WIN! A Mass Effect 2 Xbox 360 Collectors Edition

Commander Shepard's space opera continues on January 28 when Mass Effect 2 launches on Xbox 360 and PC. You'll have ten chances to win a copy over the next week. Here's how.

UPDATE: Wednesday's draw is now closed.

We've got ten copies of Mass Effect 2 to give away. Specifically:

* 2 x Mass Effect 2 Collectors Edition (Xbox 360) * 5 x Mass Effect 2 (Xbox 360) * 1 x Mass Effect 2 Collectors Edition (PC) * 2 x Mass Effect 2 (PC)

Between now and Tuesday I'll be offering up one or more of these to win each day. Today we begin with one Xbox 360 Collectors Edition, pictured, which comes with a "Making of..." DVD, a comic book, art book, Dragon’s Age Blood Armour unlock code, Cerberus Network card to access bonus in-game content and a tin case.

In Mass Effect 2, Shepard recruits a squad of the galaxy's most elite soldiers and assassins to undertake the most dangerous mission of all. To win a copy of Mass Effect 2, we want to know which six people (real, fictional or possibly not even people - we'll be flexible here) you would recruit to join you on the most dangerous mission of all. Tell us which six people you'd pick and why they're right for the job.

Leave your entry in the comments below. Multiple entries will be discarded and only your first entry will count. You have until midnight tonight to enter. The winner will be announced tomorrow at 10am when we open a new draw to win the PC version.

Good luck!

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    Thank you Jesus!! i mean David...

    Awesome comp - can't wait to enter...

    One quick q though, even if it is a little dumb - But is that 6 people including yourself or 6 people other than yourself?

      Well my Q has been answered by the posters.. lol.. Good luck everyone :)

    My 6 people?

    Chuck Norris.

    I guess Chuck Norris is out?

    Number 1. Godzilla
    Numbers 2. - 6. Biggest Loser contestants to keep Godzilla fed during interplanetary travel.

    P.S. If anyone from Bioware is reading this, please release Godzilla as a playable character in the DLC

    Team awesome assemble!!!

    Optimus Prime: To replace that box cart called Mako.

    Nikola Tesla: He will be my scientist developing new weapons for the team.

    Wally Lewis: Wally will be the grunt, soaking up all the damage.

    Hillary Clinton: She will be the grunt aswell, soaking up whatever damage wally can't take.

    Leonard Nimoy: Nimoy my bestest friend, he will be our strategist and ambassador defusing our most difficult situations.

    Gordon Freeman: The strong silent type, and with the flash of his eyes he knows how to resolve our environmental obstacles with the use of his gravity gun.

    [email protected]

    Chuck Norris - Dont make me explain why.

    Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver)- She's a Kick Ass Alien Killer why else!

    Solid Snake - My sneaking guy, and he hides in a cardboard box of course.

    Soap from COD Series - He brings the firepower.

    PeeWee Herman - He can be the Tech Specialist and the guy everyone hates.

    And a T-Rex, you said you would be flexible right?

    Six people hey? Hmmm....

    Yoda - I shold not have to say more but the Little Green Guy can kick ass and dish out wisdom at the same time.

    Spinosaurus - Could kill a T-Rex, certainly can kill any of my enemies when i gain his loyalty by feeding him every 20 minutes.

    Psycho (Sgt. Sykes from Crysis Warhead) - The ability to do stealth missions with the Nanosuit and able to go on the offensive with the PAX rifle makes him awesome.

    Master Chief - This spartan defeated wave after wave of Covenant and Flood forces so he should be perfect to have on a suicide mission so he can carry my lazy ass around the battlefield :P

    Albert Einstein - Need a scientist/tech specialist on the team to invent and build the best weapons and armour possible for my team to succeed. Also i heard he has laser eyes?

    Finally - Batman - His ability to swing from gargoyle to gargoyle without being noticed by his enemy is remarkable, especially when his enemies are looking right at him and he is moving less then 10 feet above them :P able to get behind the enemy positions and destroy the enemy.

    Master Chief, BJ Blazkowicz, Samus Aran, Gordon Freeman, Mario and Nathan Drake. I don't think I need to go into too much detail about why they are suitable - we would be unstoppable.

    That being said, there would be some tension between the guys who needed health packs when they were injured, those who just need a quick breather to recover, and those who magically teleport back to a previous location every time they die.

    Plus they would all totally be hitting on Samus (except for Freeman, who wouldn't speak to her) My money is on Drake though - chicks dig wisecracks.

    1. HK-47 - KOTOR. Hey hes from another bioware game and his "organic meatbag" termination skills would be a fantastic asset to any renegade player. Good skills in weapons and tech

    2. Jeremy Clarkson - Top Gear(tv). Clarkson would be your trusty Mako Driver, naturally screaming out "ppoowwhhhaarr!" as you go hurtling along. On the ground he would most likely be killed for abusing other keep him in the mako. moderate skill in weapons and biotics

    3. Joanna Dark - Perfect Dark N64. Joanna would make a great infiltrator, using her pistols and rifles, and have a decent tech skill set as well, frankly just having her in HD and in some sexy mass effect 2 body armor is reason enough. Very good skill with weapons, moderate with tech.

    4.Christian Bale - Actor. Could possibly steal Sheppard's thunder and then abuse the crew of the Normandy for playing with the lighting on the ship...would definitely be bad-ass though. Excellent skills in weapons.

    5. JC Denton - Deus Ex. Would be a biotic and tech monster able to use nearly every ability in the game effectively once trained up enough, and again totally sensing a trend here... Good skill in biotics and tech

    6. Solid Snake - Metal Gear. Snake would have some skills in biotics whilst also being a damn good soldier, he would be Sheppard's right hand man and get any job done. Good skill in Weapons and moderate in biotics.

    Template for Sure Fire Win!!!1!

    1.(80’s action star who has found internet fame) Because (star’s defining feature) can (verb) without ever touching the (noun)!

    2.(Childhood cartoon character) Because, if memory serves, they were badass until their Hollywood remake. I LOVED THEM BEFORE YOU!! (+1 cred)

    3.(Gaming icon) Who else can save the (World/Infinitia/Happy Palace) with only a (Construction Tool/Copious amounts of belts/Overalls)

    4.(Kotaku Editor) ‘Cause hey, you’re one handsome sunnuva…

    5.(Made up comic book character just so I could make 6 people) But don’t bother looking around though, I’m pretty sure they only did a very limited 1st run special edition only available through preorder.

    6.(One of literatures greatest heroes) So I look deep to the ladys… … … tits or gtfo…

    Billy Ray Cyrus - When surrounded by enemies, Billy Ray will start blasting out 'Achey Breaky Heart' to begin the worlds largest square dance

    The mysterious artifact you pick up at the beginning of a game or movie - Because you'll never know what it does until the exact right moment right at the end of an adventure

    Frodo Baggins - Ninja elite, 'nuff said

    Captain Kirk - Because everyone knows he IS the better captain

    Storm Trooper - Cannon fodder

    Brick - For explosives and sheer intimidation

    Tony Abbot - He'd deny the enemy existed and want a royal commission to investigate why things around him were blowing up.

    Prince Harry - He's in the British Army, a bad boy, and actually earned his medals.

    Ricky Ponting - To sledge the bad guys and unnerve them while he's shooting them.

    James Cameron - The "King of the world" don't you know.

    Marcus Fenix - "Have Chainsaw will travel" and a character that could scowl someone to death.

    Conan O'brian - As we're going to need a laugh in between all the killing.

    I'll tell you the 6 people/things i WOULD NOT take:

    1: Any one person who has fair skin and red hair.
    2: Commander Shepard - If he's coming from my previous save i do NOT want to see his hair.
    3: a Dolphin - They cannot breath out of water nor can they wander in space.
    4: ANY spaceship - I've got the Normandy ... F**K Yeah!
    5: Michael Atkinson - He'll just ban us all from violence, We wouldn't be able to win the war.
    6: My consience, When i have to pick speech in a coversation i want to be the chuck norris of SPACE.

    Obi-Wan Kenobi - Skilled in combat, diplomacy and strategy, he's the ideal second in command, can deal with any situation.

    Kos-mos from Xenosaga - Heavy weaponry, ideal for wiping out any opposition.

    Icarus from Sora no Otoshimono - Robotic angel who can fly at mach 50, regeneration, more heavy weaponry.

    Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell - Stealth and hacking abilities, used as scout and infiltrator.

    Dr Leonard McCoy - Highly experienced in combat surgery, every team needs a medic.

    Miranda Kerr - as the squad cheerleader / morale builder.

    Mass Effect has a strong RPG element... so that makes an easy choice...

    Hank, the Ranger - Bow & Arrow
    Eric, the Cavalier - Shield
    Diana, the Acrobat - Agility
    Presto, the Magician - Magician
    Sheila, the Thief - Invisibility
    Bobby, the Barbarian - Brute Strength

    I believe they would cover all bases as required in my little party! Guess that would make me the Dungeon Master then! :) or Uni... :p

    I was gonna have Chuck Norris, but so many others have done so already. Anyhow, here is my crew.

    1. Bill Gates: Just in case we come across a system with Windows 4000 installed.

    2. Duke Nukem: To provide the heavy weaponry for my crew...When he's finished with other business.

    3. Ellen Ripley: Like Chuck Norris, she needs no explaination.

    4. The Muppets: A crew has gotta have some comic releif on those long flights.

    5. Gordon Freeman: A backup to Ripley in the even the amunition runs out (crowbar for the win!)

    6. Arthur C. Clarke: We need someone to explain all sci-fi advances in Laymen's terms.

    This team would win straight off.

    1. Napoleon Dynamite - using his nunchuck skills
    2. Barney Stinsen - Well, he's awesome, i guess thats a good trait.
    3. Andy Samberg - He chops off his balls and dies everyday.
    4. David Caruso - He'll take off his sunglasses and say a one liner every time we kill someone.
    5. A fat guy - To make everyone else feel better about themselves.
    6. Your Racist Uncle - Well, he's racist and he's your uncle.

    Yeah, this isn't going to work is it?

    I'd take Eddie Riggs from Brutal Legends for his fix anything/build anything engineering skills, and since he needs a combat robot in ME2, I am taking HK from Kotor. I am sure Eddie's bitchin' solos would keep HK's need to kill all meatbags in check.

    I'd take 343 Guilty Spark as the tech guy, I am sure he'd be all over any locked boxes and doors that need hacking. So long as I stay off any ring-worlds, I reckon I'd be safe from any tendencies to destroy all life.

    Every party needs a meatshield, and no one does that better then Brick. I mean the dude punches Rakk hives to death.

    For healers I am thinking old school. No healer is cooler then the Final Fantasy White Mage.

    No Mass Effect party is complete without a hot character wearing combat armour. I am gonna go with Samus Aran.

    That Underwear Bomber from the airplane
    since this is a suicide mission, I guess he wouldn't mind blowing himself up next to a pack of enemies, granted that his underpants goes off.

    He can transform into the badass Walther P38 pistol for me to equip

    A velociraptor
    it can tear up aliens while I ride on it's back wielding the Megatron pistol

    He Man
    His the God Damn Master of the Universe, who wouldn't bow down to him with his muscle complex and mighty sword.

    Ricky from Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2
    It would be a great motivation for the gang when they hear Ricky shout out "GARBAGE DAY!" every time he fires his revolver

    Balloon Boy's Dad
    If the situation gets sticky, he will release his weather balloon into space. A box from the balloon would drop, tricking the enemy as to whether we were still in the balloon or that box. The enemy would suspend all their space traffic and send all their troops to capture the weather balloon while we all hide in the attic. The perfect escape plan.

    1: joaquin phoenix - he would mess with peoples heads

    2: Chuck Lidell - next best thing after Chuck Norris

    3: Bas Rutten - he believes in 2 eyes for an eye

    4: Oprah - she would bank roll my whole trip

    5: Will Ferrell - boring elevator rides need some humour

    6: Daniel Day-Lewis - what an awesome name - the end.

    Captain Jack Harkness - To distract the other party members from becoming attracted to me, freeing myself up to focus on the mission at hand.

    Eddie Riggs - So he can pull a sick guitar riff and scream "DECAPITATIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON" after every boss. He serves no other useful purpose, but why would I want him to?

    Admiral Adama - To pilot my ship in an inevitable and ridiculously awesome rescue manoeuvre when I am captured and held on an alien planet. And to command my ship the other 53% of the time, thus freeing me up for the task of shooting fools.

    Todd the Wraith - His vampire-like abilites, healing factor, and overall badass-ness combine to form one mean mofo to accompany me on my away missions. Also, it's nice to have someone with a simple name like "Todd".

    Malcolm Reynolds - The meanest gunslinger in the galaxy. Would bring a huge degree of credibility and respect to the team, and that necessary biting wit one needs when fighting the scum of the universe. Also, would bring one other thing:

    Serenity - Defenceless? Yes. Bucket of bolts? Yes. Loveable in every way? OH YES. One sight of this majestic and battered beauty careening throught the stars, and my enemies will either pity me, or dismiss me outright as a waste of time. Until the Normandy decloaks behind the distracted enemy and wipes them from existance!

    6 people? You must enjoy reading huh... here goes

    1. Mecha Abe Lincoln - Just because
    2. Danny Glover - At some point he can say "I'm too old for this s*** and we'll all laugh. It's important to laugh
    3. Paul McCartney - Not cos I'm a Beatles fan, but because it'll be neat if someone can at least carry a tune for the big musical number
    4. A lady - Cos I'm not picky
    5. CliffyB - So I can give him my Gears 3 fan fiction personally
    6. MacGyver - Then we're invincible

    (Hard to go past David himself at #6 for extra brown nosing)

    1. Chevy Chase (Distractor) - Steps out in front of the enemy army to distract them by kicking golf balls around and saying 'Na-na-na-na-na'.

    2. Olympic fast-runner Usain Bolt (Disarmer) - Quickly sprints around the enemy and takes all their weapons. They don't really mind because they get lost in his dreamy eyes.

    3. Willie Nelson (Dispiriter) - Convinces the enemy to stand down by making them realise there's more to life than fighting. Such as having the US state of Georgia on their mind or planning a sad road trip to New Orleans.

    4. The Old Guy I Saw On The Street The Other Day (De-anger-er) Sits the enemy down and discusses their current greivances (Saren, the Quarians etc). With his dapper haircut and friendly nature, the enemy calm down and give over their trust.

    5. Ainsley Harriott (De-Charmer) Inspires the enemy to try their hand at cheeky recipes like the What's New Pussycat Strawberry Dacquiri. Charms to the hell out of the enemy while making recipe with constant laughing and continual questioning to other squad members of "What're they like? Wooo!".

    6. Rodney Dangerfield (Dancer) - Brings in kegs of beer and uses the word 'party' as a verb to get the enemy on the feet and dancing. Plays Kenny Loggins "I'm All Right" on stereo equipment.
    Dancing continues long into the night.

    MacGuyver - Could turn medigel plus a toothbrush into an atomic weapon.

    Hurley (Lost) - Mass effect dialogue needs more "Dude...". Plus the larger lads don't seem to get enough play in the RPG.

    Mary Poppins - Her bottomless bag would prevent mindless hours of rearranging, selling and converting excess items into medigel.

    Duke Nukem - Poor guy needs something to do. Plus "witty" one liners.

    Xzibit - could pimp the mako.... lower it, give it sweet rims, noice sound system and maybe even make it half decent to drive without wanting to throw your controller at the tv.

    Michael Atkinson - Seems to be an unstoppable force even in the light of reason and good sense, plus someone is likely to get plugged in the first 5 mins of the mission ;)

    1. Chuck Norris
    2-6. Stippers and Hookers

    Think about it. Chuck Norris wins on his own and I can be doing deep down all really want to do.

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