WIN! This Darksiders Replica Sword And A PS3

war pose darksiders compDarksiders is out - officially, at least, as it already seems to be on sale - tomorrow. Which means today is your final chance to get your entry in and try to win a PlayStation 3 console and your own Darksiders replica sword.

In Darksiders, the hero - War, one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse - crushes angels and demons alike with his mighty sword, the Chaoseater. For the full details on how you could win a Darksiders Chaoseater sword and a PlayStation 3 console, head over to the original post.

Remember, entries close 11:59pm tonight!

Let's check out some more of the comics Kotaku readers have made in order to win their own Chaoseater. Click on the thumbs to open a full size version. Think you can do better?


    Those are some fantastic comics! Its going to be a tough competition. Glad I'm not judging it.

    David, did you receive my submission?

      I did. There'll be some more posted between now and Monday, when I announce the winner.

        Epic! Whoever wins this comp must post photos posing with the Chaoseater! ;)

    Hahahah. That Kratos and War one was great. Wars face in the last panel is classic.

    Good luck to everyone who entered!

    Ace - I have a couple of favourite entries. Can't wait to see the winner!

    Top right is great, good luck to all who entered!

    Hey David,

    When you say it's already on sale, do you know where this is, as I've been trying to get a copy today and can't seem to find anyone willing to cower at my demand.

    Eeep, mine is up there! So nervous...

      You've been nervous for like three weeks now, haven't you? I'd be worn out.

        True, but I'm perpetually anxious so you kind of get used to it. :/

    did this brake?

      Let's assume you don't believe that Darksiders is actually a vehicle of some kind that requires breaks. I think you mean "Did this break?", in which case, the answer is No.

    Well, you see it's like this... so many well executed ideas there, it's a shame there is only one prize as there are many deserving entries...

      I hope you win man, yours is sweet.

        Thank you, I'm certainly proud of it... but I feel as there are quite a few better comics up there...

    People with actual artistic ability are entering?! Surely that's cheating? :P

    piece of eden gets my vote

    blood of the dragon king should win :D

      yay support :D This is my first Kotaku competition I've ever entered and I'm pretty nervous for doing something that's not a straight out pun or joke. All the entries are absolutely fantastic!

        Hey hey, you don't need to worry, that comic is brilliant! =)

        +1 for support for the comic... great execution and the payoff is fantastic if not better than a joke/pun...

          When I saw this entry I instantly gave up on my entry and decided not to enter anymore.

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