the nastiest of bumps and scrapes, Doc fits the profile.
    Grumpy – A battle-hardened veteran; even the mightiest beasts regret getting in Grumpy’s way.
    Happy – Happy’s laughter persists through the bloodiest battles, unnerving all but the most terrifying of foes.
    Dopey – Dopey is rumoured to have mastered all seventeen of the ancient martial arts, but as he doesn’t speak, no-one can be too sure.
    Sneezy – Miniscule space-dust mites can cause Sneezy to unleash his devastating sneeze attacks, knocking enemies across the room like they were leaves.
    Sleepy – The inevitable decision to kill off one party member will be made easy with the inclusion of this lethargic companion.

    NB: Bashful was approached for a role, but hid in the cupboard for most of the job interview.

  • Crew:

    1. James Bond (Anyone that can take a solid hit to the nuts and laugh it off HAS to be a badass!)

    2. Anne Frank (If she could hid a bunch of Jews from the Nazis then imagine what she could do here! oh wait… she didn’t hide forever… ohhhhh)

    3. Arnie (He could run the government while traveling back in time to save John Connor)

    4. John Connor (HE’S THE SAVOR OF THE WORLD MAN)

    5. Neytiri (From Avatar – This will keep all the furies in check for an awkward sex scene)

    6. Me, cuz without me, it would just be aweso.

  • 1)Vegeta from DBZ:Because he is bad ass has an awesome voice and has a nice big final flash to clear out the mountains of geth. He gets to play the pushy asshole who you only keep around cause he owns to much to leave behind.

    2)Subject Zero: Have you seen her trailer? Enough said…

    3)The Green/White Ranger from Power Rangers: Because he has his own mech in-case i need some artillery. Also he doesn’t get hurt, he only lets out a few sparks and gets blown back abit. Immortal goody toe shows spot filled.

    4)Alistair from Dragon Age: Because he is awesome, hilariously funny and he tanks. He can play the role of the morally good best buddy role who you actually care about so you will actually go to lengths to keep him from death.

    5)Michel Atkinson from RL: Because it would never get old sending him to get his ass ****ed by geth only to get back up to send him out all over again 😛

    6)Cartman from South Park: Because he sees thing how they really are, can come up with the perfect plan and would be the teller of all the hilarious racist jokes. (Think of all those racist jokes you could get out of those aliens!)

    This is my team. It is balanced in Humor, Badassness and pure owning skill. Of course i would be a Biotic to balance out the team and be cheap as hell with those new godly biotic powers.. mmmmm

  • Marshall’s Ever Grand Assosiation! (M.E.G.A.)

    1. Roland Deschain (Of dark tower fame) expert and cunning sharpshooter/incredible badass

    2. Jasper Hale. Nearly indestrucable vampire(sparkly fairy)
    3. Chris Redfield. Experience in zombies (nuff said)
    4. Ichigo Kurosaki. (of bleach fame) if we cant defeat an enemy, hell just power up until he can 😉
    5. Kool aid guy. can burst through any wall/refreshing beverages

    6.Doctor Who, to round out the cast with a mr fix it/english person

  • 1. Chuck Norris : He kicks ass.

    2. Darth Vader : Lightsaber and Force Powers.

    3. Agent 47 : Can kill single targets effectively.

    4. Serious Sam : Weapons specialist and comic relief

    5. Optimus Prime : Giant battle robot. Need I say more?

    6. Master Chief : Walking tank.

  • Hm my team of 6 are:
    * Starbuck! – to help with the pew pew.
    * Cameron (from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) – Because she packs an absolute punch and is easy on the eyes.
    * Scotty from Star Trek – The mechanic, able to push our mechs to their limits. (Note: Need more dilithium crystals)
    * Lupin the Third – For comedy value, and his ability to steal stuffs.
    * Jim Raynor from StarCraft. Because we might have to dispense some indescriminate justice.
    * Corban Dallas – Anyone else want to negotiate?

  • Swan – The mightiest Warrior, and an expert at hand to hand combat and thrown weapons.

    Herman Holden (aka Vork) – Master of team management and cheapskatery. Invaluable when shopping.

    Jill Valentine – Nothing will be out of bounds with the certified Master of Unlocking on board.

    Captain Douglas Gordon – He was prepared to fight Godzilla with a sword, so he’s crazy enough for anything.

    Kaylee Frye – Her way with machines will be instrumental to keep the Normandy afloat.

    Snake Plisskin – Every good suicide mission needs a shady character who could turn on you at any second.

  • 1. Steve Vai – He could act as a bard of sorts for my team.

    2. Markus Fenix – He could be up the front, Taking out enemies like theres no tomorrow.

    3. Tequila Yuen – He could be up at the front, owning everyone on the field and helping out Markus

    4. Bob Lee Swagger from “Shooter” – He could stay at the back, with a trusty sniper rifle.

    5. Q – I’d love to see what cool gadgets and gizmo’s he could come up with for my team.

    6. God/Other Heavenly Deity – Seriously, With God on our side, we would win full stop, He would just flick a finger and then BAM! down goes an entire species, Mission done, lets go home for a cup of tea.

  • James Cameron’s budget – cg special effects love committing genocide

    Jackie Estacado – black holes, killer snakes, guns, lots of guns

    Uwe Boll – he fought his reviewers now he fights alien scum

    LV99 Metapod – use harden… thats what she said

    Australian Classification Board – well they f**ked everything else up

    Cyborg Pirate Ninja Jesus – No mercy…

  • 1. Batman (who doesn’t want someone who is willing to hang upside down on your team)
    2. Darth Vader (the ultimate bad guy should be able to do some damage and help with those morally ambiguous decisions)
    3. Lara Croft – coz she looks pretty
    4. Cthulhu (why wouldn’t ya)
    5. Daryl Somers (for the ultimate in scary)
    6. Dean Martin (to ensure there were some good tunes to fight to).

  • Kratos (God of War)
    Every team needs a resident bad-arse. Not only is Kratos the go-to man when you need brute force, he exudes a style that made the jump to sackboy. He’d be the team’s poster boy.

    The Sham Wow Man
    Honestly this guys terrifies me, but I’d rather have him on my side than otherwise. Apart from his general fearsomeness, his freakish skills of persuasion would be an asset in any RPG.

    Gordon Ramsey
    Including a chef might seem an odd choice, but they say “an army marches on its stomach” Playing Persona 4 taught me the perils of bad cooking. Also given the proverb “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” GR would provide alternate tactics for tackling human forces. His secondary skills of cursing and bullying fully round off his charcter.

    Michael Atkinson
    MA is truly skilled in thwarting his enemys’ ambitions and frustration them to tears. With his talent in reducing violence, he’d be an asset to any team.

    Marion Ravenwood (Indiana Jones)
    Every team needs a token (humanish) female. MR is suitable in that she doesn’t spend an entire movie screaming and can sober up with god-like freakishness. Definitely an asset in drinking competitions.

    The problem-solver, he’s also pretty capable with a sword and bow. His silence only reduces the annoying banter that gamers are subjected to.

  • The 6 people I would recruit are…
    1. My Clone – for double the awesomeness (no charge) 😉
    2. Totoro – freaky flying stunts, Nature Control and access to a freaky multi legged cat bus
    3. David Hasslehoff – to woo the ladies and kick butt
    4. B.A. Baracus for witty repartee
    5. Richard Dean Anderson as Science Officer (Macgyver) and Security Officer (Cononel Jack O’Neill)
    6. Seven of Nine – for her poignant insights and lyrca hugging outfit

  • S. Baldrick – Because he’ll always be able to come up with a cunning plan to get us out of any situation.

    Ashley J. Williams – Who wouldn’t want a guy with a chainsaw for an hand watching your back.

    Barney Stinson – To help me out with all the hotties.

    Kid Rock – The greatest magician and mentalist of the modern era. Convincing people he is a musician is the greatest magic trick anyone has preformed.

    Towlie – Cause you should never forget to bring a towel.

    Ford Prefect – Cause he knows how to use said towel.

  • Oh the lure of the free. Funny though, even if I win the intolerable few days shipping after launch will make me run out and buy it away :).

    1. Carl Sagan (Scientist)
    Superior ability to understand the universe, diplomatic, and knows how to roll at 4:20

    2. Cormac McCarthy (Writer)
    Not for any real talent he’ll bring to the mission, but after our triumph he’ll be certain to write of our adventure in some of the most brutal language that can be printed on a page. Think of it as a future investment for +Renegade points.

    3. Laika (Space Dog!)
    Every RPG posse requires a canine pal. Who better than the first dog sent to outer space? [Gasp possible disqualification due to being a non-human!]

    4. Cojack (Wasteland Survivor)
    My Fallout 3 character. After the gauntlet of Mothership Zeta he’s well prepared for the rigours of space warfare.

    5. Susie Salmon (Lovely Bones)
    Vengeful invincible ghost girl? Millions of handy applications. Recon, espionage, decoy maneuvers. Incorporeal and readily able to expose herself to the vacuum of space and hostile atmospheres without technological assistance.

    6. Andrew Bolt (News Ltd)
    There’s a solid guarantee that one of your NPC’s are going to die in some terrible unavoidable way, right? Bring someone you’re not going to miss :).

  • 1) Admiral Ackbar – so that I will know when it is a trap, and there is bound to be a trap.
    2) Lando Calarisian – because he has flown a suicide mission before ( to destroy the second Death Star ). I’ll have to find him a funny little sidekick, but im sure there will be a planet with plenty of those.
    3) Bill Clinton – to soak up all the sexual tension that is bound to occur out in space when the galaxy is in trouble. This will leave me free to deal with the trouble in the galaxy.
    4) Chris from family guy – so that Seth Green has a good reason to be in the cast ( this isnt really fair i like Seth Green I just thought it was funny ).
    5) Jeff Probst from Survivor – so that when Talia is expelled from her fleet he can go “Talia, the tribe has spoken”
    6) Ami James from Miami Ink – so she can help me decipher the crazy tattoo chick.

  • 1. Carl Sagan, to bake an apple pie we need to create the universe, or in the case of encountering a multi-tentacled alien plant thing, understanding the universe quickly is also a plus.

    2. Sigmund Freud, to psychoanalyze all alien encounters and apply the kirk theorem, that as a primary motivation as a human explorer we are motivated by how far sexually we can get with a multi-tentacled alient plant thing.

    3. Dr Leonard McCoy, because you need a doctor in case of rash, and also someone to remind you after your encounter with said multi tentacled alien plant thing, “Im a Doctor not a botanist!”

    4. Robin Williams. Definitely need someone who is level headed and serious to hold the group together during encounters. And then we’re dancing with a multi-tentacled alien plant thing, oh hi there are you Russian or maybe a spork and then I’m a nun from Corsica may I have your berries please sir? Nai-yai-yaice Pants!

    5. Guybrush Threepwood. You always need to be sure there aren’t any three headed monkeys behind you. Also has an uncanny knack for finding necessary items for solving tasks like finding apples for pie so universe can exist therefore allowing agent orange to be created for dealing with multi-tentacled alien plant thing.

    6. David Wildgoose, space reporter, there on the front lines documenting all there is to see about … multi – tentacled alient plant things…

  • 1. Vinnie Jones – he can be the tank.
    2. The Predator – to sneak in and rip the enemies apart
    3. Jason Statham for the close-in punishment
    4. Vasili Zaitsev to pick them off at range.
    5. Kate Beckinsale (personal reasons)
    6. MacGyver, for those really tricky situations, also, to operate the stargate.

  • MacGuyver – Aside from the obvious, “hey let me upgrade your gun with this half empty pack of gum I found” there’s also the fact that a guy in skin tight jeans with dead white sneakers would be the perfect bullet magnet, insuring everyone elses survival, if not his own.

    Al Swearengen – Chief negotiator, briber and supplier of balls of dope to junkie snitches. Information is power and this guy could find out anything you want to know while giving you best speeches you’ll ever hear.

    Robocop – Perfect for the team that needs a tank with a multitool that can hack computers and skewer suspects and has a brain that can be admitted as evidence. Also cheap to feed since he lives on baby food.

    Batman – World’s greatest detective and hand to hand specialist. That utility belt would be worth the price of admission alone and nothing ends an argument like being snatched of the ground and left hanging upside from a gargoyle.

    Echo – the limit was bodies, not personalities. Sure, 90% of them are probably dominatrix strippers but the other 10% know just about everything else you’ll ever need to know.

    Dr. Walter Bishop – Because every team needs a mad scientist, especially one who self medicates so much he freaked Leary out.

  • My Team Discovery Channel

    In no particular order

    1, Bruce Lee, in low gravity he would be lethal, plus dubbed speach paths would be awesome.

    2, Fat Jesus (Alan in The hangover). the wolf pack speach and the best of freinds song would boost even the lowest of moral.

    3, Zim from Invader Zim, Anyone that destroys their home planet is a keeper, also his quest to destroy humans gives much needed empathy to the geth.

    4, Richard Dean Anderson, the very nucleus of Macgyver and Col Jack O’neil

    5, L. Ron Hubbard, his intergalactic networking skills and understanding of thetan, money can’t buy that.

    6, Tyra Banks, somewhere to put all the crap, also I need someone that can relate to my ever growing fear of dolphins who bare some resemblance to the geth.

    Go team Discovery Channel.

  • Bogans

    1. Shane Warne: ?
    2. Sheryl: works at the Supermarket
    3. Charlene: works at the Pub
    4. Trent: is from Punchy
    5. Darren: has a ute
    6. Stevo: has a mullet and eats ham

    Dunno if they’ll right for the job, but at least they’ll drink the shit out of everyone.

  • 1. Captain Jean-Luc Picard: He’s a fantastic leader, a resourceful warrior, and has a marvellous singing voice.

    2. Tank Girl: Since they basically took the Tank Girl character and, bafflingly, made her unlikeable when they created Subject Zero, we might as well go with the original. Also, she could pimp our spaceship in a way that would make Xzibit go “daaaaaaaaaamn…”. Possibly in a bad way, but who cares because she’s the goddamn Tank Girl.

    3. Samuel L. Jackson: in order to make sure everyone in earshot is aware we’re going to do something about these motherf–king Geth on this motherf–cking Citadel.

    4. Snake Plissken: his job will be to turn the tables on our shadowy puppetmasters during the endgame by royally screwing them over in a way that only works because they screwed us first, because every dramatic climax needs the soothing balm of poetic justice.

    5. Angelina Jolie: the game is going to have at least one sex scene, right?

    6. And finally, Morgan Freeman as our narrator.

  • 1. A big Ugly Dog. (The War dog from dragon Age would be good.)
    2. Voodoo Witch Doctor (for spiritual guidance and can curse people. I asume he can buff and De-buff too.)
    3. Batou. (from ghost in the shell, Full heavy duty prosthetic armoured body and combat experience would be good to have on team.)
    4. R. Lee Ermey (this old guy can fling insults at the enemy and can train others to fight for me.)
    5. A Ninja who wants non-specific revenge. (His thirst for blood will serve me well.)
    6. Yuna [FFX] (every team needs a hot babe, especially ones that can heal and summon giant thingies to bash some skulls.)

  • 1)Brolly (Dragon Ball Z) – Because his power is maximum!

    2)HK-47 (Knights of the Old Republic) – with no regards for anything but his masters wishes, he would surely dispose of any ‘meat-bag’ that stood in his way.

    3)The Balloon Boy – A man of the sky, able to execute remote reconnaissance missions with finesse while trying to get his family their own reality TV show at the same time.

    4)Edward Cullen (Twilight) – A mystical vampire, with the special ability to sparkle in the sunlight he can…umm hopefully he dies early in the game.

    5)Samuel L Jackson – When push comes to shove hes able to get any type of ‘motherf**ckers’ off his motherf**king Normandy.

    6)Billy D. Williams – Just to have my own Lando Calrissian. He wants to be reffered to as Billy D. We all know that wont happen, it’s Lando or nothing!

  • A-Team (that’s 4), McGyver (duh) and Spaceman Spiff (from Calvin & Hobbes).

    He’s definitely got the real experience dealing with aliens. The others are just along for the dialogue trees.

  • -Vinnie Jones: The tough guy
    -Nancy Callahan(Alba, Sin City): The cute girl
    -Tomonobu Itagaki: Ingrown Sunnies will come in handy as a mako pilot.
    -Clint Eastwood: Needed for ingame squinty eyeed close ups..
    -Doc brown and the DeLorean: Those elevators can go to hell!..skip skip skip..
    -Packet of Timtams that never run out…: yummy!

  • In honour of our nations birthday next week I’ll be taking an all Aussie team into space.

    1. David Boon: Why? Cos Boonie’s mo would scare the crap out of any alien… and Merv.

    2. Wayne Carey: Why? Every army needs cannon fodder.

    3. Skippy the bush Kangaroo! Cos Skippy will remind Wayne that he can root who ever he likes and still be a Kangaroo!

    4. Mark Webber! If any Aussie could drive a Mako Mark could.

    5 Gough Whitlam: “well may we say “God Save the Queen”, because nothing will save the Citadel Council. The proclamation you have just heard was countersigned Saren, who will go down in history as Kerr’s cur.” Nuf said!

    6. Darryl Kerrigan: Darryl is convinced the Normandy’s propulsion system is a Mercury 2 Stroke. And space needs more bogans!

  • 1. Red Voltron Lion
    2. Black Voltron Lion
    3. Blue Voltron Lion
    4. Green Voltron Lion
    5. Yellow Voltron Lion
    6. The “Heart” Kid from Captain Planet, whose only job is to cry in the corner when team members 1-5 show him what “With our powers combined” can REALLY accomplish.

  • 1. David Attenborough – the dulcet tones of everyone’s favourite nature documentary narrator would be a welcome distraction from mercenaries, aliens, ancient unstoppable machines and other galactic baddies. Plus, he’d be handy on uncharted worlds, excitedly describing the territorial instincts of wild Geth or the feeding habits of thresher maws (best not to wonder).

    2. HAL 9000 – a homicidal, omniscient talking computer would be a nice change from the Reap- oh wait. With HAL on my side; we’d win not through firepower, but by our tremendously scary voice acting and complete lack of sanity.

    3. Cthulhu – It’s huge, it’s immortal and it has tentacles: what more could you want? An unpronounceable symbol of all that is evil and wriggly; nothing can stand against this indestructible, intergalactic space monstrosity. Not to be confused with the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

    4. Pathogenic Bacteria – H.G. Wells’ ‘The War of the Worlds’ was perhaps the first example of galactic conflict in literature; Mass Effect 2 continues this tradition with a fine assortment of aliens, technology and general apocalypse. Wells’ Martians, however, were brought down by the tiniest living things on Earth: virulent bacteria, in an oddly delicious ironic twist. Bowing to tradition, I’d welcome these heroic saviours of humanity into my team.

    5. Princess Leia – Wielding blasters and her famous ‘Cinnamon Bun’ hairstyle with equal intensity; Leia’s mix of curt royal snobbery and a precise blaster aim saved the galaxy on more than one occasion. No ‘damsel in distress’, Leia’s quick aim and even quicker temper would be an asset to any team. Plus, anyone who can come back with ‘stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerfherder’ as an insult is worth bringing along.

    6. Skippy the Bush Kangaroo – Think Lassie, or Flipper, but with a pouch. An impossible mission requires an impossible hero: calm under pressure, easy to talk to and tasty if you’re in a tight spot. A fearless defender of justice and enforcer of peace; Skippy is credited with saving the lives of 40 Australians – and a wombat and a Siamese cat. On a mission to save the galaxy from the forces of darkness, a kangaroo that communicates via clicking and hand signals might not just be the weirdest thing you’ll see. Plus, he’ll get along great with David Attenborough. Skippy: The Intergalactic Kangaroo.

  • -The Planet Express Crew-

    Philip J. Fry – A piaaz delivery boy from the 20th century. I’m not sure what he can do in this future.

    Turanga Leela – Captain and an expert in martial arts. She’ll be kicking the crap out of everything.

    Bender Bending Rodríguez – Perfect for players going the renegade path, Bender will drink all your alcohol, steal anything of value (probably committing 20 other crimes in the process as well) but if you get stuck at any time in game, he’ll bend anything and everything until you’re able to progress again.

    Amy Wong – she’s chinese and hot. Lots of unco-operative aliens out there? Amy will seduce any unwilling alien to help you on your galatic quest to make the world a better place

    Dr. John A. Zoidberg – The doctor of the crew will patch you all up after a hard fought battle. If there’s anything out of place afterwards well nobody ever said he was a good doctor.

    Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth – A mad scientist, I’m sure he’ll make something useful to destroy the universe… what?

  • My team of deadly assailants would consist of:

    Marvin the Martian: What is a crackpot team of bad arse space mercenaries without a short angry alien explosion expert for credibility. (+3 vs Rabbits)

    Tiger Woods: Athletic, Handsome and enough cash to bankroll any expedition and happy to get as far away from planet earth as possible. (+3 vs Women)

    Ronon Dex: Which team doesn’t need a 6’5″ man mountain thats more comfortable in a firefight or brawl than filing a report to his superiors. (+3 vs anything shooting at him)

    Caprica Six: Every space exploration team needs an advanced cybernetic life form, mine is just sexy as hell and cunning to boot. (+3 vs Humans)

    Neil Patrick Harris: I was going to settle for Doogie Howser, M.D as every team needs a medic but with NPH I get a medic, an evil mastermind and a brilliant space scientist. (+3 vs Bugs)

    Michael Atkinson: Dressed in his own very red shirt complete with a baseball cap with a target on it if that isn’t subtle enough for you. (+3 vs logic based entities)

  • 1. Tech/combat specialist: John Connor (Terminator)
    2. Biotics: Sylar (Heroes)
    3. Scientist: Walter Bishop (Fringe)
    4. Hot chick with skills: The bride (Kill Bill)
    5. The friendly/funny alien: Hellboy
    6. Another hot girl with skills: Jean Grey (X-men)

  • 1. Yoda – It’d be like carrying around a hint book in your backpack.

    2. S’plosion man – For when explosives are needed

    3. Angelina Jolie – Must perform action sequence halfway through and come out dirty with ripped clothing. Keep people focused until the end.
    Plus good with weaponry.
    Looks good with weaponry.

    4. Q (From james bond series) – We’d have the best technology and vehicles for any situation.

    5. Ezio auditore de firenze – Where stealth is needed

    6. Baldrik from BlackAdder – Expendable and for those times where stupid answers are the best “Brilliant Baldrik!”

  • 1.Jayne Cobb(Firefly)-Heavy weapons expert

    2.Marvin the paranoid android(hitchhikers guide to the galaxy)-Walking Encyclopedia(he is three times older than the universe after all, he must know a lot of stuff.)

    3.Chuck Bartowski(Chuck)-Every good party needs a skill monkey, and they don’t come better than the futures version of the intercept.

    4.Roland Deschain(The Dark Tower)-Negotiator(both verbal and physical)

    5.Station (Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey)-Ships engineer(I mean come on, if the geth end up too powerful we could just stop of at a hardware store and make good robot versions of the crew.:)

    6.Random crew member with a red shirt to accompany me on all planetary expeditions.

  • Setsuna F. Seiei – Gundam 00 – A 18 year-old who has mastered his abilities as an innovator and manipulated time and space to travel from 2311 to 2183. His mission is to gather information on Prothean technology of Mass Effect, and to stop the conflict in this universe as he learned that destruction of this space-time causes disturbance to others, including his own.
    Achievement, aka Trophy, real name ‘Untouchable’ – An enigmatic figured whose true nature is unknown, rumoured to be made of bronze, silver, gold or platinum with power level ranging from 5~50 gamer points. He/She joined Shepard’s party out of curiosity and like his/her name suggestions, he/she is the tank of this party.
    Nathaniel Drake – Uncharted 7: Without A Trace – Adventurer/Treasure Hunter. Following his great-grandfather, Nathan Drakes’s journals: “The azure lies within a distant tail, for by Jupiter the gods will reveal the truest trail.”, he sets out on a journey with Shepard to find the fabled Death Star, a jewel worth 5.46×10^23 dollars (ultra inflated). He is the most light-hearted and relaxed in the grouping, often cracking sexual jokes and making inappropriate comments.
    Boy Nukem – Duke Nukem Forever: The Prequel (2183)- A video game character in Shepard’s time that was brought to life using the latest technologies. The true sequel to the Duke Nukem series, with its last game in the early 21st century. As a teen, before he became Duke, he has a rather quiet personality, but his desire for destruction is unparalleled. The dps dealer in the party.
    Thunder Orihalcon – Final Fantasy 21 – A feminine male who is said by developers as a male version of Lightning from FF13. Has blond spikey hair, weapon of choice a huge sword. While he was on his way to defeat a level 120 boss, he accidentally triggered a superdimensional trap which teleported him onto Shepard’s ship. He is often teased by Drake as he would dress Thunder in maid uniform.
    Zhang Mu Yun – a female Chinese student who is preparing for HSC (Higher Space Certificate) aiming for an ATAR (Astrophysics Training Assessment Rating) of 99.14259265… No special physical skills. However she is very intelligent and got 100 in all her physics/chemistry/biology test papers.
    Finally, Shepard, the leader of the troupe, someone who only chose Paragon options last time. How will their adventure turn out this time.

    This is the story of team ‘FANBOYS’

  • 1. Master Chief – gunfights.
    2. The Lone Wanderer – radiation resistance.
    3. Tyler Durden – to keep the morale up.
    4. Michael Atkinson/Jack Thompson (either is fine) – head torturer.
    5. GlaDOS – to promise our enemies cake while we rush in and take ’em all out.
    6. Lucca (from Chrono Trigger) – to build stuff.

  • The Historic Approach…

    1. Abraham Lincoln – He’s a dapper looking guy, and I bet he’d be good in a fight too. Great morals, so he’d be a good match for my Paragon Shepherd.

    2. Rasputin – Just about impossible to kill, so he’d make a great tank. Also great at influencing (read: manipulating) others, which would certainly come in handy out of combat.

    3. Fighting Jack Churchill ( – the bagpipe-playing, claymore-wielding soldier who signed up for Commando duty because, although he didn’t know what it meant, it sounded dangerous.

    4. Joan of Arc – Obviously we need at least one woman in the squad who knows how to fight. She’s a Saint who has led an army to victory on more than one occasion… Sounds like a Paragon Spectre to me.

    5. Marie Curie – Having a brilliant scientist on board would certainly be useful when you’re gallavanting around the galaxy digging up minerals and investigating ancient alien doodads. Someone else already said Tesla, so my pick is the brilliant physicist who wasn’t afraid to die for radioactivity!

    6. Captain Cook – Adept at both exploring the unknown and interacting with the strange people he discovers therein. Could be extremely useful if we find ourselves in any uncharted regions of space.

  • Jerry Holkins – For waxing lyrical and negotiating.

    Ryan Davis – In case we encounter any terrible movies (he can take one for the team).

    Luke Smith – To highly overestimate his prowess with a weapon.

    Garnett Lee – In addition to saying everything twice, he also gets double-attacks.

    N’Gai Croal – The walking library of the team.

    Hilary Goldstein – Because he can muddle his way through anything and produce gold. He also sports a deadly Bedazzler.

  • Jack West (From Matthew Reillys Seven Ancient Wonders trilogy): Jack West is the most hardcore soldier with skills that could conquer anything the universe can throw at him. Plus he’s Aussie, he has a sense of loyalty to his team, and he gets all the chicks ;P

    Sergeant Johnson (Halo Series): He’s one bad mothalicka. He can do anything, and he doesn’t even need a big bulking suit of armour to help him.

    Douglas Adams: I’ve read the books, but I’m sure Adams could help us through some particularly tricky parts when it come to inter-species relations.

    Weighted Companion Cube (Portal): Don’t want to get bored now, do we!! And what happens if there’s a ledge that we can’t jump on to???? Climb? No. Companion Cube time!!!

    Tim (Braid): Dude, he can go back in time!!! If you piss off the locals, it’s just like having a save game!!

    Jar Jar Binks: The unlikely hero that amazingly does what no-one else can. Plus he cracks me up, so he would be fun to have around.

  • 1. Donkey Kong – to help navigate innumerable dialogue trees.

    2. Miss Piggy – unmatched space travel experience from ‘Pigs in Space’ and a backhand that can’t be beat.

    3. Tom Clancy – whack his name on your ships manifest and your basically ensure a sequel and therefore the survival of most of your crew.

    4. James Earl Jones – the man voiced Darth Vader, Mufasa and spoke the words ‘If you build it, he will come,’ in Field of Dreams. You couldn’t ask for a more pursuasive negotiator.

    5. Expendable Extra in Mandatory Red Shirt – if Star Trek taught us anything about what to take on away mission’s it would be ‘Don’t leave home without one.’

    6. Harpo Marx – can manage inventory in his overcoat with pockets that could potentially hold anything. His bonus music skills can ensure the soundtrack mood always matches the moment.

  • Easy.
    Brian Crecente: A lady’s man and I need some sort of space zorro style guy.
    Liam Neeson: Watch Taken, and then imagine that IN SPACE. I know, I cried at it’s awesomeness.
    Doc Brown: I want somebody always making awesome stuff.
    Bender Bending Rodriguez: Do I have to say more. Oh I do, bending alien spines.
    Simon Pegg: A man made to destroy zombies and fight crime.
    Batman: Gritty, gadget packed, badass.

  • [Transript from first meeting of the The New Goonies]
    — 8:35pm Goonies HQ —

    Me: Alright everyone, I’ve called you all in because I need you to help me on the most dangerous mission of all time. You are here because You are the best at what you do. We’ll start with a roll call, when I call your name, tell me what you bring to this team. Die Hard?

    Die Hard: It’s John McClane. I’m a New York City Cop, I enjoy walking on glass, big guns, wailing on European terrorists, getting shot and surviving an unrealistic amount of explosions.

    Me: Bueller?


    Me: Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

    [Door opens, Ferris Bueller walks in]

    Ferris Bueller: Bueller, Ferris Bueller. I don’t condone fascism, or any -ism for that matter. -Ism’s in my opinion are not good. A person should not believe in an -ism, he should believe in himself.

    Me: Doc.

    Dr. Emmett Brown: The way I see it, if you’re gonna build a time machine into a car and embark on a suicidal voyage across the stars, why not do it with some style?

    Me: BBC Aslan.

    Liam Neeson Aslan: I’m afraid, the best Narnia could spare was me. When a willing victim who has committed no treachery, is killed in a traitor’s stead, the stone table will crack, and even death itself would turn backwards.

    Me: Bowie.

    David Bowie: The cold space will make my nipples all pointy, which I’ll use as telescopic antennae to transmit data back to Earth. Plus I brought enough really freaky sequin space suits for you all.

    Me: Han Solo?

    Han Solo: I’m captain of the Millennium Falcon. I’ve outrun Imperial starships. Not the local bulk cruisers mind you, I’m talking about the big Corellian ships now.

    Me: Alright Goonies,transform and roll out. This mission is going to be tough, we won’t all be coming back and it’s possible none of us will.

    Han Solo: What good is a reward if you ain’t around to use it? Besides, attacking that battle station is not my idea of courage. It’s more like, suicide.

    [Docking Bay door opens revealing the Normandy]

    Dr. Emmett Brown: Great Scott!

    Die Hard: Yippie-ki-yay, mother******! [Cocks Shotgun]

    Ferris Bueller: Life moves pretty fast. You don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. [Pulls on Sunglasses]

    Liam Neeson Aslan: I can only protect you, I cannot fight a war for you. [Draws Lightsaber]

    David Bowie: (singing) Oh we can beat them, for ever and ever, then we can be heroes, just for one day.

  • 1. Captain Kirk: For. Fisticuffs. And. Dealing. With. Women.

    2. Spock: For solving facinating logic puzzles and pinching stuff.

    3. Bones McCoy: To inform Kirk someone died. For being a doctor and not another profession.

    Add three redshirts and you have yourself a tried-and-tested away party.

  • First would be the misses. She’d scare the hell out of anyone.

    Second Shepard …. Just finished ME again. Saved the universe once. Should be good to go again.

    Drizzt Do’Urden and guenhwyvar. An unstopable duo.

    Fifth would be bard from Bards Tale. Every adventure needs commical relief and better when you can stand the comic relief.

    Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly. No matter what happens he’s got the knowhow and … luck to get it done.

  • The Motley Crew

    Barack Obama: bringing peace everywhere he looks since 2008.

    Q: someone’s got to bring the tools.

    Tony Soprano: someone to be really nasty when we need it.

    Arnie from the 80’s: probably one of the toughest guys ever.

    James: my friend who has a really soothing voice, it sure helps people chill out.

    Orlando Bloomin’ Onion: for when we get hungry.

  • Bear Grylls – Because he has a trick for every situation, the modern day McGyver if you will.

    (Early days) Dirk Benedict as Starbuck – Because Starbuck was a badarse warrior and space pilot that never fails to fight out of a dangerous situation.

    Jason Statham – Because everyone needs a witty, badarse british person in their gang.

    Sienna Guillory (dressed as Jill Valentine) – Because it wouldn’t be Mass Effect without a capable extremely hot chick there at your side.

    Data (Star Trek) – Because hes a mastermind… the mixture of brains and brawn in one logic neuron processing brain.


    Bill Murray – Bill Murray is awesome!

  • 1. Dwight K. Shrute – With his know how on survival and vast weaponry he is a force to be wreckoned with.

    2. Jim Halpart – To make sure that banter between party members will always be fun to listen to.

    3. Robot Hitler – I would obviously reprogram him to instead be genocidal of whatever enemies that befall us.

    4. Napoleon Bonaparte – A great strategist and has some fantastic quotes “We are not retreating, merely advancing in a different direction”

    5. Seth Rogan – Because when he is after someone for even the pettiest reasons (flashing perhaps?) he has no qualms shooting them dead in a shopping mall filled with people

    6. Satan – We need someone to bring the booze and hookers.

  • 1. Jason Statham – He’ll be the brawns of the group. Beating down bad guys and throwing out one liners in an awesome accent.

    2. Robert Smith (The Cure) – He can help kill Space Godzilla, when (not IF) he shows up. Also his music is kick ass.

    3. C-3PO – He is fluent in over six million forms of communication. And a translator is always handy.

    4. R2D2 – C-3PO is likely to get lonely. And he has gadgets/midgets stored away in his many nooks and crannies.

    5. Gandalf – Dude, he’s a wizard, enough said. And in battle when he booms “YOU SHALL NOT PASS” you know no one is getting past!

    6. Falkor the Luck Dragon – He can breathe fire, fly and he’s incredibly lucky! The perfect trifecta!

  • 1. Elizabeth Bennett from BBC version of Pride and Prejudice – .. why not? that’s the real question

    2. Bruce Willis – For his delivery of epic one liners.

    3. Mr T – His singing will stop people in their tracks

    4. Terry Tate – Keeps my fellow people in order.

    5. William Shakespeare – Because I want one of those moments where I get given a choice to choose whether he lives or die, payback would be nice.

    6. Doctor Phil, to consult everyone upon Williams sudden but inevitable demise.

    Oh crap too late? still midnight in WA right?

  • Easy!
    Bruce Willis as John McClain from the Die Hard series ..

    Kate Beckinsale as Selene from Underworld
    Mostly because she’s good looking and that could be good for team morale as well as being able to kick ass!

    Liam Neeson as Bryan Mills from Taken
    simply because he was so bad ass in that movie! running around Paris killing people looking for his daughter ..

    Nicholas Cage as Cameron Poe from Con Air
    Because Nicholas Cage is cool? 😛

    And possibly Dr Manhattan from watchmen .. cos its cool how he makes people disintegrate.

  • 1. JC Denton. Biotech intimdation.
    2. Jar-Jar Binks. Comical relief, sacrificial distraction
    3. Jack Johnson. To help calm the spirit and allow reasonable and thought out decisions to happen
    4. Spongebob Squarepants. Bubble power, and he knows karate
    5. Harry Potter. I’m a what?
    6. Jack Sparrow. We need a captain, and rum. Where’s the rum?

  • Each “champion” is gifted with a ring of elemental power by Gaia…

    1. Kwame – Earth
    2. Wheeler – Fire
    3. Linka – Wind
    4. Gi – Water
    5. Ma-Ti – Heart
    6. And with their powers combined…. Captain Planet!!!!!

  • In no particular order these Characters or Actors and the feeling they portray:

    Ice Cube – token rapper/gangster – ready to take situations by the balls and bust a cap up in yo ass. “Come on you mindless motherf….s” (Ghost of Mars)

    Dirty Harry – Firepower. Also have Clint Eastwood directing the movie version. “Did he fire six shots or only five?”

    Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez – Highlander. (Sean Connery) – Mentor/Melee class “You can’t drown, you fool, you’re immortal!”

    The Predator – Ultimate stealth class. Seriously, who can hide from this bad mother? Also, plasma cannon.

    John Cleese – Similar to his role as Q. from Bond films recently, but with more Monty Python humour thrown in. Basically as the groups tech support but loopy.

    Leloo – Milla Jovovich – (5th Element) – With a Resume that includes: Killing Zombies, killing medieval dudes, being an element aka the perfect being, she was in Zoolander and is a total hotty!
    She is the one that survives.

    woooo mass effect 2!

  • Predator – he’s predator… he’s a natural born, raised, lethal killing machine able to see in standard, thermal and infrared vision. He kicks ass.

    Yoda – he’s small, agile, can use the force, and has a light saber. I don’t think there’s anything Yoda can’t do… *thinks* nope, can’t think of anything

    Altair – everybody needs a slick stealthy assassin in their team. How else are we going to take out all those bosses with ultra sneaky 1-hit hidden blade kills?

    Jean Gray in Dark Phoenix mode – being possessed by an ancient god and being able to destroy planets is a nice addition to have to any team.

    Megatron – the dude has survival power. And he’s got awesome strategies. Sure none of them work, but you have to admit, the guy is creative. Plus he could transform into a plane and thus we have free transportation!

    Sheldon Cooper – hehehehe… if all else fails, we just get Sheldon to talk to our opponents and blow their minds with his insane knowledge of… well, everything. That and his incredible ability to learn would mean we’d work out all the enemy weak points in a matter of seconds.

    Ideally I’d also have a pair of hot bisexual Swedish supermodel twins to pass the time with whilst my team makes my opponents beg to their grandmothers in tears for mercy… but I was restricted to 6… *sighs*

  • 1. Kratos; If you thought Soverign was owned in Mass Effect 1, there’s far more owning to happen when Kratos of the God of Wars series is involved.
    2. Samus Aran; Driven, deadly, and smart, let alone flexible (or rather engineered) to the point of being a potential scout with the ability to turn to a ball, Samus Aran of the Metroid Prime serious is the perfect bounty hunter to accompany me in a suicide mission.
    3. Nathan Drake; resilient and outstandingly courageous for someone of his physique, Nathan Drake of the Uncharted series would be a formidale ally for a suicide mission–just hope that any creatures you face resemble Clowns…
    4. Ryu Hayabusa; Forget Guns; With Ryu Hayabusa of the Ninja Gaiden Series alongside you on a suicide mission, foes should not be surprise if they have an impulse to soil their pants after they get a glimpse of what he is capable of–if their butts aren’t already beside their heads and the remaining parts of their bodies after encountering Ryu Hayabusa…
    5. The Gravity Gun (Of the Half-Life Series); With the Gravity Gun in the right hands, even an alien toilet can be the ultimate bringer of death.
    6. The Golden Gun (Of the 007 Series); Nothing can live after being shot of the golden gun–NOTHING!

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