WIN! Two Copies Of Mass Effect 2 On Xbox 360

Commander Shepard's space opera continues on January 28 when Mass Effect 2 launches on Xbox 360 and PC. You'll have ten chances to win a copy over the next week. Here's how.

UPDATE: Friday's draw is now closed.

We've got ten copies of Mass Effect 2 to give away. Specifically:

* 2 x Mass Effect 2 Collectors Edition (Xbox 360) * 5 x Mass Effect 2 (Xbox 360) * 1 x Mass Effect 2 Collectors Edition (PC) * 2 x Mass Effect 2 (PC)

Between now and Tuesday I'll be offering up one or more of these to win each day. Today we have two copies on Xbox 360. It may not be the Collectors Edition, but you've got twice the chance to win.

In Mass Effect 2, Shepard recruits a squad of the galaxy's most elite soldiers and assassins to undertake the most dangerous mission of all. To win a copy of Mass Effect 2, we want to know which six people (real, fictional or possibly not even people - we'll be flexible here) you would recruit to join you on the most dangerous mission of all. Tell us which six people you'd pick and why they're right for the job.

Leave your entry in the comments below. Multiple entries will be discarded and only your first entry will count. You have until midnight tonight to enter. The winners will be announced tomorrow and stay tuned for a new draw over the weekend.

Good luck!

Oh, and congratulations to Steven Bogos and Adam Grabda for winning yesterday's PC draw. They both took the unconventional route and it paid off. Here's their deadly squads of six...

Steven Bogos: 1: An Action hero 2: An Internet Meme 3: A Sci-Fi reference 4: A Video Game Character 5: A Historical Figure 6: A personal friend

Adam Grabda: 1. Wii Fit 2. Wii Sports Resort 3. Wii Play 4. Mario Kart 5. New Super Mario Bros. 6. Wii Fit Plus

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    1. Corey Worthington - He knows how to party and how to disappear when things get out of hand.

    2. Bindi Irwin - Her vast zoological knowledge would be invaluable when visiting alien word and her 'Kid Fitness' DvDs would keep the rest of the crew in top shape.

    3. My mum - An unopposable force, she provides such skills as warm meals, nagging and an Intimidate score that can't be measured by modern RPG engines

    4. The guy that kills Tsu'tey in James Cameron's Avatar - Tsu'tey jumps into the back of a marine jumpship and take out two armed guys in one graceful move, so you'd think he'd be the obvious addition to the team. But no! This one guy, who isn't even mentioned in the credits, keeps his head under pressure and plugs Tsu'tey full of lead! And then as Tsu'tey is dying in slow motion, he plugs two more Na'vi warriors! That guy rules.

    5. Natalie Portman - Let's see how well that restraining order works when she's trapped on a space ship with me, MWAHAHAHA

    6. And finally Ma-Ti, with the power of heart


    1. James Bond (Anyone that can take a solid hit to the nuts and laugh it off HAS to be a badass!)

    2. Anne Frank (If she could hide a bunch of Jews from the Nazis then imagine what she could do here! oh wait… she didn’t hide forever… ohhhhh)

    3. Arnie (He could run the government while travelling back in time to save John Connor)


    5. Neytiri (From Avatar – This will keep all the furies in check for an awkward sex scene)

    6. My good friend Alan, the creator of Dead Baby Jokes! (This way everyone shoots at him, rather than me!)
    Some examples of his controversial comedy
    Q: What's blue and white and rests at the bottom of a pool?
    A: A baby with slashed floaties!

    Q: How many babies does it take to paint a wall?
    A: Depends how hard you throw them!

    Q: What's white and black and bobs up and down in a baby's crib?
    A: Michael Jackson's Zombie Ass!

    Q: What's the difference between babies and M&M's?
    A: You can't load M&M's into the back of a truck with a pitchfork!

    Now the grand finale
    Q: How do you get 100 babies into a barrel?
    A: With a Blender!
    Q: How do you get them out again?
    A: With Doritos!

    W.... why is no one laughing? Why are you all looking at me so seriously? Commmmooonnnn, its not like I killed them! That was Alan!

    Noel "A little necrophilia never killed anyone" Stewart


    1. Fat Princess - Meat Shield - And you gotta eat.
    2. Dog Meat - It's all in the name.
    3. A boy - because the blob won't listen to me
    4. And his blob - Magic beans - need i say more.
    5. Alucard - If death rears it's ugly head - i want to become a vampire damn it.
    6. Guybrush Threepwood - When fighting with weapons just does not cut it.

    I would take the following band O'mercenaries

    Lion-O from the Thundercats- He can use the Sword of Omens to scout for us and drive the Mako because he is used of driving impractical vehicles.

    Conan the Barbarian- Can boost morale with tales of high adventure and is used of seeing freaky monsters so aliens should be okay.

    Jeannie from :I Dream of Jeannie- She can teleport us around saving fuel and can dace for entertainment while we clap and eat beef shanks.

    Heman- Can keep Conan in check.

    Vince Sham Wow Sholomi- can sell Sham Wow's at the marketplace to bring in extra credits, just keep him away from the asari consort!

    Optimus Prime- Can open the Matrix of leadership to kill the reapers while the party sings "The Touch" by Stan Bush.

    1. MacGyver - Obviously, the man can do anything with anything.

    2. Sonic the Hedghog - Small, lightening fast, and has a mean guided spin attack.

    3. Luke Skywalker - The force is strong with this one

    4. Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 Terminator (From Terminator 2 & 3) - Hard to kill, his combat ability is second to none. He also has a amazing ability to dish out awesome one liners.

    Now five was tricky. It was a toss up between Riddick and Snake Pliskin. Both can escape from any situation. but..
    5. Snake Pliskin (Escape from NY & LA) - The coolest man alive.

    Six was also difficult, after all, it is a bit of a sausage fest here, so it was between Halle Berry's Catwoman and Jessica Alba's Sue Storm.
    6. Sue Storm - Hot and can become invisible (an infinitly handy trait).

    1. Cheech and Chong - smoking and growing for the intergalatic travel avoiding the authorities and wreaking havoc on anything they touch

    2. Han Solo - I've seen him fly Millenium Falcon, dodging the Tie Fighters with Darth Vadar and co, someone who is handy and reliable i think he will do more than what Joker does from the Normandy crew. (Chewbacca would be a great addition to the crew too, he can fix almost anything too)

    3. Hermione - Can't live without Emma and well magic and brains would definitely be needed if they are gonna be campanions of Cheech and Chong dutching up the place

    4 V (V for Vendetta) - The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta, held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous. A man with a purpose is a man that will not fail me. Remember remember the 5th of November. (5th Nov is my birthday too)

    5. Elena Fisher - "Last year's model", pure wits and guts and exciting personality to hang with

    6. Morgan Freeman - God.

    1: Phil Ken Sebben (Harvey Birdman, Attorney-at-law)
    - tank driving skills
    - eye patch (bad ass), and
    - OMG he's fricking crazy

    2: Chuck Bartowski (Chuck)
    - he could 'flash' and do all kinds of cool stuff... so skill points would be irrelevant

    3: The Todd (Scrubs)
    - Freak the geth out with his homo-erotic vibes
    - 'Death-five!'

    4: Pedro Sánchez (Napoleon Dynamite)
    - Motivated
    - Awesome Hair
    - At the end of the game when all the politicians DIE again, you've got somebody to elect... VOTE FOR PEDRO!

    5: Donny (The Big Lebowski)
    - Every team needs somebody to abuse. I we can just yell "STFU Donny" all the time...
    - Somebody in your team always has to die. Donny has a weak heart so, he's easy to let go of

    I mean, so what if nobody in my team is particularly good at shooting or anything... in the end, don't you want to get all the sweet head shots?

    My super happy fun time mega team

    1. Seth Green- if he can pilot the Normandy without legs, imagine what he could do with them (hint: hilarious stop motion animation)

    2. Disco Stu- He kicks ass and has goldfish in his shoes. He doesnt have to advertise.

    3.Billy Corgan- Ex smashing pumpkins front man and scariest looking mofo on the planet. The fact that he is boning jessica simpson means he will bring invaluable negotiation skills to the team

    4.The Green Ranger- Managed to make two different ranger costumes look badass. A lock for pulling off the myriad of armor types available in ME2

    5. LeBron James- Blinds Geth with pregame powder ritual and finishes them off with skillz that killz

    6.Joe Pesci- engages enemies in dialogue over what kinda funny he is, then procedes to shoot them in the foot.

    1: Phil Ken Sebben (Harvey Birdman, Attorney-at-law)
    - tank driving skills
    - eye patch (bad ass), and
    - OMG he’s fricking crazy

    2: Chuck Bartowski (Chuck)
    - he could ‘flash’ and do all kinds of cool stuff… so skill points would be irrelevant

    3: The Todd (Scrubs)
    - Freak the geth out with his homo-erotic vibes
    - ‘Death-five!’

    4: Pedro Sánchez (Napoleon Dynamite)
    - Motivated
    - Awesome Hair
    - At the end of the game when all the politicians DIE again, you’ve got somebody to elect… VOTE FOR PEDRO!

    5: Donny (The Big Lebowski)
    - Every team needs somebody to abuse. I we can just yell “STFU Donny” all the time…
    - Somebody in your team always has to die. Donny has a weak heart so, he’s easy to let go of

    6: Scooter (Borderlands)
    - Free cars
    - He can bring some of the bazillions of guns

    I mean, so what if nobody in my team is particularly good at shooting or anything… in the end, don’t you want to get all the sweet head shots?

    Matt Bellamy (muse) - he is in the country and he has some awesome Chaos pad which he could do damage with on his guitar.

    John Travolta - He can dance his way over any enemies (seriously he dances in every movie he is in)

    Ray Martin - Key weapon, plastic hair... its sharp, and it kills better than a dagger.

    Belinda Neal - she will bash you for not giving her the right table she wants... imagine if you actually attacked her.

    Phil Ken Sebben - With his wit, charm and one good eye, he would be the best of snipers

    Stacy Kiebler - every team needs a hot chick... she is one...

    1. The Scientist from Timeshift - He would be a great asset, zooming past the enemies in slowed-down time.

    2. Gordon Freeman - He would be great since he has already taken down the U.S. Military and entire alien races, but also because if we come upon a blocked door, other teams would be trapped, but we would be safe, thanks to Gordon's trusty crowbar.

    3. Tequila Yuen - Tequila would be excellent, after all, he took out two entire gangs in what can be viewed as only a few days.

    4. Cloud Strife - With his trusty buster blade and spells to make him stronger, plus the ultima-blade and Fenrir, He would essentially own the battlefield.

    5. Wesley Gibson - The perfect weapon, he could dish out pain and death on the battlefield, and just generally kill, Yeah, he's not really that good for anything else.

    6. Q - Imagine the kind of stuff he could make with future technology. We'd be an unstoppable force with an army of techno robots and invisible cars.

    Valid Email: scottgardner23(at)gmail(dot)com

    Seriously now, who won yesterday?

    Probably still reading through the 150 entries for yesterday's competition.

    Jason Statham as Chev Chelios in Crank - His heart is about to stop beating so he's hardly going to waste time. He also falls out of an airplane and lives for the sequel.

    David Letterman - The only thing that will stop him from being on time is grave illness. Solid, funny, sophisticated and a little bit 'dude'.

    IDDQD - God Mode.

    Longcat - The sheer length of longcat will leave enemies confused and liable to easy head shots.

    George Jetson - As a kid, he had to traverse 10 miles of asteroid storms to go to High School

    Will Smith - Excellent one liners, and when it gets rough he'll bust into family friendly rap, giving everyone a chance to up their HP and exchange items.

    Daniel Garner – he battled his way out of hell
    John Candy – every team needs a Funny man
    Venom Punisher – Perfect for eliminating enemies with Extreme Prejudice
    Nick Naylor (Negotiator) – because he can handle any situation and make everyone agree with him
    Albert Wesker – Traded his humanity for power and Near Immortality, anyone willing to go those extreme for their Goals would be perfect for any Mission
    Corporal Adrian Shepherd – Just to bring to him back for a special Guest Appearance

    Sigourney Weaver: Not only gorgeous, this savvy vixen boasts a long resume; fighting off hordes of xenomorphic pests, holding extra-terrestrial linguistic finesse, and experience dealing with forces of the ectoplasmic variety. She brings to the team both skill and class.

    Leeroy Jenkins: An impulsively daring brute, this hero is unmeasureably brave and always the first to charge into battle.

    Frank: My brave and noble pup. As man's best friend, this ball-of-muscle Frank embodies loyalty and fevour unmatched by any other on the team.

    Nina Kulagina: Brilliant psychic of the Soviet era, a foe will not breathe in her direction before falling. Capable of spoon bending until the spoon itself is no more, she is an invaluabled member of the team and shows us that you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

    Little Sister: Sending an unnerving song of war across the battlefield, Little Sister of Bioshock fame is the most unassuming of all team members. Neither naive nor innocent as her appearance suggests, she turns fallen enemies into fuel for the mind of Nina Kulagina.

    Nietzsche - the God Slayer: Armed with the knowledge of the endless cycle of existence, Nietzsche is the final member of our team and leads the team with an insight of purity that sees them 'be what they are'. His fanaticism challenges all who oppose them.

    Do we bother trying every day?

      Depends if you want to win or not...



        1. Alf from TV
        2. Alf from Home and Away (flamin' hell!)
        3. Harold from Neighbours
        4. Dude from Bewitched (the original Mad Man)
        5. B. A. Baracus (B.A. stands for BAD ATTITUDE!)
        6. Magnum P.I.

    1. Megatron, Transformers - He turns into a gun

    2. Bear Grylls, Man vs. Wild - Expert survivalist, amusing accent

    3. Gary Oldman - So obviously a bad guy that he could never betray the group

    4. Dutch, Predator - "It's only one mile to the mako!"

    5. Hal, 2001 A Space Odyssey - Expert on mission objectives, easy storage

    6. The Tin Man, The Wizard of Oz - Heartless killer

    Well, we're heading out to save the galaxy, or humanity, or something equally epic. There's no-one I'd rather have along than my family, so let's put them in first:

    My Wife,
    My Son,
    My Daughter

    In addition, I think we'd all benefit from the wisdom which the people who taught me what I know can provide:

    My father,
    My mother

    And finally, as he's always a good companion, and he would be lonely at home without us:

    Our dog.

    All of them are good game players (in their own ways) and we all (well, other than the dog, perhaps) know that the unassuming heroes of great stories are always provided with the resources and training they require in order to get the job done, one way or another, so I'm not worried we'll be under-skilled.

    Most of all, though, they are the people I'd most like to share any epic experience with.

    Watch out, universe! We're on our way!

    1) My Right Leg
    2) My Left Leg
    3) My Right Fist
    4) My Left Fist
    5) My Head
    6) My Trigger Finger

    In that order.

    1. Richard Nixon - Any team needs a tricky dicky.

    2. Iggy Pop - Skin like leather, Impervious to illicit substances.

    3. David Bowie - Would probably own a knife, attractive to women (and men).

    4. Steve Irwin - plucky but irrational, excellent with animals and distraction.

    5. Game & Watch - Would excel at vending machine theft.

    6. Kanye West - Imma gonna let yo finish...

    1. Anton Chigurh - [No Country for Old Men] - Because he'll get the job done no matter what.

    2. Tyler Durden - [Fight Club] - For motivation

    3. Vic Mackey - [The Shield] - He's got incredible good luck and gets results.

    4. Spock - [Star Trek T.O.S.] - Nerve Pinch for quick and silent takedowns

    5. Jackie Chan - Anything and Everything can become a weapon for Jackie, plus he does his own stunts.

    6. Dave Lizewski / Kick-Ass - [Kick-Ass] - That kid has balls; A true hero.

      valid email: spicybanana(at)gmail(dot)com

    As i have previously stated, i would be taking Roger Ramjet and 5 of his precious American Eagles trekking across the galaxy with me. Able to harness the power of 20 atom bombs in one bite size proton energy pill would really set the competition on edge and it would be downright hilarious to watch Roger punch the hell out of Saren, the Council, Wrex, hell anyone getting that trademark repeated punch from Ramjet is great to watch, where he holds them by the neck and beats their face again and again and again. We could map that one to the right bumper huh?? Of course we could His class might resemble the new Vanguard but with more punching and pill-popping to replace the biotics... They also pack a kickass song that we could all sing as we traipse around the galaxy, we all know that things can get a bit boring if we all suffer in silence, and we all know that having child soldiers around is good for morale. My intimidate score would be through the roof, and Roger's pompous manner and general disregard for administrative procedures would be handy in dealing with, well once again Saren, the Council, the dumbass Cerberus corporation... And who needs to explore those lifeless, so called "planets" when we can solve most situations with a friendly nuke. And as for the satisfaction of Roger emoting: BOOM! Headshot, i would say that would be priceless. As they say: "When Ramjet takes a proton pill the Cerberus Corporation begins to worry, they can't escape their awful fate and proton's mighty fury". now send me that game!! whoo

    1. Keyboard Cat

    The team bard, essential for keeping spirits high. While he would probably never leave the ship, the Keyboard Cat would provide us with mirth upon our return, playing appropriate tunes over the video footage we captured of the genocide we would have just committed. If there's anything Shepherd could have done with in the original game, it was a good laugh or two.

    2. Pooh Bear

    For one thing, Pooh is a scavenger. He's an expert at finding abnormally large amounts of honey in woods that seem to be all but devoid of bees, and would thus be perfect for sniffing out new armour and weapons and the like. Beyond that, he's a bear, and thus capable of unimaginable carnage. Having perfectly built up cover through his television show and books as a bumbling, cheerful fellow, his untapped ferocity would catch enemies by surprise.

    3. Maxwell from Scribblenauts

    This one is cheating a bit - Max could summon an unholy number of monsters, devils and weapons, making him an invaluable resource. Of course he'd probably accidentally stumble off a cliff into a pool of lava within 5 seconds of landing on any given planet, but as long as his notebook survives, we'd be set.

    4. The Inanimate Carbon Rod from The Simpsons

    In case any doors open in space. And it's always good to have a true hero on your side.

    5. Gordon Ramsay

    Not only could the ship do with a good chef (have you ever tried space cabbage?), but the conversation options he'd open up would be amazing. Every discussion would carry a 'blow it out your f***ing arse, you tosspot' option, which would surely resolve most conflicts before they'd even begun. That, and he's probably quite handy with a butcher's knife.

    6. David Wildgoose

    Essentially I would offer to transport him safely home once the mission was over in exchange for a copy of Mass Effect 2 on 360. Last I heard he had about six or seven copies just lying around.

    1. Han Solo- (Star Wars) He's always an awesome badass sidekick
    2. Spock- (Star Trek) Because the crew needs more pointy eared folk
    3. T3 M4- (KOTOR) There weren't any friendly, party droid characters in ME1, so here's one. T3 was always handy with locks in KOTOR with my Jedi Guardian class.
    4. Bill- (Left 4 Dead) He would be a very interesting character to talk to. Plus Shepard and Bill are both war heroes, they can relate to each other.
    5. Soldier- (Team Fortress 2) There wasn't enough explosions in ME1, so we'll need the rocket trooper.
    6. Anonymous- (4Chan) Surely they can do a raid on the Geth or something for the lulz right?

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