WIN! Bayonetta's Xbox 360 Climax Edition

Sega and Devil May Cry creator Hideki Kamiya's hair-raising new action game is officially released in Australia this week. Here's how you can win the aptly-named Climax Edition... and we reveal Tuesday's winning limerick.

Thanks to Sega we have five Bayonetta Climax Editions on Xbox 360 to give away this week. We'll be giving away one per day until Friday.

Inside the Aussie exclusive limited edition you'll find:

* A copy of Bayonetta on Xbox 360 in premium slipcase packaging * A replica Scarborough Fair, Bayonetta’s beloved pistol which she has strapped to her hands and feet * A 36-page hardcover art book * A CD of the game's soundtrack

Scroll down for a pic of everything inside the Bayonetta Climax Edition.

So how do you win?

Given Bayonetta's rather raunchy nature, we figured it was time to get you all writing limericks again. After all, the best limericks are always just a little bit naughty.

Your limerick must begin with some variation on the line: "There once was a girl called Bayonetta..." And it must follow standard AABBA limerick rhyming form.

Leave your limericks in the comments below. You must enter by midnight to be eligible for the day's draw and winners will be announced at 10am the following day when the new draw opens.

You may only enter once per day. If multiple entries are received, only the first one will count. If you wish to enter the next day's draw, you must enter a new limerick.

Good luck!

And Tuesday's winner is... Dan!

Here's Dan's winning limerick:

In regards to that girl Bayonetta, some helpful advice for good measure, her climax in fact, is a form of attack, so be on your guard if you bed her

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    There once was a girl called Bayonetta,
    Clad head to toe in hairy leather,
    I bought the PS3 port,
    Ignored all the talk,
    I still love it now and forever.

    So finally Bayonetta comes to Australia,
    she's got all the Aussie boys saying "I'd nail ya!"
    but what these blokes don't know,
    and our censors won't show,
    is that this woman has bloody huge genitalia.

    Congratulations to Dan!

    There was a girl called Bayonetta,
    She not one who looks like a mother,
    But making babies she would love to practice,
    Until the sheets were thrown from the mattress,
    Or until her magic bar fills higher.

    Damn. Okay, how about...

    There once was a girl called Bayonetta,
    Whose hair she would use as a cover,
    But in the US you see
    They didn't agree
    And she was charged with indecent exposure.

    Damn, Bayonetta is fine,
    With quite an attractive design,
    I don't think I can last,
    I'm going to come fast,
    Thank god she can slow down time.

    There was a girl called Bayonetta
    whose PS3 port was not to the letter
    The loading was crap,
    "we'll look into a patch"
    Yeah right: Kotaku readers know better.

    Tuesday's winner of Bayonetta is Dan,
    Of the game I hope he's a fan,
    also you may want to know,
    that from head to toe,
    both of them look like a man.

      hah hah, a limerick with me in it, awesome! ^_^

    There once was a girl called Bayonetta
    Remember her name 'cause one day you might forget her
    She's tall and strong
    And shoots all night long
    Practise all night long 'cause you might miss her.

    There once was a girl called Bayonetta,
    From the creator of Devil May Cry who thought he could do better,

    With a malformed head, big hits and a move called the climax,
    Gun boots, librarian glasses, and hair covering slacks,

    She certainly fits the bill of Japanese game character to the Letter !

      Far too many syllablles?

        lol true.
        Tis abit long winded.

    There once was a Miss Bayonetta
    Who dreamed her life could be better
    A witch, she became
    And sought power and fame
    And inspired awe in any who met her

    Sadface. I thought yesterday's was my finest work but I knew I was sunk when I saw Dan's.

    Let's go again:

    There was was a girl named Bayonetta
    A giantess, godlike in stature
    It'd take more than a day
    Just to find the way
    From one set of lips to the nethers

    There once was a girl called Bayonetta
    Who was vastly superior to her visual predecessor
    The action was over the top
    It meant one could never stop
    The devil may cry afta

    The girl you may know as Bayonetta
    Has been carrying out a vendetta
    Her boyfriends a video game sloth
    So she ripped his nuts off
    Bayonetta you've got to do better!

    At the bottom of the lake laid the witch, Bayonetta
    Ten years ago she awoke with no memories altogether
    Stuck in a terrible blight,
    help in joining her fight,
    and she'll reward you with a flash of her nether.

    There once was a girl called Bayonetta,
    Her hair made up her sweater.
    Sometimes it would unravel,
    To create a giant gavel,
    And make all her enemies redder.

    She's a funny girl, Bayonetta
    but not even her best friends get 'er
    her jokes are quite crude
    she tells them whilst nude
    and all the fanboys get wetter

    There once was a girl called Bayonetta…
    Who had breasts the size of a Vespa
    Cunning in speed
    And Powerful indeed
    She's like my girlfriend but better!

    There once was a girl called Bayonetta
    who kept her guns in a nice rayon sweater.
    But when put in a game,
    she thought synthetics too tame;
    au naturale will sell far better.

    Well done Dan - I thought your Day 1 entry was the bomb too!

    There once was a girl named Bayonetta
    Whose large chest filled out her sweater.
    But her tight buns
    Come with four guns.
    So all who meet her regret her.

    Bayonetta, the girl who seemed so fair
    Had the longest, most amazing, lovely hair
    But men seemed rather fazed
    When questions were raised
    About what went on downstairs

    There once was a girl called Bayonetta,
    Whos arsenal were mad tits and beretta,
    How sweet would it be,
    To have her jump out the TV,
    And to give me a gyrating hum-dinga!

    There once was a girl called Bayonetta,
    who strained everyone's graphics processor.
    With her figure so fine,
    she can slow down time.
    Everyone's bed sheets are now a little wetter.

    There once was a girl called Bayonetta
    Who enjoyed to complete her Vendetta.
    One day in the rain,
    Her hair lost its tame;
    and devoured her friend, Anetta.

    Bayonetta's a girl full of sin
    But there's worse than her gun-shoes within.
    There are baddies who cry,
    Even wish they could die,
    At her soul-searing phrase "Is it in?"

    There once was a girl called Bayonetta,
    The ultimate leather clad trendsetter,
    If you think she’s a bit of fun,
    Just remember her pink gun,
    And you won’t be regretting that you met her!

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