WIN! Two Copies Of Mass Effect 2 On Xbox 360

Commander Shepard's space opera continues on January 28 when Mass Effect 2 launches on Xbox 360 and PC. You'll have ten chances to win a copy over the next week. Here's how.

UPDATE: Friday's draw is now closed.

We've got ten copies of Mass Effect 2 to give away. Specifically:

* 2 x Mass Effect 2 Collectors Edition (Xbox 360) * 5 x Mass Effect 2 (Xbox 360) * 1 x Mass Effect 2 Collectors Edition (PC) * 2 x Mass Effect 2 (PC)

Between now and Tuesday I'll be offering up one or more of these to win each day. Today we have two copies on Xbox 360. It may not be the Collectors Edition, but you've got twice the chance to win.

In Mass Effect 2, Shepard recruits a squad of the galaxy's most elite soldiers and assassins to undertake the most dangerous mission of all. To win a copy of Mass Effect 2, we want to know which six people (real, fictional or possibly not even people - we'll be flexible here) you would recruit to join you on the most dangerous mission of all. Tell us which six people you'd pick and why they're right for the job.

Leave your entry in the comments below. Multiple entries will be discarded and only your first entry will count. You have until midnight tonight to enter. The winners will be announced tomorrow and stay tuned for a new draw over the weekend.

Good luck!

Oh, and congratulations to Steven Bogos and Adam Grabda for winning yesterday's PC draw. They both took the unconventional route and it paid off. Here's their deadly squads of six...

Steven Bogos: 1: An Action hero 2: An Internet Meme 3: A Sci-Fi reference 4: A Video Game Character 5: A Historical Figure 6: A personal friend

Adam Grabda: 1. Wii Fit 2. Wii Sports Resort 3. Wii Play 4. Mario Kart 5. New Super Mario Bros. 6. Wii Fit Plus

[Terms and Conditions]


    #1 - Walter Bishop (from fringe) - He's a mad scientist who enjoys making all sorts of hallucinogenics, doing weird experiments and is an expert on fringe science

    #2 - John McClane - protagonist, vigilante, hero. Whats not to love?

    #3 - Dexter Morgan - Clean, cold blooded killer. with a sense of humor to boot. Everyone needs a little Dexter Morgan in their life.

    #4 - Project Alice/ Alice (Milla Jovovich, Resident evil) - you always need a bio weapon with super human abilities. Having someone that can kill people with their mind is ALWAYS a plus.

    #5 - Frank West - Photojournalist, He's covered wars, you know.

    #6 - Ras Ah Ghul - Everyone needs a ninja assassin / terrorist on their team. Not to mention he's several hundred years old.

    I'll take a mass relay to the Command and Conquer universe, and pick up Tanya (the epic commando) and five engineers.

    While Tanya wreaks all sorts of havoc, the engineers rush the base, and it's GAME OVER!

    1, David Letterman
    2, Jay Leno
    3, Conan O'Brien
    4, Jimmy Kimmel
    5, Jimmy Fallon
    6, Craig Ferguson

    Because if everything fails, I can at least see all the late night talk show hosts duke it out like that Taiwan cgi clip.

    1. Jack Thompson
    2. Michael "Mick" Atkinson
    3. Stephen Conroy
    4. A guide to blaming censorship issues on mission objectives
    5. popcorn
    6. delicious latte

      I should note that the reason why I chose a latte and popcorn is so I can relax yet stay motivated with all of the PURE JUSTICE I'd be leading!


    1) Seth Green
    2) Shohreh Aghdashloo
    3) Martin Sheen
    4) Yvonne Strahovski
    5) Tricia Helfer
    6) Adam Baldwin

    ... wait...

    1. Sonic
    2. a golden ring
    3. N/A
    4. N/A
    5. N/A
    6. N/A
    This is the most effective team you can have. Sonic's got a pretty high chance on the mission considering he can survive gunfire, lasers, missiles and lava as long as he's holding 1 ring.

    If he wins he gets a redemption, we share the earnings. But like Sonic or the ring care about money. Give him a chilli dog, give the ring a polish (or a fellow ring), and we all happy!!!

    He dies, that's one down. We still have Lara Croft, Uwe Boll, Banjo, etc. to recruit before they ruin our childhood memories.

    [Transcript from first meeting of the Citadel Globetrotters]

    -- 8:35pm Globetrotter HQ --

    Me: Alright everyone, I've called you all in because I need you to help me on the most dangerous mission of all time. You are here because You are the best at what you do. We'll start with a roll call, when I call your name, tell me what you bring to this team. Die Hard?

    Die Hard: It's John McClane.

    Me: Whatever Die Hard.

    Die Hard: I'm a New York City Cop, I enjoy walking on glass, big guns, wailing on European terrorists, getting shot and surviving an unrealistic amount of explosions.

    Me: Bueller?


    Me: Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

    [Door opens, Ferris Bueller walks in]

    Ferris Bueller: Bueller, Ferris Bueller. Do you know how hard it is to have nine sick days at my school in one semester? I can deceive anyone, I'm incredible, even in the worst performance of my career they never doubted it for a second.

    Me: Doc?

    Dr. Emmett Brown: The way I see it, if you're gonna build a time machine into a car and embark on a suicidal voyage across the stars, why not do it with some style?

    Ferris Bueller: Wait a minute, Doc, are you trying to tell me that if any of us dies we can just go back in time and stop it from happening?

    Dr. Emmett Brown: Precisely.

    Me: Gizmo?

    Gizmo: (mogwai-nese singing)

    Me: A cute little guy like this can turn into a thousand ugly monsters, all we need is a bottle of water and a few hundred after-midnight snacks, of course its hard to really know when midnight is in space...

    Gizmo: Uh-oh.

    Die Hard: Should be handy in a tight spot.

    Me: We'll be seeing plenty of those. Moving on, Bowie?

    David Bowie: The cold space will make my nipples all pointy, which I'll use as telescopic antennae to transmit data back to Earth. Plus I brought enough really freaky sequin space suits for you all.

    [Han Solo steps out of the shadows and takes a freaky sequin spacesuit]

    Gizmo: (mogwai-nese laughter)

    Han Solo: Laugh it up, fuzzball.

    Me: Why don't you tell us what you bring Solo?

    Han Solo: I'm captain of the Millennium Falcon. I've outrun Imperial starships. Not the local bulk cruisers mind you, I'm talking about the big Corellian ships now. You know, sometimes I amaze even myself.

    Me: So we have the hardened cop on the verge of retirement,the obnoxious, vest wearing kid, the original inventor of time travel,the cute but deadly non-humanoid,the androgynous superstar- you know for the JRPG fans and the charismatic jerk. Seems we have covered all bases. This mission is going to be tough, we won't all be coming back and it's possible none of us will.

    Han Solo: I’ve got a bad feeling about this. Attacking this battle station is not my idea of courage. It's more like, suicide.

    [Docking Bay door opens revealing the Normandy, The meeting room is bathed in white light]

    Gizmo: Bright light. Bright light. [Dives into clothes hamper]

    Dr. Emmett Brown: Great Scott!

    Ferris Bueller: Life moves pretty fast. You don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. [Pulls on Sunglasses]

    Die Hard: Yippie-ki-yay! [Cocks Shotgun]

    David Bowie: (singing) Oh we can beat them, for ever and ever, then we can be heroes, just for one day.

    Inspector Gadget - Simply put, the guy has an incredibly wide set of gear that WILL get you out of trouble
    Giant End Game Bowser - Virtually indestructable, but will need backup for encounters with red and green italian plumbers.
    Stephen Hawking - Capable of relating anything to spacetime (sciency type guy, to explain complex situations to the slower teammates).
    Bayonetta - Simply put, there always needs to be a women for Commander Sheppard's interest. Plus, she can handle herself in any situation.
    Picahachoo - Yellow Stress relief ball. Everyone needs to wind down after the mission. Good for being the ball in: Soccer, Volleyball, dodgeball.
    Michael Atkinson - Diversion for enemies to attack while team reloads/recovers/relocates/etc. Enemies play computer games in their downtime and dislike him and will aim to take him out first.

    1) Rorschach - Raging, remote Rorschach wreaks ruin on reprobates with no respect for repercussions. A requisite resource, his roaring rampages rightly reward his crew.

    2) The Doctor - What the Doctor does deserves divine devotion. Deliverance from dire danger, dastardly designs dissolved and Daleks destroyed in the work of a day. Dear Doctor deliver us.

    3) Maxwell (Scribblenauts) - Marvel how Maxwell manages matters. Merciless monsters no misfortune as Maxwell makes miniatures that metamorphose into materiality. Megapnosaurus, Master Chief and Martial Artist all meet in melee for Maxwell.

    4) Christ - Christ cures his compatriots and conciliates conflicts. Chthonic creatures should be concerned - Christ craves their conversion and ceaselessly sermonises until they are complaisant. Christ is cherished by his cabal.

    5) Pikachu - Pikachu's popularity never perishes. His shocking power pulverises peons and perpetrators alike, while his pernicious passion peculiarly persuades people to part with their pay. Thus Pikachu's pack attains prosperity.

    6) Samus Aran - Samus' supple and sinuous physique is the ace up her sleeve as she struggles against space pirates. Never surrendering, Samus will unceasingly support her squad as they seek to strip the stars of sinister forces. Her sexuality supplies her with scores of supporters.

    I'd like to thank my desktop thesaurus and my brain for not melting.

    1. Navi: Navi the fairy. Will provide vital information about enemies, will also be an effective decoy due to her habit of shouting "HEY, LISTEN". After which she will be immediately gunned down by the enemy.

    2. Detritus: Detritus the troll from Terry Pratchett's "Discworld" series of books. Carries a "crossbow" which is actually a siege ballistae. Extremely effective at demolitions.

    3. Ryu: HADOUKEN!!!!!one11!

    4. Pikachu: The electric Rodent, Pikachu. Will allow the rest of team to let off some steam by punting it when they are agitated. Or stuck on a really difficult stage.

    5. Lord Voldemort: He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. The generic "angrykid" in the group. He needs more horcruxes. And his death was kinda underwhelming in Harry Potter.

    6. The Arbiter: The Arbiter from Halo 2 and 3. Quite possibly the most awesome character in Halo, kept under the shadow of Masterchief. The Arbiter has come to kick ass and chew some gum. But he can't chew gum on account of his split jaw. So he will just kick ass instead.

    1. Wheres Wally - He has the great ability to stay hidden in large crowds

    2.Ezio Auditoire - I'm sure making doubles of your self with a piece of eden would come in handy

    3.Jar Jar Binks - Would provide an excellent distraction for enemy's by running around like the worlds biggest gumby

    4.Captain "Soap" Mactavish - He is Scottish come on ?

    5.Tony Stark - Being one of earth's biggest smart asses and having an ironman suit would be handy in a tense situation

    6.My Mother - Being a short and very aggressive red head has its positives like being able to throw full grown men across a room.

    Behold, my team of ultimate space adventurers!

    Patrick Stewart - To narrate our adventured in real-time, with his hypnotic bold monotone. Everything would just seem that much more epic. Plus he seems to have some experience with this whole space adventuring thing.

    Five-star General Zapp Brannigan - If there's an alien out there he can't kill, he hasn't met it and killed it yet. He would also liven up our weekly morale-boosting karaoke nights.

    Alex Rogan (The Last Starfighter) - Spent all his time playing video games, and still managed to save the universe AND get the girl. Truly an inspiration to us all. Plus his friend has a nifty "space car" for convenient inter-planetary travel, with much easier parking.

    Lando Calrissian - Ladies man and snappy dresser. Who else can pull off the half-cape look with such style? And who better to go cruising alien bars and clubs with to pick-up, err... "information"?

    R2-D2 - Great for maintenance/repair, weapon storage, computer hacking, as well as a handy entertainment solution. I'm sure there'd be an HDMI port on the little guy somewhere. Not to mention his demonstrated ability to serve drinks. Handy for the afore mentioned karaoke nights.

    Jar Jar Binks - Just so I could flush him out of on air-lock, once and for all. Or maybe use him for target practice.

    As a soldier I would recruit the following.

    1: Starkiller. (Force Unleashed)
    Many would choose Luke or Vader but which of them has pulled a Star Destroyer into a planet?
    Having had much experience in traveling the galaxy he would adapt quickly to all kinds of strange environments and fighting unique enemies.
    His light-saber skills and force intuition enable him to stand toe to toe with gun wielding foes while his force powers would make the hardest of biotics tremble.

    2: Itchy. (Simpsons - Itchy and Scratchy)
    When the chips are down and the violence is getting ugly you need someone you know won't get squeamish, someone who can think outside the box when it comes to killing the enemy.
    They may be prepared for a straight up gun battle but when one of their number finds themselves in tank full of piranha? That's got to be bad for morale.

    3: Cortana. (Halo Series)
    In an increasingly technologically advanced galaxy you need someone skilled in computer hacking, data decryption and systems infiltration. Having provided such assistance to the MC in the past she would be perfect for disabling security systems, retrieving important data, locating persons and items of interest, providing maps of the local area and other tasks that would sway perhaps not just the battle, but the mission itself in your favor.

    4: Napoleon Bonaparte resurrected as a telepathic shade of blue.
    As a brilliant tactician and military leader his advice would be invaluable for assessing the combat situation on a play by play and overall level, as well as strategic planning before going in.
    As a shade of blue I could paint my gun with him, receiving the needed advice telepathically while cutting down on costs of food and living arrangements and the risk of him vying for the leadership position.

    5: Mary Poppins.
    The need for a squad such as this to travel with speed and flexibility prevents bringing along bulky but often vital equipment.
    Her bottomless bag would enable the team to bring such equipment as mobile gun turrets, spare vehicle parts, extra food and water for extended missions as well as somewhere to put captured prisoners or smuggle goods into restricted zones.
    The ability to fly with just an umbrella would provide great reconnaissance, while her practical, no-nonsense attitude would valuable in decision making.

    6: Sha'ria. (Asari Consort - ME1)
    Not every situation can be resolved favorably with a gunfight - often you need to sway the opinion of a certain individual or convince someone to lend aid to your cause.
    For this Sha'ria would be perfect - her experience in addressing the needs and concerns of individuals from many races and backgrounds would enable her to sway the minds of almost any potential benefactor, while her innate biotic ability would serve her well should diplomacy fail.
    She would also be valuable in resolving any tension and conflict among the crew that may arise on such a long and dangerous mission.

    Hmm, my political force to tackle the universe.

    1. Lynne Kosky - Former Victorian transport minister, capable of absorbing anything thrown at her she'd be the Tank of the group and right at the end of the game, when you have to make the harrowing decision to kill someone off, she falls on her sword.

    2. Kevin Rudd - The smiling Assassin, able to take out government leaders with ease whilst remaining affable to the public.

    3. Brendan Nelson - Unfortunately Brendan just doesn't have the staying power of the rest of the team, but he fulfills the "Red Shirt" role ala Star Trek and is always the first to get taken out. He also has the worst armour and weapons.

    4. Peter Costello - The long standing second in command of the group, able to keep the team together as long as the leader still stands. The Medic but witl impressive negotiation bonuses.

    5. Bob Hawke. Every company on their way to war needs the grizzled veteran and Bob covers everything. The everyman, charismatic and aggressive, the man-at-arms. How can you NOT have the man who got a Guiness World Record for beer drinking in the group!

    6. Troy Buswell - The chair-sniffing politician from WA, because every team needs a larrikin to keep the mood light even when hell is breaking all around them.

      Bonus points for making a reference to Australian politics that ISN'T Michael Atkinson

    Iron Maiden. Nowhere else can you find a team of 6 full of such awesomeness.

    Plus they can call on Eddie - need I say more?

    1) Someone with a spaceship, An adventure in space needs one of these, always handy to have a friend with a low self esteem finally gets his day of praise and attention... Til he is over looked for his ship.

    2) Someone who can maintain the ship, Gotta keep it in good condition with all the alien ass we're gonna blast. Plus I don't think auto insurance covers these sorts of things. A southern mechanic stereotype is recommended.

    3) A expert in si-fi weaponry, This guy probably spent his whole life studying weapons based on shows like star trek and firefly. Examined Alien behavior and weaknesses but best of all, He knows what makes baddies go off in the best boom!

    4) A comedic robot sidekick. Not just any comedic robot sidekick, but a comedic robot sidekick with MASSIVE LASER CANNONS! and the comedic timing to bring any high end situation into a calm sitcom like atmosphere.

    5) A trigger happy psycho, Everybody loves psychos with their cynical views on life but with their morbid optimistic attitude they're always fun to have around. And as our robot lowers the tension in high end situations. This guy raises it in low end situations!

    6) The complete box set to "sex in the city", "Will and Grace" and "friends", To distract my GF so she doesn't notice I left to get milk 5 months ago.

    1. Obama (He will introduce new legislations to ban elites from entering Team Obama's land!)

    2. Prince William (The King)

    3. Lionel Messi (Will kick soccer balls at elites.

    4. Master Chief (Chief will spartan laser their heads!)

    5. Lady Gaga (The Beauty)

    6. Michael Atkinson (The Sacrifice)

    I vote for an elite team of historical figures

    1. Jim Caviziel (Jesus Chirst)
    2. Brad Pit (Achilles)
    3. Kevin Costner(Robin Hood)
    4. Gerald Butler (Leonidas)
    5. Colin Firth (Alexander the Great)
    6. Clive Owen (King Arthur)

    1. My Wife - Because she is always complaining we need to get out more, so a nice trip around a distant universe would cover me for the foreseeable future (however short that may be), plus she is currently unemployed and really needs something to do.
    2. My best mate - Because I need someone to blame when it all goes to shit
    3. A trained pet Monkey - Monkeys make EVERYTHING better, even the end of the universe. Why do I need 2 monkeys I hear you say? well as opposed to "Best Mate" this pet monkey will be trained!
    4. A Screaming Kid - Nothing distracts evil sentient robot/aliens like a screaming child, its like a flash bang that keeps on banging. Plus we wont have time for sleep anyway.
    5. Mother in Law - She goes where screaming children go. It "MAY" allow for some sleep, the promise of more screaming children should work! Plus she IS LETHAL with a sewing needle
    6. Seeing as how we "might" need someone to actually "do" something, i say Kevin Rudd, based on what he's done for Australia just imagine what he'd do for the whole universe.

    I just came back to see how many more entries have been added... hoolllllyy balls haha!

    1. Chris Tucker (Article Image, Rush Hour) Pros - Doubles as comic relief and token black guy.
    Cons - His voice.

    2. 21 (Venture Bros.) Pros - Combination of invincible and expendable.
    Cons - Unhealthy attachment to the skull of 24.

    3. The Doctor (Doctor Who) Pros - Pretty much immortal. Sonic screwdriver.
    Cons - Most of the people he has met have ended up dead.

    4. Bender (Futurama) Pros - I hear he's the greatest. Kleptomaniac
    Cons - Alcoholic, kelptomaniac. Tendency to "cheese it".

    5. Kaylee (Firefly) Pros - Knowledge of machines allows her to identify weaknessess in the Geth. Seems like she'd be up for it.
    Cons - Terrible in a fight. Tetchy.

    6. Samuel L. Jackson (Somewhere in America) Pros - He's in everything.
    Cons - Not an optional member of the team, he's in everything.

    1. Steven Segal (Brute Force - martial arts expert)
    2. Sil - Species (Sexy Alien - that can fight)
    3. Bear Gryll - Man vs Wild (Survival - Maps etc)
    4. Angela Lansbury - Murder she wrote (detective and journal entries)
    5. Tom Selleck as Magnum PI (the 'tache' can help in negotiations)
    6. Worlds Strongest Man Winner - Pack Mule

    1. Michael Bluth
    2. George Michael Bluth
    3. GOB
    4. Tobias "Analrapist" Funke
    5. Baby Buster
    6. Carl Weathers


    1. An Englishman
    2. An Irishman
    3. A Scotsman
    4. The Barmen
    5. A horse
    6. A comedian

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