WIN! Three Copies Of Mass Effect 2 On Xbox 360

This is it, the last day of our Mass Effect 2 giveaway. But it's OK, we've got not one, not two, but three copies left. Here's how you win.

UPDATE: This competition is now closed.

In Mass Effect 2, Shepard recruits a squad of the galaxy's most elite soldiers and assassins to undertake the most dangerous mission of all. To win a copy of Mass Effect 2, we want to know which six people (real, fictional or possibly not even people - we'll be flexible here) you would recruit to join you on the most dangerous mission of all. Tell us which six people you'd pick and why they're right for the job.

Leave your entry in the comments below. Multiple entries will be discarded and only your first entry will count. You have until midnight tonight to enter. The winners will be announced tomorrow at 10am.

Note that if you left your entry on yesterday's post after the midnight cut-off, you'll be eligible for today's draw for one of three Xbox 360 copies.

Good luck!

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    Who won yesterday's competition?

      I'm wondering this too...

        Yeah when are we finding that one out?

          Yes, please tell us, and please let it be me so I don't need to work out something for tonight!

    I would take the six most able but also the six most likely to die, that way they can make sure the jobs done right but i can get all the glory in the end.
    I'm thinking the likes of Bruce Willis in Armageddon, Neo perhaps?, Wash from Firefly, Dumbledore, Jesus and Jack from Titanic (Cause ill be there to comfort all the ladies who are distraught over his death)

    Team Leader: Tony Todd
    2: The Candyman
    3. Captain Darrow
    4. Warren from Platoon
    5. General Benjamin Juma
    6. A clone of Tony Todd


    Time to pull out the OG's of gaming royalty

    Blinky, the original stealth master
    Pinky, Mr +100 times agility
    Inky, the aloof comic relief
    Clyde, the one everyone loves to hate
    Pac Man, insatiable appetite for destruction
    Mrs Pac Man, because behind every great Pac Man is a great Pac Woman

    Wolverine - Adamantium skeleton, Melee, Badass
    Solid Snake - Tactical Espionage
    Stone Cold Steve Austin - He will beat ur ass and loves a beer
    Jean Grey - Female influence and she can hold her own
    Gob Bluth - Distraction with his magic (oops i mean "illusions") Plus he provides the soundtrack - It's the final countdown!!
    Kratos - Not much to say, he can probably take everyone himself

    1) Chuck Norris - undefeatable in any fight
    2) John McClane - no matter what happens he still manages to survive (ie unkillable)
    3) River Tam - cause she's hilariously awesome
    4) Matt Farrell - (from die hard 4) as a computer hacker who can hack anything, anywhere
    5) Sam Fisher - for any sneakiness needed
    6) Dogmeat - cause everyone needs a companion and sidekick who can smell threats a mile off

    1) Raptor Jesus - A dinosaur healer. 'nuf said.
    2) An Assembly line Arm Robot - He has a dream to break free from his primative "welding X to Y" programming. Though he may not have free will, he's determined, with the help of his companions, to put his newfound "welding bullet to face" abilities to use.
    3) A Dingo - Can drag off the little ones without any enemies noticing. The ultimate rogue. It took your baby.
    4) An obligatory love interest - Obligatorily.
    5) A Katamari - Why fight enemies you could just roll up and turn into a star?
    6) A Save Point - Just so I can save anywhere.

    Out of desperation, I have no choice but to pick a team of winners. Namely, the winners thus far of Mass Effect 2 packs.

    1) WaveOfMutilation
    2) Andrew Hobbs
    3) Kelly
    4) Aidan Dullard
    5) Steven Bogos
    6) Adam Grabda

    Each of these gamers has shown that they meet the criteria for the 'ultimate' party.

    They have shown initiative, each accepting the oppurtunity that was laid before them.

    They have shown that they can strategise, each carefully planning and considering the most logical choice of party members to suit their specific needs.

    They have also shown a certain drive for success, each committing themselves to the contest until they find themselves a victory.

    Finally, and most importantly, they have shown that they have a sense of humor. In a journey full of perils and hardships, it is ultimately laughter that will see us through to the end.

    1. David Boon - Legendary batting and beer drinking skills.

    2. Mel Gibson - He can be Boonies drinking partner and you dont mess with Mel when he has been drinking.

    3. Ned Kelly - His armour may come in handy

    4. Mark "Chopper" Read - No reason needed he's Chopper.

    5. Russel Crowe - Same reason as Mel.

    6. Senator Stephen Conroy - Sacrificial lamb.


    First up, I'd take Mal Reynolds from Firefly/Serenity, because he has some of the best one-liners in Sci-Fi and is handy with a gun to boot. Definitely a guy you'd want at your back when facing prospective doom.

    Secondly, I'd take my mate Aaron, as he'd make a brilliant wise-cracking pilot. Potential downside: the crew would have to listen to constant heavy metal over the intercom. A small price to pay, though. He's also a great boxer, so in those tough melee situations he'd be extremely handy.

    Another heavy would be Jo Lupo from Eureka. A guns and ammo expert, Jo's skills would be utterly invaluable in saving the universe. She is also one fine looking woman, and that never hurts on a mission of galactic importance.

    I'd take Alyx Vance from HL2, her existing tech abilities boosted with some hotass biotics. It's Alyx Vance, I mean, come on. How could you not take her?

    My other biotics specialist would be Inara Serra, once again from Firefly. Inara's cool, calm and collected, and besides the fact that she and Mal make an excellent (and entertaining) pair, she's willing to do whatever she needs to get the job done, and that's the kind of person I'd want on such a mission.

    Finally, I'd take the boyfriend, as he's an ace programmer and said skills would translate well to being an engineer/tech specialist. Always need a technical genius handy on these sort of missions, and every good suicide mission has to have a handsome romance!

    1. Michaelangelo from the TMNT - Cowabunga dude! That guy is totally awesome
    2. Wolverine - He's the best at what what he does! Natch!
    3. Stephen Hawking - The brains..and the wheels..
    4. Any customer service rep from Telstra - I just wanna see one of them die man
    5. Hello Kitty - Mascot
    6. Jenna Jameson - If worst comes to worst, my last request...

    This would be my team:

    1)Arnold Schwarzenegger: Every team needs a strong and very persuasive soldier with a unique accent.

    2)Sam Fisher: When you can't go in all guns blazing, Fisher would do the job.

    3)Bill Gates: Every team has to have a traitor that works for both sides for his own personal gain.

    4)Albert Einstein: This is the guy smart enough to figure out who the traitor is before dying in an apple avalanche

    5)Fidel Castro: Needed as the team's all powerful leader to keep them in line as they save the universe.

    6)The Rookie: Not to be over shadowed by Master Chief, this guy can get the job done without super strength.

    Are you planning a suicide mission?

    Do you have a evil empire that needs overthrowing?

    Do you need some odd jobs done around the space station?

    Jim has the solutions for you!

    1. Jim's Piloting Services

    2. Jim's Computer Hacking

    3. Jim's Assassinations

    4. Jim's Heavy Weapons

    5. Jim's Inventory Management

    6. Jim's Accounting

    for franchise inquiries please visit

    Jim's a name you can trust!

    General Norman Schwarzkopf - not for his military prowess and strategic command but his motivational public speaking and ability to be a human shield ... the team have to be motivated before going in to battle

    The CIA personnel who generated the report which stated that IRAQ had weapons of mass destruction. Surely, they would be able to get anyone to go into combat and prove the aliens have weapons of mass destruction even if they don't.

    Guy Fleegman from Galaxy Quest. As is stated in the movie the unnamed guy is always the first to get it in a sci fi show. There will be casualties in this combat. Best that the unnamed guy be first.

    Gabe Newell so that if there are any physics puzzles that the team come across the man who created the genre can have a crack at attempting them first ... he would also make a good human shield

    The sexy dancing alien chick from Return of the Jedi. The one that dances for Jabba and has the tentacles coming out of her head. She will distract the aliens with her sexy dancing while the rest of the team work their magic with their weapons. As Mass Effect has taught us Aliens want some lovin too.

    John Edward will be able to communicate with the aliens dead relatives with his pyschic ability (or pure showmanship) and distract them with tales of how they are suffering in the afterlife. The problem may be arranging the enemy in to a studio type environment and have them sit in the one place while John picks up on their tells and works out which alien had a relative named "Sharon".

    No one said the team had to survive with you.

    1 - Gunnery Sgt. Hartman (Drill instructor from Full Metal Jacket) : Would whip my team into shape and add some comic relief with his one liners about how high they stack shit, ripping your balls off so you dont contaminate the rest of the world, etc, etc.

    2 - Uri Geller: matter bending mind powers would fit perfectly.

    3 - Nicola Tesla : Would enlist him to construct weapons with future tech.

    4 - Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 (aka Master Chief): Simply out of curiosity, I would like to see how he fairs against the Geth and Turians. Quite fine I assume....although, there would be concerns over a power struggle for team leadership?

    5/6 - Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi: Good to have some romance after a big space battle, so dip me in honey and throw me to the lesbians!

    Which members would I take with me to save the universe?

    1. I'd have to take a Gilette Mach3 Razor. Why the Mach 3? Considering how many close shaves Shepherd would get us in in ME2... the Gilette 3 is the only thing according to its advertisment that could possibly get us out! Plus we may need money and I figure with the giant-ass advertisement on the side of the ship for GILETTE MACH 3 RAZOR AS USED BY CMDR SHEPHERD OF THE SPECTERS we may pull in some extra dough!

    2. We'll have to take Joe Dirts mullet. Joe Dirts mullet was impervious to everything. It was superstrong. It was with him on a quest to find his family, it suffered heartache, turmoil, an imaginary nuclear blast... hell it even survived the ego of Kid Rock! This is the mullet of the gods... only this thing can stand up against what threatens the universe now and remain faux-stylish while doing it!

    3. Jeff Golblum. Only he of ID4 fame, could possibly use an outdated MAC running a fictional OS to upload a nonexistant computer virus which in no way could interface with an alien language to destroy an alien ship which would've definitely had a much better anti-virus installed than he would've had running on his pc! I guess the aliens didn't renew their nortons that week... or is it that noone can stand up to the sheer genius of Golblum! Jeffy is our number 3!

    4. A cheese toasty. Because everyone knows a cheese toasty is warm, filling and perfect. It makes a day better and is the perfect food. It makes morale increase, it cheers up the bad times, it goes well with any sort of drink or no drink at all. Yessir, a cheese toasty it is!

    5. Your mum. Because your mum makes the best cheese toasties. She makes cheese toasties better than my mum does. She also has an awesome rack... shes a milf. A milf that makes cheese toasties. She also loves Criminal Intent, which means she loves Jeff Golblum. And she also loved the movie Joe Dirt. This womans perfect. Not to mention she loves clean shaven men... well, that means she gets along with the razor, Jeff Golblum, Joe Dirts mullet and the cheese toasty, not to mention she can make us more cheese toasties. An ARMY of cheese toasties. I love your mum. She's awesome. Did I mention she's got an awesome rack?

    6. Your dad. He's a nice guy. A really nice guy. But he's married to your mum. And we know there's always gotta be one crew member you sacrifice. Joes Mullet is too cool. The razor keeps me clean shaven for your mum, the cheese toasty keeps us all fed, Jeff protects us from the aliens, your mum makes the toasties, she loves hanging out with the Mullet, she loves speaking with me and Jeff, she loves how clean shaven I am... your dad can come along but I'm sacrificing his ass at the first chance. He's cannon fodder dude. He's gonna die. And did I mention your mums a milf with an awesome rack? I'm sooooo hittin' that the moment he's gone...

    That's my choice! Tell me I'm wrong! I dare thee! :D

    Stephen Fry- The man can talk his way out of any situation and failing that he can bedazzle any alien race in the galexy with his wit and intellect.

    Michael Atkinson- Simply to put in situations where violence would be neccesary in a video game to solve a conflict. I want to see how hostile races deal with his ramblings and i think he has enough pent up rage and smugness to unleash on a galaxy.

    Ellen Ripley- She has enough experience dealing with some of the most annoying and dangerous aliens known to man and Sigourney Weaver is HOT!!!

    Chen Kenichi- Iron Chef Chinese the man has a mean ability to cook so he would be a great addition to the team and having seen some of his knife skills i do not want to get in a close quaters scuffle with the guy. Also having him promotes my teams idea of multiculturalism.

    Quinton "Rampage" Jackson- When you think token black guy you think Mr T... if you were born in the era of black and white television so instead of choosing the old BA Baracus instead i have the newer younger and tougher version. Instead of wrestling in the wwwf (yes it was that long ago) with Hulk Hogan, Rampage has built a reputation as an ass kicker in the toughest fighting Octagon known to man i certainly pity the fool that angers a member of the new A Team.

    Taylor Swift- Every team needs a weak link in the chain and a damsel to become distressed so instead of choosing someone with any useful ability i chose a singer to open up interesting situations and hilarious moments of failure in tense situations. Also think about it in Mass Effect you open up romance options with your team and I have 3 men in middle age and beyond, an older woman and a trained UFC fighter... this is why my team needs Taylor Swift.

    little unsure if my previous entry didn't make it because I submitted it 11:55 pm Brisbane time.

    My house mate and I decided to express ourselves in a much more engaging and sophisticated way. We made this REALLY intellectual and IMPRESSIVE youtube video for our entry.

    Thanks guys

    1. Disco Ball - Blind my Enemies
    2. Hairspray - to keep everyones hair in place
    3. Vincent Vega - he can eliminate and then dance while the disco ball spinning
    4. Ooompa Loompa
    5. The Headless Horsemen
    6. Rodney Rude - Offensive to the core, Guaranteed to be shot first

    1. Sovereign
    2. Saren
    3. Dr. Doom
    4. Venom
    5. Satan
    6. Butch Cassidy

    We're here to kick Shepards ass and enslave Humanity.

    1. Ashley 'Ash' J. Williams - Army of Darkness - Good with boomsticks and wrist mounted chainsaws, professional ladies man.
    2. Autolycus - Xena/Hercules - Master thief and escape artist, professional ladies man.
    3. Jack Stiles - Jack of All Trades - Proficiency in the spy trade, professional ladies man.
    4. Elvis Presley - Bubba Ho-tep - Defeated Bubba Ho-tep and knows what its like to have everyone think your dead. Also hail to the King baby, professional ladies man.
    5. Sam Axe - Burn Notice - Ex Navy Seal, works well under pressure. Also professional ladies man.
    6. Bruce Campbell - My Name Is Bruce - Defeated the Chinese God of War, IS Bruce Campbell. Also professional ladies man.

    I would take the any six of the previous winners of this competition.
    1. They know how to win, I don't so I need all the help I can get.
    2. The will have already played this game and provide me with useful hints in our own galactic adventures.
    3. At least one of these winners will have also played Mass Effect 1 so their saved character will provide many benefits.
    4. If I chose normal people I would have to buy this game myself.
    5. This game is out soon and I don't have much time to prepare, having these winners will expedite my preparation.
    6. Six winners including me is 7 winners and 1 awesome game as reference material for the zaniest space adventure yet!!!!!

    I would choose:

    - Commander Shepard: too obvious? Regardless s/he’s the biggest, baddest, Geth-killing-est machine out there

    - Derek Zoolander: makes the crew look good, and can save my life with his ‘Blue Steel’. Plus he can have an even bigger cross-species ‘The Derek Zoolander Center for Kids and Aliens Who Can’t Read Good and Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too’

    - Sam Kekovich: he’s Australian, and would make a fantastic lambassador and chef for Shepard and the crew. Plus he can help spread the word about Intergalatic Australia Day [considering that ME2 is released in the US on the 26th]

    - Bob Brown (Scott Foley’s character in ‘The Unit’): he looks like default Shepard, he’s elite special forces…well he might actually be Shaprd. The key is that two Shepards are better than one

    - Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw (Zero Punctuation): we’ll call him Aussie, and he’d provide comic relief with a scathing review of enemies, missions, the crew…pretty much everything in the game. And he has a sweet hat

    - The Pussycat Dolls: everyone needs a love interest, and why have one when you can have five! Plus, the outfits would distract my enemies

    - Since the Pussycat Dolls aren't technically a 'person' I'll also have to go with Trooper Mark Donaldson: the first Australian 'Victoria Cross' winner since the Vietnam War. Embodies bravery, courage under fire, and everything that soldiers, and even some civilians, should aspire to be

    Instead of gathering a team of people to die on this suicide mission, I decided to take an alternative route, I go on a dangerous quest to gather these icon's of crapness and combine them into one giant super shit bomb.

    1. ET for the Atari 2600
    2. Superman 64
    3. Castlevania 2 Simon's Quest
    4. Independence Day
    5. Rocky V
    6. The CD-i Zelda games

    Nothing can withstand such an amount of shitness of this magnitude

      Forgot to mention this,

      By Independence Day, I mean the video game, and by Rocky V, I mean the movie

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